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13 best Fredericksburg Tx wineries to visit

Fredericksburg Tx wineries are among the best in Texas, and a trip to this area automatically makes you feel like you are in Tuscany, Italy.

The quality of the wines is among the best in the state, and together with the stunning views and the local hospitality, makes this place the most popular getaway in Central Texas.

A short history of Fredericksburg wine area

The area has changed a lot in the past few years. Many different types of grapes from the Mediterranean have been brought here.

The climate in Texas is perfect for growing grapes to make wine. The temperature and humidity are just right, so the grapes are perfect for making the best wine in Texas.

The viticultural area of Texas Hill Country is quite significant, with a total surface of over 15,000 square miles.

Actually, it is the second-largest wine ration in the nation.

Right in the heart of the vineyards lies the beautiful and charming town of Fredericksburg, about 1.5 hours away from Austin and 1-hour drive from San Antonio.

Most of the wineries can be found along Highway 290 between Fredericksburg and Johnson City.

Texas vineyard
Texas vineyard

In this Texas wine country, there are more than 55 wineries and tasting rooms.

But new wineries open every month, so the number of wineries is always changing.

The good news is that you will be able to find a Fredericksburg winery that is perfect for everyone.

You can find one that is dog-friendly and kid-friendly. They will have rose, white, or red wine.

With so many wineries and wines, finding a starting point and choosing the best wineries in Fredericksburg that are worth a tasting session is difficult.

We visited many of the wineries, and to help you decide which of them is worth a visit, we put together our recommendations.

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Interesting things about Wineries in Fredericksburg

  • Fredericksburg Tx wineries are the second-largest wine region in the nation
  • The most popular grapes from the area are Merlot, Tempranillo, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier
  • Most of the wineries from Texas Hill Country grow their own vineyards on-site and additionally receive grapes from the Texas High Plains.

Best Fredericksburg wineries to visit

1.Pedernales Cellars

Address: 2916 Upper Albert Road, Stonewall, Texas, 78671

Pedernales Cellars has been a family-owned vineyard for six generations and produce wine from 100% Texas grapes.

Their award-winning Texas Viognier and Tempranillo are benchmarks for their varietals in the whole state of Texas.

Red grapes autumn Texas Hill Country
Red grapes autumn Texas Hill Country

Their main vineyard, Kuhlken Vineyards, was planted in 1995 in Texas’ oldest American Viticultural Area (AVA), Bell Mountain.

Kuhlken Vineyards lay in the Texas Hill Country AVA and was planted by Jeanine and Larry Kuhlken.

In 2006, their children founded Pedernales Cellars as a family business and brought their parents’ experience into their business.

The vineyard’s location is one of the best, with beautiful views of the Hill Country.

The vinery is famous for its Rhone-style and Spanish wines and for its commitment to producing wine from 100% Texas grapes.

I love the outdoor patio at the winery. It is covered with oak trees and it is a great place to sit and taste the wine.

There are a few seating areas right in front of the yard, and there is live music during weekends.

The best thing about this area is the Barrel Tasting tour.

Wine tasting Texas
Wine tasting Texas

This tour happens on Saturdays at 11 am or 3 pm.

During the tour, you will visit their cellar, the largest cellar in Texas, and taste wines directly from the barrel.

In the tour price of one of the best Fredericksburg Tx wineries, you have included a cheese and charcuterie plate beside the wines.

For this tour, you need to make a reservation before coming. You don’t need to make a reservation for the weekday tasting.

Pedernales Cellars has about 18 acres of vineyards.

About 20% of grapes used to make wine come from these vineyards. The other 80% come from Texas High Plains.

Top picks: Tempranillo Reserve and GSM ( an interesting combination between Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre).

2. Messina Hof

Address: 9996 US-290, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Messina Hof stands out with its impressive variety of wines and their high quality.

This winery in Fredericksburg TX offers its guests more than 50 options, and interesting combinations of different types of grapes.

This winery has several locations, out of which I would mention the one near Fredericksburg and the one from Grapevine.

Each location has different wines in the tasting room, wines specific to the area you visit.

The location from Fredericksburg has about 10 acres of vineyard and sits along Highway 290.

