From Reykjavik to Laugarbakki tour in West Iceland. Day 2

This is our 2nd day from our Ring Road Iceland trip! In Iceland, every day you see something new and beautiful! 

After breakfast, we packed our luggage and we headed up north. It was almost 9.30 in the morning when we left.

We had our rented car in the parking waiting for us to start our day! For the Ring Road tour, we decided to rent a car and was one of the best decisions we could take! The rental prices are not very low but if you book in advance you will get the best price possible!

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This was the second day of our 10 days in Iceland trip when we explored West Iceland

On our way to Laugarbakki, we passed near Reykjavik. As soon as we left the city behind, beautiful landscapes appeared in front of our eyes as western Iceland started to reveal itself. There was a sunny day with a clear sky and the mountains with their snowy peaks appeared on the horizon. On the left side of the road we had the ocean and on the right side rocky hills and lava fields, such a beautiful place with some amazing landscapes!

West Iceland
Western Iceland

Our first stop was in Borgarfjordur, a fjord in west Iceland near a small town named Borgarnes.

Borgarfjordur is situated 75 km away from Reykjavik and is an ideal destination for a one day trip from Reykjavik. The landscape is spectacular: water, mountains, lava fields, waterfalls everything in one place! It is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights if the weather conditions are right.

detailed guides for choosing the best time for northern lights in Iceland:

The biggest town in the area is called Borgarnes, a picturesque place with a lot of history behind. As was already lunchtime, we decided to have lunch there. There are some options for lunch, it depends on what do you want to eat. The food was good and the price was reasonable for Iceland standards!

After lunch, we continued our journey from west Iceland towards the north part. Iceland began to reveal its magnificent landscapes. I was so excited and so amazed by what I saw as I did not know where to look, which place is more beautiful and which photos to take.

During our journey, we stopped many times for photos and to admire the view. Many of these stops were not planned. So, my advice is that when you plan your trip try to include some time for this unpredicted stops. It is a pity to pass by and not to stop to enjoy the scenery!

The next  planned stop was at Hraunfossar. This is a very unique waterfall situated in West Iceland. It is not powerful nor great but it is remarkable because it came from under the lava field. For me was the first time when I saw a waterfall like this.

A few minutes away from Hraunfossar is another waterfall called Barnafoss. Barnafoss means “Children’s waterfall” and behind its name is a legend about 2 children who were walking on an arch over the waterfall from where they fall in the water and drowned.

Even if these two waterfalls are very close to each other, they look completely different. Definitely you should visit both of them.

West Iceland has lots of beautiful gems to reveal besides the northern lights!

From the waterfalls, we headed up to Deildartunguhver. This is the most powerful hot spring in Europe. The high temperature of the water produces a lot of steam and it is pretty difficult to take photos. In the end, with some effort, we managed to take some good photos but we did not get enough for those views!

As it was pretty late we had to leave the views behind and headed up to our next accommodation, Laugarbakki hotels . There are not many options to choose from, but the rooms are clean and simple with a basic but tasty breakfast.

What a relaxing and beautiful day we had!

Next day on our Journey we went from Laugarbakki to Akureyrl. You can continue reading our Iceland adventure here:

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