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20 fun and amazing things to do in Lubbock

There are plenty of things to do in Lubbock Tx, from exploring the local museums to party till morning at the music festivals that are held here.

Once a small and quiet town, Lubbock reinvented itself and became one of the most vibrant cities with many things to do.

This west Texas city has more than 300,000 inhabitants today, and today it is home to one of the most important Texas Tech University.

It is the 11th biggest city in Texas, with a total surface of 350 square km.

The city is also called Hub City, as here you can find many hubs such as the Health care hub, economic hub, educational hub,etc.

The town boomed during the industrial area, playing a very important role in the farming industry, especially cotton production.

There are plenty of cultural events in the city, not to mention the dining and shopping options and the movie theaters available.

Outdoor attractions also occupy a very important place on the list of the best things to do in Lubbock Texas.

With so many attractions in Lubbock, picking the best ones might take a lot of work.

I carefully picked the ones that are worth seeing, the ones that stand out and are visited by tourists and locals. 

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Things to do in Lubbock

1. The Buddy Holly Center

If you are a rock’n’roll fan, you must start your tour with a visit at the Buddy Holly Center.

The museum is dedicated to celebrating the impressive carrier of Buddy Holly.

Here you can find an impressive collection of items and awards won by the star and other famous Texas musicians.

Buddy Holly walk of fame Hollywood
Buddy Holly walk of fame Hollywood

I was fascinated by the genuine guitars, the iconic glasses and the costumes displayed at the museum.

There is even a statue of Buddy Holly located at the entrance.

The museum is more suitable for adults and elder kids as there are a lot of things to be read and interpreted in the exhibits.

2. Joyland Amusement Park

If you are looking for fun things to do in Lubbock, then head to Joyland Amusement Park, the best source of fun for adults in kids from Lubbock.

Here you will find all kinds of rides geared suitable for each age, from the ones dedicated to little guests to rides suitable for the entire family.

Among the rides suitable for all ages and preferences I would like to mention the Mad House, the Dare Devil Drop, The Little Coaster, bumper cars, and many arcade games.

Joyland Amusement Park Lubbock
Joyland Amusement Park Lubbock

Extreme coasters for adrenaline seekers can also be found in the park, so be prepared for everything!

The park is also home to three water rides, perfect for cooling off and having fun on a hot day in summer.

You will get wet when flying down these sparking pools, so take some dry clothes with you to change into.

To secure access to the whole park, get an admission armband that guarantees you unlimited access to rides from morning to evening.

Adults can also buy single-ride tickets, a good option if you think of hanging back and watching your kids having fun.

3. National Ranching Heritage Center

National Ranching Heritage Center, also known as NRHC spans over 16 acres and comprises 49 historical buildings dating from the 18th century.

The oldest building from the center date back to the 1780s, and the newest is from 1950.

All the buildings are displayed chronologically.

The center can be visited all year round, and a complete tour would last at least one hour, depending on how many things you want to see.

A vintage trolley takes you from one area to another, so you won’t waste time walking.

National Ranching Heritage Center Lubbock
National Ranching Heritage Center Lubbock

NRHC is the best place to visit if you want to see how local farmers used to live and work.

You will learn about cowboys, cattle rustling, chuckwagons and many more!

The center also hosts many events all year round, including the famous Candlelight at the Ranch in December. 

4. Bolen Winery Vineyards

There are no better things to do in Lubbock for couples than exploring the nearby wineries.

My favorite one is Bolen Winery Vineyards, a small winery that produces good quality wines from Texas grapes.

This boutique winery has limited production and you can try all their newly released wines.

Their main focus is on Malbec, Merlot, Tannatt and Mourvedre vines.

We encourage you to join their exclusive wine club for exclusive events and offers.

Bolen Winery Vineyards
Bolen Winery Vineyards

If you are a wine lover, then you definitely should pay a visit to the Texas wineries from the Fredericksburg area.

For the complete list of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, check our article Best Fredericksburg Tx wineries.

5. Science Spectrum Museum

I have never been to a more interactive and interesting science museum than Science Spectrum Museum.

Here you can find interactive exhibits covering vast areas of activity, from bubbles to electricity.

It is the science dream museum of your kids and definitely one of the most educative things to do in Lubbock with kids.

After exploring the museum, book some time to visit the OMNI Theater, an interactive place where your kids can do a lot of interesting experiments.

Science Spectrum Museum Lubbock
Science Spectrum Museum Lubbock

You will also find a dinosaur exposition with skeletons, fossils, and even an animatronic T-Rex here.

The museum also hosts daily amphibian and reptile shows, so you and your kids can learn many new things about these fascinating creatures.

The museum also has an aquarium with native species from the Brazos River!

Wow! This museum, for sure, is one of the best attractions in Lubbock!

6. Prairie Dog Town

Prairie Dog Town is the perfect choice if you are looking fo an outdoor destination close to the city of Lubbock.

This attraction is located in Mackenzie Park and is extremely popular among families with kids, naturalists, and animal lovers.

Prairie Dog Town is a protected park that started with only one family of prairie dogs in 1930s.

Today it is an impressive place hosting an entire colony of these fantastic animals.

All this was possible thanks to the generosity of the Clapp Family, who brought here the first prairie dog family in 1930.

Prairie Dog Town Lubbock
Prairie Dog Town Lubbock

It is a wonderful destination for spending a day in nature, far from city noise and pollution.

You can stop to take photos or plan a day in the protected area.

Bring a picnic basket with some snacks and water and observe the daily live of these fantastic creatures.

The good news is that Prairie Dog Town has been adapted to meet ADA accessibility criteria, so today, everyone can enjoy a day in nature.

This Lubbock attraction has no admission fee, and the center is open daily from 5 am to 12 am.

7. Lubbock Municipal garden and arts center

Lubbock Municipal garden and arts center is located in Clapp Park and is one of the best places to go in Lubbock if you are an art lover.

The center hosts various classes and events like gardening workshops, art classes, and many exhibits all year round.

Lubbock Municipal garden and arts center Lubbock
Lubbock Municipal garden and arts center Lubbock

There are designated spaces that can be rented for all kinds of events and activities.

My favorite ones are the rose garden and the tea terrace, wonderful places for an afternoon picnic with your family and friends.

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8. American Windmill Museum

The next attraction on my list of things to do in Lubbock Tx is the American Windmill Museum.

This museum is not just a local attraction but an international one. It is ranked as the world’s largest windmill museum.

Here you can find more than 100 windmills from different periods and different parts of the world.

Windmill museum Lubbock
Windmill museum Lubbock

The best way to explore this museum is with a guided tour and an interpreter who will provide you a lot of new and useful information about each of the windmills you will see there.

More than that, it is a good opportunity to learn more about the history and science of wind-generated power in the United States.

9. Silent Wings Museum

This unique museum tells you a very interesting story about the history of the glider program used by the US army during World War Two.

Inside the museum are displayed items and artifacts that illustrate unique stories of the heroic glider pilots themselves.

Silent Wings Museum Lubbock glider
Silent Wings Museum Lubbock glider

Here you can also see a beautiful collection of restored and retired warplanes.

What I also find interesting about this museum is its location. It is located in a building that was once used as a terminal of the Lubbock airport.

10. Museum at Texas Tech University

Your tour of the Lubbock museums can only be completed with a visit to Museum at Texas Tech University.

This very popular museum displays rotating exhibitions covering a wide array of subjects.

During weekends and Fridays, there is even a planetarium that runs interesting shows.

You can learn here new and interesting things about natural science, arts and humanities subjects.

Museum at Texas Tech University Lubbock
Museum at Texas Tech University Lubbock

Among the permanent art exhibits from the museum, I would like to mention the paleontology galleries, which are my favorite.

Here you will find a lot of fossils and skeletons belonging to dinosaurs telling an interesting story about their evolution.

11. Holly Hop Ice Cream

I know that it might sound crazy to include an ice cream store in a list of the most interesting things to do in Lubbock, but Holly Hop Ice Cream deserves to have a place at this top.

This retro shop, dating from the early 1950s, is your next destination when in Lubbock.

With red-striped booths and a vibrant atmosphere for the whole family, Holly Hop Ice cream is my favorite place to go when looking for something to cool off.

Holly Hop Ice Cream Lubbock
Holly Hop Ice Cream Lubbock

You can buy a milkshake, a yummy sandwich, an ice cream or a banana split, as all are extremely delicious.

Vegans, this is also a good place for you as here you can find one of the best vegan milkshakes from the area!

12. Caviel Museum of African American history

This museum gives you a glimpse into the complex history of the racial fight for equality in the South.

The Cavien Museum of African American history is the first of this kind in the western part of Texas.

This place is dedicated to African American achievements and contributions from the civil rights era to nowadays.

The museum is located in an old pharmacy, but not any pharmacy.

Caviel Museum of African American history Lubbock
Caviel Museum of African American history Lubbock

This pharmacy belongs to Billie and Alfred Caviel, the first African-American couple that owned a pharmacy in the United States.

The museum has several permanent exhibits that tell the story of the African-American people from the area and a few rotating expositions with interesting artifacts.

13. Mackenzie Park

After observing the fascinating preirie dogs, book some time to explore the rest of the Mackenzie Park.

This is the largest green area in Lubbock, a beautiful oasis located inside the city.

The park encompasses a disc golf course, a primo lake for fishing, and also a sculpture garden.

Mackenzie Park Lubbock
Mackenzie Park Lubbock

Horseback riding tours are also available in the park and are among locals’ favorite ways to relax and explore the park.

14. Lubbock Lake National Historic landmark

There is no better place to explore Lubbock than Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark, especially if you want to learn new things about the city’s natural history.

The artifacts found on the hills around the city prove that people lived here 12,000 years ago.

There are pieces of evidence that people of antic Lubbock lived and hunted bison here.

The excavation process still needs to be finished; more interesting and unique evidence has been discovered lately.

Lubbock Lake National Historic landmark Lubbock
Lubbock Lake National Historic landmark Lubbock

On your museum tour, you can follow an archeological trail to a research site and a wildflowers trail to blooming fields of native species.