Red wine Fredericksburg
Red wine Fredericksburg

The vineyard produces more than 160,000 gallons of wine each year and have an impressive collection of award-winning wines.

Here you will find a tasting room, the vineyard with Black Spanish grapes, and the Manor Haus B&B. 

The location is perfect for a day getaway with your family and friends.

There are a lot of different wines to choose from on the menu. You can also order a cheese plate.

You can sit outside on the patio and look at the hills if you want.

Top picks: Primitivo, Gerwurtztraminer

3. Becker Vineyards

Address: 464 Becker Farm Rd, Stonewall, Texas 78671

Becker Vineyards near Highway 290 is one of the oldest Fredericksburg Tx wineries from Texas Hill Country.

The wine produced here is made from 100% Texas grapes and is one of the best in the area.

The place started in 1900 when the Becker family bought it and made it look like it was in Texas-Germany.

The tasting room is simply breathtaking, with wooden walls from floor to ceiling and a beautiful vibe.

Here you will find more than 55 acres of vineyards, a tasting room, a lavender farm, an underground cellar, a reception hall, and a really old log cabin dating from 1890.

For wine production, the owner uses a large variety of grapes coming from the Fredericksburg area, West Texas, and Texa High Plains.

Actually, Becker Vineyards is the largest purchaser of grapes in the Texas High Plains.

Sommelier Fredericksburg winery
Sommelier Fredericksburg winery

You will find everything you can imagine here, from dry white wine to dry rose, and from sweet white wine to red wine.

This winery Fredericksburg Tx was the first of its kind which introduce Viognier to Texas.

Don’t miss their complimentary winery tour, which takes place during the weekend at 11.30 and 4.30 p.m.

During the tour, you will see the barrel room, the underground cellar, the tank room, and other rooms specific to a winery.

You can enjoy a wine-tasting experience in their underground cellar together with a cheese pairing at the long wooden table.

During weekends they have live music and a food truck so that you can eat something delicious after the tasting tour.

Top picks:  Reserve Malbec and Viognier

4. Birgham Family Vineyards

Address: 3915 B, US-290 E, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Located right on Highway 290, Birgham Family Vineyards have a rustic chic tasting room with a wide variety of wines.

All the wines from this winery in Fredericksburg Tx are made from 100% Texas grapes coming from Texas High Plains.

The winery is a family business, and today the fourth generation runs the business.

More than 20 varieties of wines are available here, mostly made from Viognier, Trebbiano, Merlot, and Tempranillo.

Texas vineyard autumn
Texas vineyard autumn

Birgham, one of the most beautiful Fredericksburg Tx wineries, has one of the largest estate wine portfolios in the area, so definitely worth a visit.

Take a tasting tour and enjoy their good wines together with a charcuterie board and other small bites available.

Top picks: Dirt Farmer ( a wine made from Merlot, Tempranillo, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot) and Trebbiano. 

5. Hilmy Cellars

Address: 12346 US-290, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

This Fredericksburg winery is the perfect destination for a day far from city noise and pollution.

Bring your kids with you to meet the animals from the vinery, because I am sure they will love the experience.

On the vineyard, you will meet sheep, guinea fowls, and a pair of Great Pyrenees, all taking care of the vineyard.

Sounds crazy, right?!

Well, it is not, as all these animals eat insects and grass, so the owners don’t have to use pesticides and other chemical products to cultivate their grapes.

Vineyard Fredericksburg
Vineyard Fredericksburg

All the wine produced here is made from 100% Texas grapes, and the owners try to keep the level of chemicals used to cultivate the grapes at a minimum.

At Hilmy Cellars, one of the gorgeous Fredericksburg Tx wineries, you will find white wine, red and rose, and sparkling wines.

During weekends, the cellar hosts live music and all kind of special events which are listed on their official website.

Top picks: Viognier, Erik Hilmy a.k.a, Hilmy Cellars Sangiovese.

6. Augusta Vin Winery

Address: 140 Augusta Vin Ln, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Augusts Vin Winery is one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, located in a historical land with more than 60 acres of vineyard and a two-story tasting room.

The tasting room is the centerpiece of the whole place, with an elegant and clean touch and made from wood and wooden arches.

