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Embarking on the Ultimate Adventure: Day 1 of Exploring Iceland’s Ring Road

This is our 1st day of the 10 day in Iceland Tour, doing the Ring Road by car.

Our flight landed in the afternoon on Keflavik International Airport, and as soon as we landed we were impatiently waiting to start the Road Ring trip. The Keflavik Airport is 45 minutes away from the capital of the country Reykjavik. There are dedicated buses from the airport to Reykjavik, like Flybus or Airport Express Bus. You can also take a taxi, an Uber or rent a car as we did.

Today is the first day of our 10 days in Iceland Journey.

We chose to rent a car as we were planning to drive along the Iceland Ring Road. The renting companies are pretty close to the airport.  You can choose from local renting companies or international ones.

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Every 15 minutes there is a free bus which transfers you from Arrivals to renting section or if you have enough energy, time and the weather is OK you can walk between these two points (it is a 10 minutes walk).

Iceland Ring Road trip
Ring Road by car

Iceland Day 1 – Landed to Keflavik International Airport and prepare for doing the Iceland Ring Road

In order to properly prepare for Iceland Road Ring, if you plan on drinking alcohol in Iceland, our advice is to buy it before leaving the airport. Buy alcohol from the Keflavik Airport Duty-Free – not because its cheaper but because in Iceland alcohol is sold just in special stores and you might end up not finding a store, especially if you decide to do the Ring Road by car.

Regarding the accommodation in Reykjavik, we chose to stay in Keflavik not in Reykjavik for our first night.

It is closer to the airport and a little cheaper than in Reykjavik, so it is a good starting point for Iceland Ring Road by car.

On our way to the hotel, we stopped at a supermarket to buy supplies. In the area, there are supermarkets from where you can buy all you need for your trip! It is important to shop for supplies as in other parts of Iceland supermarkets are hard to find and the opening hours might not match your itinerary (some stores open only after 10:00 am while other open after 11:00 am or 12:00 pm).

We then headed up to the hotel for a good night sleep!

Next day on our Iceland Ring Road Journey we went from Reykjavik to Laugarbakki. Continue reading our Iceland adventure here: