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Visit Bulgaria Country in Europe

The summer is almost over but you would like to spend some days away from home? You want something not very expensive, with many beautiful things to see, good food and welcoming people? Oh! Although it seems almost impossible, actually it is not!

The answers to your wish list might be found when visit Bulgaria. It is a beautiful country with incredible beaches and nice mountains!

I will give you more details about this country just to show you that you should include Bulgaria on your travel list.

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Where is Bulgaria located?

Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe, in Balkan Peninsula, near Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, and Serbia. It has an opening to the Black Sea, having one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

General information

The capital of the country is Sophia and the main cities of the country are Plovdiv, Burgas, and Varna. The official language is Bulgarian and the national currency is Bulgarian Leva. Two Levas are about one dollar.

Visit Bulgaria guide Eastern Europe country

Go to Bulgaria on Black Sea Coast

How do I get to Bulgaria?

The easiest and fastest way to get to Bulgaria is by plane. You can also choose to travel by train or car when planning to visit Bulgaria, depending on how much time you have.

There are regular flights from major European cities to Sophia and even to Varna and Burgas.

During the summer season, the number of international flights including charters to Burgas and Varna is higher because Bulgaria is a favorite destination among Europeans.

Another good idea is to include Bulgaria in your European tour.

The country is very beautiful that is a pity not to include it on your European trip. It has unique landscapes and many interesting are waiting to be discovered! You are not a fan of driving a lot? No worries! You can take the train and go to Bulgaria! Keep in mind that Bulgaria is in your way to magnificent Greece and beautiful Turkey! I don’t want to say more than a 10 days tour which includes Bulgaria, Romania, part of Turkey and a little bit of Greece might be a very good idea for a holiday!

Things to do and see in Bulgaria

Hmmm?! I don’t know where I should start! When you visit Bulgaria prepare yourself for steep cliffs which go directly into the sea, sunny beaches with golden sand, green and lush hills spread all over the country and a copy of Austrian mountain resorts in Pirin Mountains, Bulgarian mountains.

You have a little bit of everything! Also, take into consideration that the most beautiful golf course from the world, designed by a very famous golf player lies on a cliff right on the Black Sea Coast.

Why don’t you spend some days at the beach and learn to play golf at the same time?!

Are you a fan of all-inclusive resorts or you just like to be spoiled when on vacation? Then maybe you should visit Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, the most emblematic resorts from the Black Sea!

Not to mention about medieval fortresses, majestic monasteries, traditional villages and unique nature wander! Tsarevets Fortress, Veliko Tarnovo, Nessebar are just some of the most important medieval cities from Bulgaria! All these wanders are gathered into one single country!

Because Bulgaria played a very important role in the ancient and medieval world, the country has very nice traditions and very original touch.

Arbanassi, for example, is an iconic village from the country!

It is located very close to Veliko Tarnovo and definitely worth paying a visit! Book a few hours to see and understand Bulgarian traditions, as they are an interesting combination of European and Turkish ones. There are many other hidden gems which are waiting to be discovered!

Not to mention the natural wonders which could be found in this unique country?! Trust me! This country will be a really nice surprise for you if you give it the opportunity to show you its hidden places!

When is the best time to visit Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has a temperate continental climate with four seasons. Peak season is during summer, from June to September. During these months, the weather is sunny, with a few days of rain and pretty high temperatures.

I would say that the temperatures are a little bit too high for visiting and sightseeing; the temperature is more suitable for laying in the sun or exploring the Black Sea Coast.

That is why I would recommend you going to the seaside in summer.

Because most people travel during the summer, the prices are higher and there are people everywhere. So be prepared for that! The queues at the main attraction points are pretty long. When planning a vacation in peak season that these aspects in consideration.

If you want to visit Bulgarian cities and medieval fortresses at reasonable prices, without staying inlines than I would recommend you go during spring and early autumn.

April, May, September, and October are the best months for sightseeing.

During these months the days are warm and pretty long, perfect for visiting. If you want to visit this country during the winter, I would recommend going skiing. Early December to February are the best months for winter sports. Grab your winter equipment and go to the Pirin Mountains.

Bansko region is the most famous! There you can find lots of interesting things to do at a very reasonable price. The price-quality ratio is incredibly good! So, each month of the year is perfect for visiting Bulgaria. First, decide what you want to do and then choose the appropriate period of the year taking into consideration the above advice. You won’t be disappointed!

Is it safe to travel to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a European Union member since 1 January 2007. It has strong relations with Russia, Vietnam, and China. Their laws and regulations are in line with UE requirements.

Small crimes like pocket thieves, assaults, scams might take place but overall it is a safe country. My advice is to try to avoid crowded places or to drive at night.

It won’t happen something bad to you if you stick to a minimum set of rules which should be followed when you are abroad.

And here I refer to: act decent, don’t get drunk, don’t travel at night, avoid drunk people, don’t argue with strangers, etc. You should not be worried! Bulgarian are very nice people and very friendly!

Is Bulgaria expensive?

Many of us have a budget when planning a trip and that is why knowing how expensive is a country is a vital thing.

To visit Bulgaria you don’t need a lot of money.

Accommodation per night is way cheaper than in western and Central Europe. The prices might vary from around 10 dollars per night in a hotel to hundreds of dollars per night in luxury accommodation.

To be honest, the quality-price ratio is one of the best in Europe. What you get at 100 dollars per night in Bulgaria you won’t get anywhere in Western Europe!

This is actually one of the reasons why Bulgaria is a top destination for western Europeans. Regarding the food price, I want to tell you that this is even lower.

Eating at a mehana, which is their traditional restaurant, would cost you a few dollars.

The food is good, the portions are huge and the quality of food is more than OK. Luxury restaurants are more expensive, but these kinds of restaurants could be found everywhere so it is really a pity to go to Bulgaria and not to eat on a mehana.

If you choose to cook for yourself and to buy everything from the supermarket than the costs are really low! With a few dollars, you can buy everything you need for a tasty meal!

And taking into consideration the prices from mehanas, I am sure that you will eat at least once at a restaurant.

Where should I stay in Bulgaria

When you visit Bulgaria sleep in their traditional hans. These are old buildings which have a mehana on the ground floor and rooms on the upper floors.

These accommodations are usually designed with traditional features and are a very clear and beautiful mirror of the past. These types of accommodations are usually of mid-range.

If you prefer something more luxurious, I want to tell you that there are plenty of luxury accommodations all around Bulgaria. And trust me! For what you get, the prices are really reasonable!

If you are in the area, definitely you should book a room in a luxurious hotel, just to pamper yourself a little bit!

How many days do I need to visit Bulgaria?

For a complete tour around the country and to get a better understanding of Bulgarian traditions and culture, you would need about 10 days. Yeah!

10 days are enough to plan a tour around the country!

In your tour, you should spend a day in Sophia, the capital of the country, a few days at the Black Sea Coast to visit at least Nessebar, Varna, Burgas and some beautiful beaches from the area.

Include in tour Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, two of the most beautiful medieval cities of Bulgaria.

All these places have a unique charm and help you understand better Bulgarian culture.

If you choose to spend 3 to 5 days in Bulgaria I recommend you to visit Sophia, the country’ capital, Plovdiv and the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

I must tell you that Bulgarian is for my perfect escape! Whenever I feel stressed and tired I book a few days or a weekend in Bulgaria just to pamper myself and recharge my batteries! I like a lot what I get for what I pay!

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