It offers unique vineyard views and one of the best wines in the area, made from 100% Texas grapes.

Augusta Vin is not just about drinking wine; it is about the whole experience, enjoying the present while sipping good wine and eating a cheese platter.

They grow ten wine types at the winery, including Mouvedere, Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Albarino.

White wine Fredericksburg winery
White wine Fredericksburg winery

The tasting session is the best opportunity to find out more things about the region, the wine industry, and the grapes.

On the property, you can also find sandwiches, desserts, and charcuterie, while live music is on weekends.

Besides all these things, Augusta Winery stands out with the vineyard’s unique and beautiful yoga classes.

Top picks: Estate Aglianico, and Latitude 44 ( a blend of Roussanne and Marsanne)

7. William Chris Vineyards

Address: 10352, US-290, Hye, TX 78635

Located on an old farmhouse in Hye, William Chris Vineyards is a good choice if you want a relaxing getaway in the Texas Hill Country.

The tasting room with its wooden table awaits the guests with various types of wines made in Texas.

During busy weekends and periods, the owner, William Chris, moves the tasting sessions to the modern next-door room, which can accommodate more people.

The owner, Willian Chris, is the leader of the real Texas wine movement, so you don’t have to doubt that his wine is made from Texas grapes.

William Chris Vineyard Fredericksburg
William Chris Vineyard Fredericksburg

He uses grapes from multiple grape growers located all over Texas in wine production.

William has more than 20 award-winning wines so prepare to taste really incredible wines.

During weekends, there is live music and all kind of events, including cooking sessions and wine seminars.

Top picks: Malbec Rosé and Enchanté ( a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot)

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8. Signor Vineyards

Address: 362 Livesay Ln, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Once you step into Signor Vineyards, one of the most beautiful Fredericksburg Tx wineries, you will feel in the French countryside surrounding you.

This Fredericksburg winery is a family business run by the fifth generation in the Texas Hill Country.

It has an elegant tasting room with outdoor seating areas spread among the French gardens covered with native plants and trees.

There is even a shopping farmhouse at Joanna’s Market from where you can buy wine and other local products.

Wine bottles cellar Fredericksburg
Wine bottles cellar Fredericksburg

This Fredericksburg vineyard also has a sister winery in Ashland, Oregon, so you can find an interesting selection of Texas and Oregon wines here.

There are 2 simple ways to experience the wines at Signor Vineyards.

The first one is to order a bottle of wine together with some cold cuts and enjoy the experience in the French garden.

And the second one is more elegant and includes a wine-tasting experience.

The wine-tasting tour lasts for about 1.5 hours and is an educational wine experience conducted by the winery’s sommelier.

He will teach you how the taste the wine and how to pair it with different food and will explain to you in detail the different grape varietals and the wine production process.

The winery was opened in 2018, and the tasting menu offers 8 to 10 wine options, half from Texas and half from Oregon.

Top picks: Estate Montepulciano and Zinfandel

9. Baron Creek Vineyards

Address: 5865 E, US-290, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Baron Creek Vineyards is among the newest wineries in Fredericksburg Texas, opening in 2015.

Four years later, the winery started harvesting its grapes for the production of one of the best wines in the area.

Today, the winery uses in wine production grapes from Texas, California, Washington, and Spain.

The wine is kept in oak barrels and at the end of the production process the wine is transferred into steel barrels.

This is one of the reasons why Baron Creek wines taste fantastic!

I also like the atmosphere at this winery, a gorgeous property with at least five different places where you can enjoy a good glass of wine.

Wine cellar Texas
Wine cellar Texas

The tasting room has high ceilings, two bars on both ends of the room, and a beautiful island bar in the center.

You can visit the barrel and tank rooms to see where the wine is produced at Baron Creek, the newest Fredericksburg Tx wineries.

At the tasting tour, you will taste some of the best wines together with some snacks.

The outdoor space at this winery is really impressive, with a fire pit and a beautiful fountain where visitors gather around.

It is a good place for a family reunion and also a wedding.

During weekends there is live music, and families, couples, and tourists prefer the place.

