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Exploring the Myvatn Area: Day 4 of Your Icelandic Ring Road Adventure

This is our 4th day from our Ring Road trip! Another day which gave us the unique opportunity to discover Iceland!

For this day we planned to go from Akureyri to Myvatn area, a pretty short trip but with very interesting scenery!

When we woke up in the morning it was snowing. We could not believe our eyes! When we went to sleep the night before was windy but we were not expecting to find our car in the snow!

Iceland Akureyri Morning snow

Iceland Akureyri Morning snow

We spend our night in a hotel near Akureyri, in the middle of the wilderness. It was a very clean and comfortable hotel located on top of a hill!

Check our choices for accommodation in Akureyri accomodations in Akureyri area

Although the car renting company assured us that we have everything we need for winter in the car, we could not find any snow scraper.

Thank God I had a supermarket card which we use as a scraper!


No Ice scraper No problem

No Ice scraper No problem

After we checked the weather and road national sites we hit the Ring Road once again!

This time the scenery was more dramatic due to the snow. The weather conditions were completely different from what we experienced before.

Iceland Akureyri Snowing in the morning

Visit Iceland Akureyri Snowing in the morning

This was the day when we planned to go whale watching but as soon as we saw the weather we started to doubt about this trip. In a second, our phone rang; it was the guy from the boat trip telling us that because of the weather conditions our trip would be cancelled. We were a little sad but once we hit the road and saw the beautiful landscape we forgot about everything!

Godafoss waterfall

On our way to the Myvatn area, our first planned stop was at Godafoss. I have no words to describe the landscape. It is one of the most impressive waterfalls I have ever seen and it is very easy to reach. It is right near the road from Akureyri to Myvatn.

Godafoss Waterfall Iceland Ring Road

Godafoss Waterfall Iceland Ring Road

The colour of the water, the shape and the snow falling around made an unforgettable scenery. It was a cold and snowy day but this could not stop us from hiking over the rocks to be closer to the waterfall.

Be careful! It can be very slippery when it’s cold outside!

Near the waterfall is a souvenir shop with a little restaurant where you can eat a sandwich or a fish if you are hungry! We decided to buy some souvenirs from there and to have lunch in Husavik. It was a very smart decision!

We ate the tastiest grilled salmon ever in a very cosy restaurant in the fisherman village called Husavik.

Tastiest grilled salmon in Husavik Iceland

Tastiest grilled salmon in Husavik Iceland

Initially, we included Husavik on our list as we want to go from there to see the whales. But as I mentioned earlier, due to weather conditions, we were forced to change our plans as the trip was cancelled. So, after lunch, we headed to Myvatn.

Myvatn area

As we get closer to Myvatn everything was covered with snow. The landscape was magic: near the road, there was a white field, then the frozen lake and far away volcanic craters appeared all covered in snow. What else could you ask for?!

Myvatn area Road covered in snow

Myvatn Road covered in snow

As we arrive early at our accommodation near Myvatn Lake we decided to go to Myvatn Nature Baths.


Myvath Nature Bath in Iceland Myvatn area

Myvath Nature Bath in Iceland

We chose to go to Myvatn Nature Bath as it is not that touristy compared to Blue Lagoon. You can rent from there towel, bathrobe and even swimsuit. So, you should not be worried if you don’t have your swimsuit with you! It is a unique experience and you definitely should not miss it! We were lucky and it was snowing, so the experience was more intense and wow!

After almost two hours in the natural baths, we headed to our hotel for dinner and a good night’s sleep! We decided to spend our night in the area because there are still many things to explore in the following day!

Vogafjos Farm Resort Myvatn

Vogafjos Farm Resort Myvatn

We chose Vogafjos Farm Resort Myvatn because it has very nice rooms and a wonderful breakfast! And great reviews on the internet! It was a very good choice! We were not disappointed at all!

The landscape covered in snow and the natural bath experience made from this day an unforgettable one! Myvatn area has one of the most beautiful sceneries in the whole of Iceland!

Next day on our Journey we went from Myvatn to Egilsstadir. You can continue reading our Iceland adventure here: