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Best Time to Visit Iceland for Unforgettable Experiences

Land of Fire and Ice or Iceland is one of the most spectacular countries in the world.

To maximize your time spend in this wonderful country, check here to see when is the best time to visit Iceland.

Is it spring? Is it summer? It is autumn? Or is it winter?

Well, first of all, depends on your expectations from the Icelandic trip.

Let me be more specific!

Best time to visit Iceland

Iceland Spring Best time for visiting Iceland in 2020 hz

If you want to explore the country and do hiking, whale watching and diving at Silfra fissure, then summer is the best option for you.

There are almost 20 hours of light each day and it is pretty warm outside, ideal for all these activities.

Spring and autumn are almost as great as summer, but the prices are lower and the crowds are gone.

The days have about 8 hours of light and the temperatures are still reasonable.

And there are high chances to see the Northern Lights, especially if you travel to Iceland around the equinox.

Winter instead is perfect for seeing the Northern Lights, but it is not that good for traveling across the country.

Best time to visit Iceland