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Journeying from Myvatn to Egilsstadir: Day 5 on Iceland’s Ring Road

This is our 5th day from our Iceland Ring Road trip! Another beautiful day to discover Iceland!

Myvatn Lake is a very wild and beautiful area and before going from Myvatn to Egilsstadir we want to explore the Myvatn area, too.

There are a few farms around the lake where you can find accommodation. Restaurants are pretty hard to find and the price of the food is pretty high even for Iceland standards.

Skutustadir Craters of Iceland

Skutustadir Craters of Iceland

Around the Myvatn lake, there are a lot of spots to see with very different scenery. The place is dominated by the Myvatn lake and Hverfjall volcano crater which surprisingly it is still an active volcano.

Hverfjall Volcano

Hverfjall Volcano

For this day, we planned to visit Dimmuborgir, Skútustaðir, Námaskarð, Krafla crater and then to head to Egilsstadir where was our next accommodation.

Dimmuborgir Lava Field Iceland Myvatn Area

Dimmuborgir Lava Field Iceland Myvatn Area


Dimmuborgir is a shaped lava field located on the east side of Myvatn Lake, one of Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions in the country on your way from Myvatn to Egilsstadir.

Dimmuborgir which means The Black Fortress is considered a gate to nether realms.

The formations from there were born thousands of years ago when a volcano erupted and its hot lava encountered water.

The most iconic formation is “ The Church” – a naturally formed arch.

Dimmuborgir Lava Field Iceland

Dimmuborgir Lava Field Iceland


On-site you can find a panel with the legend of the place, according to which the place is home of Icelandic trolls known as the Yule Lads.

Walking on the alleys along the black lava field you expect a troll to appear around the corner. This place is indeed mystical!

No wonder that the producers of Game of Thrones chose this place as one of the most spectacular filming locations!

Very close to Dimmuborgir is Skútustaðir craters. A formation of pseudo-craters formed by gas explosions when a volcano erupted thousands of years ago.

Skutustadir Craters Park in Iceland

Skutustadir Craters Park in Iceland


There are 2 trails for visiting the pseudocraters: a long one, which took you over the craters and along the pond Stakholstjorn and a short one, which lead you just to the craters.

The difference between these 2 trails is about 30 minutes.

From Myvatn to Egilsstadir Iceland Ring Road

Although we had limited time because there was a long drive from Myvatn – Egilsstadir, we chose the long one but I recommend you not to do this one because it is tiring and there are many interesting places to see in the area more than the pond!

By the time we finished this trail, it was already lunchtime! So, we headed up to the farm’s restaurant where we spent the night and have a delicious meal cooked with local products from the farm!

Delicious Food from Farm in Myvatn Iceland

Delicious Food from Farm in Myvatn Iceland


With our bellies full we were prepared to explore more places! So, our next destination was Námaskarð geothermal area.

The place is incredible! A rare mixture of colors delights your eyes!

Everywhere you look you see steam from the mud boiling and the smell of sulfur from the water reminds you once again that volcano activity is very intense in the area!

Because of high temperatures, around the area, there is no vegetation and this creates the feeling that you reached another world!

Namaskard Steam Iceland

Namaskard Steam Iceland

A huge plus is that the spot is very easy to reach as it is a spot near the Iceland Ring Road, right on your way from Myvatn to Egilsstadir.

When you visit Iceland and the east part of the island, don’t leave the area without visiting one of the craters which are right across the road: Krafta, Viti or Leirhnjukur.

Of course, if the weather allows you!

On our way to Krafta Iceland Snow

On our way to Krafta Iceland Snow


Unfortunately, we could not reach any of these craters as a snowstorm started and we were forced to abandon the trail after almost half an hour of the hike.

The intensity of the storm amazed us! The wind was so intense that we hardly could reach our car to continue our drive to Egilsstadir.

There was a very long drive from Namaskard to Egilsstadir because of wind, snow and ice from the road.

It was a day full of interesting places and adventures!

Road from Krafta Myvatn to Egilsstadir

Road from Krafta to Egilstadir


We spend the night near Egilsstadir at 1001nott Hotel Egilstadir. It is a very beautiful and remote accommodation, with spacious rooms overlooking the lake. We had a very good breakfast and we continued our Ring Road tour.

The next day on our Journey we went from Egilsstadir to Hofn. Continue reading our Iceland adventure here:

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