Visit Transylvania region in Romania

Visit Transylvania Romania, located in the heart of the country as it is one of the most beautiful parts of Romania.

It has mountains, many traditional villages, medieval castles, untamed nature, and nice people!

What other reasons you need to go to Transylvania in no time ?!

There are so many places to see and so many things to do in this area that you cannot imagine.

Thematic tours of Transylvania are a good option if you want to be sure that you get a real good sense of Transylvanian life.

Traditions play a very important role in Transylvania.

It is a place where you have the feeling that time has stopped and people live after other priorities than the rest of the country.

Visit Transylvania Romania Castle
Visit Transylvania Romania

Visit the beautiful medieval towns in Transylvania Romania

No matter where you go and what are you looking for, you will always find nice and warm people in Transylvania.

There will always be somebody to guide you and help you if needed.

Especially in the countryside, people share their meal with you…that welcoming they are!

Visit Romania to discover the real sense of kindness!

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I would say that a week is not enough to visit Transylvania Romania!

Choose what you want to visit and plan your trip accordingly.

To help plan your trip I would like to make some suggestions for your itinerary. I chose the most beautiful places of Transylvania which should be included on your list.

Let me tell you a few words about each of them.


Brasov is an emblematic city located near the Carpathian Mountains with beautiful landscapes and many things to see around when you visit Transylvania if you have time.

I would recommend you to book a few nights in a hotel in Brasov and from there to visit the neighborhood.

Brasov city transylvania
Brasov city Transylvania

Start with a tour of Brasov which must include Tampa Mountain, Black Church, and the narrowest street in Europe.

After that, you can rent a car or book daily tours to the spots and mountain resorts around the city.

Also, bear in mind that on the way to Sibiu you can visit the Dracula Castle also called Bran Castle.

Bran Castle – Dracula Castle

I am sure that you heard about Dracula and its vampire legends and you want to find more about this when visit Transylvania for Dracula.

Consider visiting Bran Castle located in Bran town, a village-like city where time stood still.

You can even find a good hotel in this area, though it might be advisable to avoid staying in Bran because you can find better accommodation for less anywhere outside Bran, even in Brasov.

Bran Castle the real Dracula Castle
Bran Castle the real Dracula Castle

Bran Castle is a representative place and a good point to start to discover the real face of Dracula.

The Castle is located close to Brasov city, so it is a good option for a daily trip.

Bran Castle is just 30 km away from Brasov.

The castle itself is charming and located in a beautiful area and it’s worth visiting it.

Rasnov Fortress

There are a lot of fortresses in Romania. Rasnov is one of the most beautiful and well-restored place!

The fortress was built in the 13th century and is located near the village on a high rock very close to Brasov.

Due to recent restoration which keep the medieval elements, tourists who visit Romania and visit Transylvania can have a clear image of how a medieval Romanian fortress looked like!


Viscri is the place where Prince Charles has a house! It is located on the road between Brasov to Sighisoara.

The place is representative of village life! Medieval houses with unpaved roads full of domestic animals are iconic for this village.

Sleeping in a traditional house and eating organic food directly from local farms are some of the things you should include on your to-do list when visit Romania.


The medieval city of Sighisoara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Traditional houses with narrow streets are representative of this city.

It is a truly hidden gem!

If you visit Transylvania for Dracula take some time for visiting Sighisoara the birthplace of Dracula and vampire stories.

Don’t miss the Clock Tower that measures time precisely with medieval technology, the Covered Stairs, and the old town fortress!

From the fortress, you have a wonderful panorama over the city so it worth the effort to climb the stairs up there!

Visit Sighisoara Transylvania Medieval Tower clock
Visit Sighisoara Transylvania Medieval Tower clock

Did you know that Sighisoara is the birthplace of Count Dracula? Yes, it is! If you are a fan of vampires you definitely have to visit this place!


Located close to Sighisoara you should definitely consider visiting the Biertan village when you visit Transylvania.

It is important for the Transylvania region because of its Fortified Church.

In this town, you find one of the best-preserved churches of this kind from the region and one of the oldest villages in Transylvania.

Biertan Sibiu Fortified Chucrch Saxons
Biertan Sibiu Fortified Church Saxons

Information about Biertan was found in documents dated the 13th century.

Let me tell you an interesting fact!

Near the walls of the church, there is a matrimonial prison.

Couples who wanted to divorce were locked in this prison and forced to spend time together to be sure they want to end their marriage. So, think twice before you want to divorce! Hi-hi!


