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The Ultimate Bathing Experience at Blue Lagoon Iceland

This was our last day in Iceland and we decided to leave the best at the end, and here I am talking about visiting Blue Lagoon Iceland.

We read many interesting reviews about bathing in this beautiful natural pool and we wanted to see on our owns how actually is. As we had the plane in the afternoon and Blue Lagoon is located very close to the airport we decided to spend our morning bathing.

I must tell you that we bought the tickets well in advance to secure our entrance. If I remember correctly, we bought them for almost 1 week in advance. Even if it was not peak season it was still pretty crowded.
We bought online just the tickets and when we arrived at the reception we paid extra for our bathrobe.

The prices are higher than the ones from Myvatn Natural Pools which are located on the north side of Iceland.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Thermal Bath

Bluelagoon Iceland Thermal Bath

Blue Lagoon Iceland experience

We were expecting to be full of tourists at the spa because of the bath location and its benefits for health. And we were not wrong!
The natural pool is indeed a beautiful place and the experience of bathing in hot springs when outside is cold is a very authentic experience.

Well, speaking about authenticity, I want to tell you that between Myvatn and Blue Lagoon, Myvatn offers a more authentic experience mainly because of their position which made it less touristic.

Still, the lagoon near the airport is more modern and fancy than Myvatn. Lots of money were invested in it.

Even a hotel was open inside the lagoon for a complete experience. Its name is Retreat Lagoon Blue and offers rooms with a great view over the lagoon. The prices of the rooms are pretty high compared with other accommodations from the area, but what this hotel offers is unique in Iceland.

We spend about 3 hours on Blue Lagoon Iceland because we have our flight back home. We took full advantage of what this beautiful thermal bath has to offer and it was the best way to spend our last day in Iceland.

We left this country with many beautiful memories and promising ourselves that we will definitely come back soon.

It is very hard to describe in words the beauty of this country and what it has to offer!

You definitely should go and see with your own eyes this unrealistic country and don’t miss visiting the Blue Lagoon Iceland!