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Top Iceland Sightseeing Spots for Your Trip

Some tourists wonder how there can be so many beautiful places to see in Iceland, especially the tourists that go for the first time.

Places to see in Iceland Gullfoss Waterfall
Gullfoss Waterfall Golden Circle

Icelanders are typically asked: what do you recommend? What are one of the most exciting and one-of-a-kind things to do in Iceland?

Where can you find the nation’s most stunning places and landmarks? Keep reading to find our suggestions for what to do as well as where to go.

A land with such beautiful landscapes, with rivers that go through deserts, lava decorated plains by lava that erupts from ice. It is a country of amazing contrasts.

See the Northern Lights in Iceland
View the Northern Lights in Iceland

It is the place where the natural elements unveil how nature looks from fire to ice.

Winters with aurora borealis on the endless dark skies, and also the summer time when the sun stays on the sky forever, never setting.

Places to see in Iceland