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Guide to Blue Car Rental at Iceland Airport: Finding the Best Car Rental Option

We chose Blue Car Rental Iceland Airport company when we planned our trip to Iceland because of the many positive reviews we read about them online.

Because we decided to do the Iceland Ring Road by car in October, we definitely had to rent a car as soon as we arrived on Reykjavik, so we decided to rent a car from one of the best car rental Iceland Airport companies.

Update April 2021: The Nicest little volcano eruption is happening in Iceland right now!

Right here in the backyard of the airport terminal, simply a couple of kilometers far from the Blue Auto Rental headquarters, a gorgeous volcano has erupted. It was preceded by a couple of ‘enjoyable’ weeks of extreme quake task.

Because the eruption is not covered by a huge glacier, it’s nothing like the well-known Eyjafjallajökull eruption. You know, the one that halted air traffic in Europe.

The new eruption is in Mount Fagradalsfjall. That translates to ‘Stunning valley mountain.’ A lot more particularly, it’s in a valley called Geldingadalur, which means ‘Valley of the Eunuchs.’ 

This could be the perfect opportunity to fly to Iceland, hire a vehicle from within the airport and be on your way to see the volcano erupting live, and afterward continuie your journey inside this amazing country.


It’s not for no reason called the land of Fire and Ice, now you can see why.


Individuals are suggested to bring cozy clothes, beverages, food, and various other treking necessities. Authorities are explaining, truly, that the walking isn’t for everyone.

There are steep slopes and also moss-covered lava, which is remarkably difficult to walk on. Even on the significant path, individuals can get shed, specifically when it gets dark.

If you wish to read more about our 10 days in Iceland you can read our other article: 10 days in Iceland doing the ring Road by car

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Blue Car Rental Iceland

We rented a SUV – Crossover car – Nissan Qashqai or similar from BlueCar Rental Iceland Airport and as soon as we arrived we were presented with a very well maintained and almost brand new Renault Kadjar.

As you probably know Renault Kadjar has the same size as Nissan Qashqai, it is almost identical though there are some differences (engine, interior design, interior buttons and controls).


Blue Car Rental Iceland Rent a car
BlueCar Rent Iceland rental

The vechicle we received was white, clean and with a full tank.

As we had to pick it up at midnight, being dark outside, we took some pictures with our phone just to make sure there are not any damages or scratches that we will have to pay afterwards if we did not spot them when we rented.

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The person at the front office of Blue Car Rental Iceland Airport was very nice and he told us, that because it is dark, we can take some pictures first thing in the morning and send them by email or whatsapp so they will mention them in our file.

Luckily in the morning we did not spot anything since the vehicle had no scratches or any damage whatsoever.

They were advertising on their website and on all their flyers, that all cars are fully winter equipped with snow tires and with window ice-scraper, etc.

We found out that we had no window ice-scraper the third morning when the weather decided it is time to rain, then snow and then it all froze up on the windshield. So having no ice-scraper we used the most convenient tool we had, which was our credit card.

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Blue Car Rental Iceland Airport – review

Check you received everything as advertised before you pick up your car from Vehicle Rental Iceland.

Our vehicle did not have winter tires but instead it had Mud & Snow tires, which meant that we will not get stuck in mud or snow, but those tires are not recommended for temperatures of under 5* Celsius because the rubber gets very hard and you just lose grip.

Most of the north part of the Ring Road at the beginning of October was frozen, with no or little snow, but with black ice and freezing wind.  

So it was an adventure to ride at 30 km/h on ice with these tires, when a strong lateral wind blew, our vehicle was moving sideways. I can just say that we were lucky not to have any accident or major incident besides slipping and dancing on the road from time to time.

the Best Car Rental Iceland airport

Bluecar is one of the Best Car Rental Iceland airport, they are not perfect and if you are not careful enough you might regret it later.

When we returned our vehicle to Blue Car Rental Iceland Airport they were not so polite when we asked about the winter tires, and told us that they have more than 3000 cars and they cannot change the tires for all cars overnight.

They did not apologized and did nothing to repair this thing. A simple  “sorry you had to drive with winter tires on ice” would have been enough.

Other than the missing winter tires and the missing winter kit they advertise all their cars are getting, we have nothing else to complain about Bluecar Rental Iceland, everything else about our car was as we expected.

If you decide to rent a car from Blue car Rental Iceland Airport, my advice is to make sure you receive a properly equipped car for the season you are visiting and that you have everything you need before you leave with the rented car.

This is my advice because even if Blue Car is one of the Best Car Rental Iceland airport, they are not perfect and if you are not careful enough you might regret it later.

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