Visit Romania

Where is Romania located

Do you want to visit Romania and you want to find out more about it before you go? Let me tell you some facts!

Romania is located in the Balkan Peninsula!

It is a little bit to general, right? Mmm… now let me try something else! Do you know where Hungary is? Or Bulgaria? Or the Black Sea? Yes! These countries are in Southeastern Europe where is Romania also!

Black sea coast is on the southeast, Bulgaria on south, Hungary on west and the country is also bordered with Moldavia, Serbia and Ukraine!

Wild forests and untainted nature are specific for the area!


Visit Romania top things to do
Travel to Romania top things to do

IS Romania in the EU

Before you visit Romania you should know that the country is UE member since January 2017 and NATO member since 2004.

During 2000, Romania faced one of the highest economic growth rates in Europe. This leads to a significant improvement in living standard.

Still, domains like infrastructure, medical services and education need improvements and updates.

What is the best currency to take to Romania

The national currency of this nation is Romanian LEU. For your holidays in Romania, the best currency to take is EUR or USD, as you can easily exchange it after you arrive. Or you can just bring your credit card and pay with it, or if you need cash just withdraw the local currency from an ATM.

1 USD/ EUR is about 4.3/4.7 Romanian lei.

How to get to Romania

Romania can be easily reached by train, car or airplane.

There are a lot of cheap flights to Romania. You can use a low-cost airline or a flag airline to visit Romania. Bucharest and other cities in Romania have good airline connections with other important international airports like Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and so on. The airplane is the fastest way to reach Romania.

Car is a good option for travelling to Romania. There are not many highways throughout the country; most of the roads are national roads. Hey! The landscape is so beautiful, so you don’t need a highway for visiting Romania. Take your time and enjoy the road trip! Transylvania especially is an amazing place so you should visit it by car!

Another easy option to travel to Romania is by train. There is an international train line which link Vienna to Bucharest. The train crosses Brasov city, one of the most beautiful mountain city from the country.

Things to do in Romania

Well…I need hundred of pages to write what to see when visit Romania!

There are so many things to do in Romania and so many places to visit in Romania as it is impossible for me to write about everything!

There is the Black Sea Coast, the Danube Delta, the Carpathians Mountains, Transylvania area, wood churches from Maramures, traditional monasteries from Bucovina and the list could go on.

Even if the country is not very big, it is full of wonderful places.


When you visit Romania, if you are interested in a bird watching tour, then the Danube Delta is the best place. Here, few steps away from Danube Delta you can find one of the best beaches to visit on the Black Sea Coast, Mamaia Beach. A few days at seaside are always welcomed!

Oh, I see! You don’t want to see birds or to lay in the sun! You are interested in vampires! No problem! You can choose Romanian tours which allow you to discover more about Dracula and the vampire life!

Do you want to feel like a prince or a princess? Great! Take a tour in Transylvania and sleep in a traditional castle.

You see! I told you! There are so many things to do that for sure you should visit this country and see with your own eyes how untainted nature looks like and how life is in this unique country!

Visit Transylvania a Romanian hidden gem

You cannot say you visit Romania if you don’t visit Transylvania! This is the most authentic and beautiful place of the entire country so do not hesitate and spend your holidays in Romania!

And when I said that it is a hidden gem I mean it! Image for one second a fairytale land with lush vegetation and medieval forests where wild animals run free! In the middle of the forests, on top of the hills, there are medieval churches and traditional houses! Organic food and tasty drinks could be found on each step! You can rest peacefully in an old castle where princes and princesses used to sleep.

Transylvania is the ideal place to search for your inner peace and get some well-deserved rest! Come and visit Transylvania to see with your own eyes how a piece of heaven looks like!

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Best time to visit Romania

Every month of the year has its own beauty and the landscape constantly changes from one day to another!

Keep in mind when visiting this country that the country has 4 seasons which are spread all over the year as follows:

  • December, January and February are winter months
  • March, April and May are spring months
  • June, July and August are summer months
  • September, October and November are autumn months

Visit Romania in summer! Everything is green and alive! The days are long and hot, perfect for one of the best beaches to visit on Black Sea Coast or a bird-watching on Danube Delta.

No problem, if you do not want to go to the seaside! You can escape of hot days by going high up in the mountains! There, the air is cooler and windy! The peaks are laying in the sun and everywhere you look you see live! Hiking Carpathians is a unique experience! There are few places in Europe where you can find such wild paths!

Do you like skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports? There are so many places where you can try these sports at reasonable prices during winter! Mountain resorts are full of cosy accommodations and snowy slopes, ideal for you!

You don’t like too cold or too hot days? Good! Then spring and autumn are the ideal seasons for you to visit Romania. The days are long enough for visiting and the temperature is average! The nature reveals its own beauty and majesty!

Accommodation in Romania

Generally, the accommodation prices in Romania are reasonable! You have a very varied panel: you can look for apartments to rent, for hostels, villas, hotels and of course, rooms in castles!

Depending on what are you looking for, the prices may vary from few tens of dollars to few hundred dollars per night.

Obviously, the most expensive accommodations are rooms in high class hotels, in castles or the ones in traditional houses located very far from the beaten path. But trust me! They worth every cent! It is a one in your lifetime experience! We slept in all categories of rooms but the way I felt when I slept in a castle or in a traditional house is just unbelievable! I cannot describe it in words!  

Is Romania expensive to travel?

You don’t need a lot of money while you are here!

Rumania is not an expensive travel destination! As you might saw in all kind of tops for travel destinations around the world, Romania is quite an affordable place!

The food, the accommodation and the cost of living in general is not very high!


So, with few money you can get an unforgettable trip in a unique place!

Is Romania safe to visit?

You should not be worried! Romania is a safe country! Still, pay attention to your pockets and phones! There might be pocket thieves around!

If you follow basic safety precautions there should not be any incidents!

Generally, romanian are very open and friendly! Just ask for their help and for sure you will get it!

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