Top picks: Texas Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc 

10. Lost Draw Cellars

Address: 113 E Park Fredericksburg, TX 78624

If you want a memorable tasting experience, head to Lost Draw Cellars.

Here you will taste one of the best wines in the area, made from organic grapes 100% harvested on the Texas territory.

The quality of the wine is among the best in the entire area and the owners do their best to keep the authentic flavor of their products.

The owners are very friendly and warmly welcome all the visitors who pick to visit their vinery.

You can enjoy their wines at the inside bar if the weather is too cold or it rains.

Wine pairing Texas Hill Country
Wine pairing Texas Hill Country

Or you can go on the outdoor patio, “Crush Pad”, sip a glass of wine and eat something local from the local food trucks.

More than 15 wines are available at this winery, all tasty and made from organic grapes.

There is also a wine pairing session, and the most interesting pairing for me was the Picpoul Blanc, paired perfectly with seafood or fried dishes.

Top picks: Picpoul Blanc, Sangiovese and Zinfandel.

11. Southold Farm and Cellar

Address: 2721 Ranch Road 2721, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

If you are looking for a remote winery, where you can enjoy a day in nature and taste good wine, then head to Southold Farm and Cellar.

It is a gravel road that leads to this winery hidden between the Texas Hill Country, but worth the drive.

You will be fascinated by the hillside views that remind me of Tuscany.

The farmhouse has modern decor and a generous outdoor area with many cozy swings,

The owners have recently opened a high-end restaurant with delicious food that goes perfect with their wines.

Wine tasting Fredericksburg wineries
Wine tasting Fredericksburg wineries

The grapes used in wine production are 100% Texas grapes from Texas High Plains and Texas Hill Country.

What I find interesting about this winery is that the winemaking decisions are based on what happens in a season, and they are not influenced by the market or what other vineyards do.

For this reason you will find here unique wines, with a fantastic taste that you won’t find anywhere else.

Top picks: Trebbiano, Alicante Bouschet

12. Grape Creek Vineyards

Address: 10587 East US Hwy 290, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Grape Creek Vineyards is actually the first winery in Fredericksburg Texas.

Its story started in 1983, and the business has grown exponentially over the years; today has more than 100 acres of vineyards.

What is interesting about this winery is that it has a really devoted premier wine club, and about 90% of its wines are sold to its premium members.

And don’t imagine they produce small quantities of wine each year!

We are talking about tons of wine that are sold to their premium members and a small part to those who visit the winery.

This allows the winemakers to concentrate on the wine they produce, control the quantity produced, and release new wines each year.

Wine tasting vineyard Fredericksburg
Wine tasting vineyard Fredericksburg

During the winery tour on the tram, you will discover the vineyards and get some interesting information about the winery production unit.

On the property, there is also a fantastic restaurant, Stout’s Trattoria, serving special dishes that go fantastic with their wines.

Top picks: Bellisimo (Super Tuscan), Viognier

13. Safari Winery

Address: 5479 E, US-290, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

One of the most interesting and newest Fredericksburg Tx wineries is, without any doubt, Safari Winery.

Most of the wineries in the Fredericksburg area focus on European influences, but Safari Winery does something different.

This winery’s owners bring South African and Chilean wines to your attention.

The winery’s owner is the Itz family, a family that has been in the Fredericksburg area since the city was established.

Safari Winery does not produce its wines in Texas, but brings to the Texas people wine specialties from Africa and South America.

Winery in Fredericksburg Tx
Winery in Fredericksburg Tx

 It is the only winery in Fredericksburg where you can taste authentic Chilean and South African wines.

Their wines are unique and their quality is among the best.

With each bottle of wine you buy, you help the planet as the owners’ partner with Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust to support the efforts in Zimbabwe to protect, conserve and heal injured animals.

Hotels near Fredericksburg wineries

Vineyard Trail Cottages offers beautiful cottages located in the middle of nature, just 900 meters away from Grape Creek Vineyards.

Each cottage has a kitchenette, a patio, a seating area, a swing, and also a private bathroom.

A Barn At The Quarry is the perfect place to spend your night outside the town of Fredericksburg. You can stargaze from the hot tub and observe wildlife from the window of your suite.

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