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Explore Sri Lanka: The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Visit Sri Lanka before it becomes one of the most popular destinations, and while it is still not that crowded so you can easily visit the landmarks of this beautiful country, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Where is Sri Lanka ?

There is a high chance you already have a little something from Sri_Lanka in your kitchen like (tea, cinnamon, coconut oil, curry), but do you know where Sri-Lanka is located ?

Srl-Lanka, also known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Srl-Lanka is an island country located in the Indian Ocean, on the west of the Bay of Bengal.

It is very close to India, Maldives and Nepal, all being part of South Asia.

It was known as Ceylon during the British colonial period, and obtained its independence in 1948, when the country became a republic.

Visit Sri Lanka

Tourist that already been there considers it a South Asian island.

It remained for a long time under the tourist radar, but most likely it will not remain under the radar for long, since Lonely Planet named it the top destination for 2019.

Stay safe while you travel

  • medical safety abroad
  • medical assistance including COVID-19
  • emergency medical evacuation
  • trip interruption -up to $5.000
  • travel delay - up to $100/day

Srl-Lanka has some of the most biodiverse fauna and flora in the world, boasting an astonishing variety of plants and animals for its small size.

The beaches and interior landscapes are absolutely amazing.

Be careful not to fall in love with Srl Lanka’s beauty as falling in love with this pearl on the indian ocean is way to easy!

Best time to visit Sri Lanka

Srl Lanka is often thought about as an all-year destination.

There are some unique weather condition systems that will certainly impact substantially the island from one shore to the other one.

Also thinking about the weather condition we can definitely say that you can visit at many times of the year because you can always find one good spot to explore another part of the country.

For us, the best time to visit Sri Lanka was in April because the weather on the west coast was very good and it was a very good time to move around the country.

You should consider to visit Srl-Lanka in April, being one of the best months for travel, if you take into consideration visiting the cultural triangle, Kandy, Colombo and Galle.

However, as May approaches, the south coast and the west coast will experience a steep increase in rainfall, as well as the more central part of the Tea Country where the tea plantations are.

Best time to go to sri lanka

The best time to go to SrlLanka to visit the west coast and the south coast and the hill country is from December to March.

The best weather for the east coast is from April or May to September.

From October to March is the best time to go to SrlLanka to visit the west and southern coastline, including the capital – Colombo, Galle in the south and Chilaw in the west part.

Late April might be the right time for you if you wish to explore the inner part of the island and also enjoy some of the west and southern beaches.

When May starts, you can encounter showers and clouds more often than in April, and that is why we think it might be more convenient to go in April.

Sri lanka safari

If you plan to do a SrLLanka safari while you visit SrlLanka, there are some important things you should know so you can better plan ahead.

We’ve just returned from a SrILanka safari and we wrote this ultimate safari guide for the perfect Srilanka safari.

Whether you plan to visit Yala National Park, Udawalawe or Wilpattu, we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

When the pearl of the Indian Ocean, which is SrILanka, your trip will never be complete without doing one of the amazing SrILanka Safari this country has to offer.

When you normally think of a safari, the first thing that comes in your mind might be the Safari in Africa, but you should not underestimate the beauty of a Sri Lanka safari, and most important you should not miss it during your trip.

Srilanka hotels

SriLanka has a full range of accommodation from cheap to expensive hotels, so you can find the best type of accommodation based on your needs and budget when you visit Sri-Lanka.

You can stay with locals in their houses if you prefer to, and you can also find some fine 5 star hotels in SriLanka, depending on what is the type of experience you are looking for and what is the comfort you wish to have during your trip.

Considering that Sri-Lanka was a country form the third world in the 80s, and currently a “developing nation”, it is not a poor country anymore, but it is still developing.

Because of this reason some accommodations might have poor conditions.

We advise you to consider orienting yourself towards a better 4 star or 5 star hotel for evident health and safety reasons.

Best beaches in Sri-Lanka

The beautiful island country of Srilanka has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Indian Ocean.

For those of you that are not aware, Sri-Lanka is a cluster of islands.

For some travellers the first thing that comes in their mind when you say SriLanka is beaches.

That is because this country is famous for.

Travellers from all around the world come here to explore the best beaches in Sri Lanka, for the scenic views of these gorgeous sandy beaches.

After you visit once, you would definitely wish to go back to the beaches of Sri-Lanka.

Your holiday is not fulfilled without spending a few days on the beaches of Sri-Lanka. What could be more relaxing than listening to the ocean waves while staying in the sun in a sunny day ?

Now, Sri-Lanka has recovered from the 2004 December tsunami being a top destination in South Asia for sun, swimming, surf and for its best beaches.

Places to visit in Sri-Lanka

Sri-Lanka has everything you could wish for: national parks for animal lovers, ancient ruins and historical temples for those who love culture and history and many beautiful beaches to relax on.

Full romantic landscapes, endless tea plantations, stirring mountains, staggering waterfalls, golden beaches, lush green tea gardens to name a few of the amazingly beautiful places to visit Sri Lanka.

During your trip here, each photo will be more beautiful and perfect than the previous you just took, because this country will not cease to inspire and amaze you with its natural gems spread all over the country.

Best things to do in Sri-Lanka

Being a country you can visit all year round, if you are planning to go to SriLanka in the future, here is a list of things that you should not miss:

Are you interested in a culture tour when you visit Sri-Lanka?

Then consider visiting Anuradhapura, Dambulla Cave, Sigiriya Rock, Galle Fort, Colombo.

If you are a nature lover, we recommend visiting the National Parks of Sri Lanka: Yala National Park, Udawalawe National Park, Minneriya National Park, Sea Turtle Hatchery near Mirissa Beach, do a Sri-Lanka Safari.

What about lying in the sun or do some surfing?

The best beaches for surfing in Sri-Lanka are Weligama beach, Hikkaduwa Beach, Mirissa Beach or Arugam Bay, while the beaches for sunbathing are Tangalle beaches, Unawatuna beach or Bentota beach.

Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?

For a short period of time in the near past, Sri-Lanka began to be a safe country for travelling.

Now since 2019 Easter Terrorist attack, in the Christian churches and some luxurious hotels, most people have doubts regarding the safety of the country and if it is safe to travel to Sri-Lanka.

Is my opinion you are safe to go, but not alone.

I would advise you to take a local guide through a local agency to avoid dangers from the road and to be as safe as possible while you visit Sri-Lanka.

Still, locals are friendly and willing to help you but sometimes this is not enough.

SRI LANKA Travel tips Infographic
SRI LANKA Travel tips Infographic

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