10 days in Iceland doing the Iceland Ring Road by car

We were ready to start our 10 days in Iceland RING road trip, do the Ring Road by car.

“Our bags are packed! Today is the day we are leaving!” this was my first thought when I woke up on that day. The long-awaited trip was about to start!

If, like me, you are asking yourself “when is the best time to visit Iceland?” Well… it always is, depending on what you plan to see and why you visit.

For us best time to go to the “Land of Fire and Ice” was in October. We chose October for our 10 days in Iceland trip because it is cheaper than in summer, the days are pretty long and it is not so crowded.

So the best time to visit Ice land might be late autumn or in spring if you wish to do the Iceland ring road. The summer is also a nice time if you wish to see the puffins. Best time to visit Iceland for northern lights is from October to February or March since the nights are longer so you have better chances to see the northern lights iceland.

10 days in Iceland doing the Iceland Ring Road by car
10 days doing the ring road by car

We planned to go on the Ring Road and Golden Circle. We first rented a car and then we meticulously planned our 10 days trip. If you are curious to find out more about the car rental company we used please read more about it here: Car Rental Iceland Airport.

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“Let the adventure begin!”

We started our 10 days adventure by doing the Ring Road clockwise. The landscape is very beautiful and as a plus, most of the places to see are found on the right side of the driver, so the passenger next to the driver have very nice views.

I have an advice for you: Before you hit the Iceland Ring Road by car check the national weather site and the road condition. There might be close roads or workings and if you know where the road is closed you can avoid all kind of limited situations and other possible problems and have more time to relax while on holiday.

If you are looking for a personalized Ring Road itinerary, a travel guide to Iceland and more information or advice, do not hesitate to comment below or contact us through the contact page. We’ll be more than happy to help you plan your own trip.

Are you travelling to the Land of Fire and Ice to see the Northern Lights ?

Choose the best time for northern lights in Iceland:

If you are curious to read what we did each day, where we ate and what we visited you can read more about it in our travel guide to iceland, using the links below.

We planned our 10 days in Iceland TRIP Ring Road as follows:

Every adventure has it’s own risks but you should take none and let the insurance company worry about the unexpected expenses when it comes to accidents, sickness or any other bad things that can possibly happen and turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

We never leave home without a travel insurance and we advise you to do the same. If you are preparing your trip don’t forget to also buy a holiday insurance so you can focus more on your trip and less on the unpredicted.

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