Another German settlement that should be included on your list when visit Transylvania is Sibiu city and near the village.

The city center still has the medieval walls, that resisted the test of time, walls that surrounded the area hundreds of years ago.

visit Sibiu Transylvania town
visit Sibiu Transylvania town


The city was built on two levels: Upper Town and Lower Town connected by a metal bridge.

The central town square with its medieval buildings made Sibiu a must-see destination.

It is easy to find a hotel near the old town – we chose to stay at Ramada Sibiu Hotelread our full review of Ramada Sibiu Hotel here.

If you pass around, don’t miss the village Museum in Sibiu !

It is exactly what you need to see in order to understand how Romanian people used to live and work a long time ago.

Turda Salt Mine ( Salina Turda)

A medical cure with salt air is good for everybody!

But when you can visit new places and get medical treatment at the same time is just perfect!

Around Transylvania, there are salt mines, but the most representative one is Turda Salt Mine.

The wow factor of the mine is that it is split in two: part of the mine is an amusement park and the other part is a museum.

In the mine, you can take a rowboat on the underground lake or play bowling. What a nice way to spend your time!

Turda Salt Mine Romania
Turda Salt Mine in Transylvania Romania

Alba Iulia Citadel

Alba Iulia Citadel was the capital of the province between 1541 and 1690.

It is a great Vauban fortification very nice restored and maintained which you should see while visit Transylvania.

Knights and princesses are still walking around the area and medieval air surrounds the place!

Cluj Napoca

One of the most important and modern cities of Romania, Cluj Napoca is located in the heart of the region.

Botanic Garden, Mathias Statue and Central Square are just some of the places you should visit in the city.

In the last years, one of the most important music festivals took place in the city. Yes! I am talking about Untold!

Everybody heard about it and wants to book a ticket to it!  

Visit Transylvania and be part of the festival’s history by visiting Cluj Napoca!

Don’t forget to book your hotel from time because it gets really crowded during the festival time and hard to find a booking.

Transfagarasan Road and Balea Lake

Transfagaran is an alpine road built by Ceausescu in late ’80s.

The views are just breathtaking!

The highest altitude of the road is 2032 m and has around 100 km.

When you drive along this road you feel like you are on top of the World.

On top of the road, there is a glacier lake called Balea Lake.

From the lake, there are a lot of mountain tracks.

Best time to visit Romania Transfagarasan
visit Romania Transfagarasan


Protected species of animals and plants could be seen on the wild paths which start from this road.

Romanian Mountains are wild and untamed.

There are no roads or pedestrian alleys arranged for tourists along the Carpathian Mountains.

These mountains are unique in Europe; they preserve very well the wild spirit!  

You should be prepared for wild experiences if you want to visit this area.

When I drove along Transfagaran I saw black goats on top of a peak and Carpathian bear a few meters away from the main road!

Trust me! My heart began to beat faster and I felt very unsafe even though I was in a car!

What an intense experience!

Go to Transylvania Apuseni caves

Apuseni is another beautiful region of the country.

When visit Transylvania visit a village and spend few days to Apuseni.

You will find a beautiful old village and old towns spread on the hills of the Apuseni Mountains.

Lush vegetation with hidden caves is characteristic of the area.

Bear Cave, Scarisoara Ice Cave with its Glacier are just two of the many caves from the area. 

The list can continue on and on. As you could see by reading this article there are attractions for all tastes.

You can choose from a mixt tour concentrated on a special area or on a specific tour which follows the spots around Transylvania.

Go to Transylvania Romania Apuseni mountains
Transylvania Romania Apuseni mountains

I recommend you to rent a car and drive along the region.

The area is very beautiful and well preserved, in some parts almost untamed. This is the best way to visit the area!

Let me give you some suggestions regarding accommodation!

You can choose to book a hotel for more nights in big cities like Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, Alba Iulia, and Sighisoara and make daily trips or you can choose a tour and sleep in different places each night.

What I can tell you for sure is that you have to sleep at least one night in a medieval castle and in a traditional house in the village when visiting Transylvania instead of a hotel.

You should also check by yourself and find out if the vampire story of Dracula is true or not.

I have been to many countries around the world but Romania is a special destination for me.

Go and visit this wild country from Balkan Peninsula and you will have the opportunity to discover a home away from home.

Once you visit Romania you will want to come back and discover more of its hidden gems.


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