An interesting experience you should try is their “Landmark After Dark” hike. It is a guided hike through the archeological dig sites that happens after dark.

15. Louise Hopkins Underwood Center of Arts

Art and culture lovers, this place is especially for you!

Louise Hopkins Underwood Center of Arts is the place officially known in Lubbock as the gathering point for the creative community from the city.

Here you will find many interesting classes and activities, from clay art to dance classes.

It is home to some very interesting contemporary art galleries and a good place to spend a few relaxing hours when exploring Lubbock.

Louise Hopkins Underwood Center of Arts Lubbock
Louise Hopkins Underwood Center of Arts Lubbock

All around the year, different events are held here, including musical performances, plays, and even film screenings.

If you are looking for some interesting souvenirs in Lubbock, visit their art market, where you can find many interesting things made by local artisans.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

16. Day trip to Dallas

The beautiful city of Dallas is 4.5 hour’s drive from Lubbock, so you can consider taking a day trip from Lubbock to Dallas.

The stunning city of Dallas is packed with many museums, parks, amazing dining, landmarks, and art districts.

The Ritz Carlton Dallas overview
The Ritz Carlton Dallas overview

No matter if you are looking for some kid-friendly activities or for some places to party all night, Dallas has them all.

17. English Newsom Cellars at Caprock winery

English Newsom Cellars is one of the most romantic wineries in the area, located a short drive from the city’s center.

This winery is extremely popular among wine lovers, enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

It was established in 1988, and it is a very famous winery, competing with famous wine regions from Italy and France.

Wine tasting Texas
Wine tasting Texas

Take a winery tour, and don’t miss the tasting tour where you can try the whine and red wine.

If you have some extra time, consider visiting also Mcpherson Cellars Winery, owned by a pioneer in the Wine Texas industry.

18. First Friday art trail

First Friday art trail is a free self-guided art that happens for the public and is the main factor that makes Lubbock, a leader in the Texas art scene.

This event is held every Friday of the month, no matter the weather conditions.

Here is the meeting point between artists, collectors and, art lovers, friends; in other words, the local community is passionate about such events.

First Friday art trail Lubbock
First Friday art trail Lubbock

Don’t forget to take a map and follow all the trails to observe the artwork displayed.

You will have live music here so you can dance, have fun, and eat something delicious from one of the food trucks from the event.

At this event, gather national, local, and international artists united by their passion for art.

19. Llano Estacado Winery

Another interesting attraction listed as the best things to do in Lubbock for couples is Llano Esracado Winery.

This magnificent place hosts “ Texas’s best tasting room”, which experts and locals consider one of the area’s best-selling points.

You can choose a guided tasting tour or simply take a seat on the Winery’s terrace pergola and taste the wines at your own pace.

Llano Estacado Winery
Llano Estacado Winery

Scenic cotton fields surround the winery and grape vines, so the view is simply breathtaking.

There is no better place to watch the sunset than from the terrace of this winery!

20. Adventure Park

One of the best things to do with kids in Lubbock is a trip to Adventure Park.

This entertaining place is located in the western part of the city, and it is the perfect family destination from the area.

There are plenty of attractions inside the park, out of which the most popular ones are: zip lines, ropes courses, climbing wall, go-kart trach, arcade, and mini-golf courses.

Adventure Park Lubbock
Adventure Park Lubbock

Where to stay in Lubbock

There are plenty of options when speaking about accommodation in Lubbock.

I drop below my favorite spots, which offer a good price-quality ratio and convenient locations.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lubbock Central

This beautiful hotel is convenient located close to Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lubbock Central offers spacious rooms with a flat-screen TV, private bathroom, 24-hour front desk, and a beautiful outdoor swimming pool.

Complimentary breakfast is served each morning at the property in the designated area.

Holiday Inn Express Suites Lubbock Central
Holiday Inn Express Suites Lubbock Central

Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Lubbock Medical Center

Days Inn & Suites at Lubbock Medical Center is a 2 star hotel conveniently located close to restaurants and Adventure Park.

The staff of the hotel is super friendly and willing to help.

You will have free parking here, a shared lounge, and a fitness center.

The rooms have a fridge, cable TV, shower and free toiletries, a coffee machine, bed linen, and towels.

A complimentary breakfast is served each day at the property.

Days Inn Suites by Wyndham Lubbock Medical Center
Days Inn Suites by Wyndham Lubbock Medical Center

Ashmore Inn and Suites Lubbock

Ashmore Inn and Suites Lubbock is a beautiful motel with an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and an indoor hot tub.

The rooms are spacious and have ironing facilities, a work desk, cable TV, a microwave, and a fridge.

Complimentary breakfast is included in the room rate and can be served each morning in the designated area.

Ashmore Inn and Suites Lubbock
Ashmore Inn and Suites Lubbock


Is Lubbock Texas worth visiting?

Lubbock is one of Texas’s most beautiful cities, so you must pay it a visit. It is packed with many wineries and breweries, outdoor adventures, family-friendly attractions, great live music, and artists.

What is Lubbock famous for?

Lubbock is famous for being the hometown of Texas Tech University, one of the most important universities in Texas. Other things that make Lubbock famous are the vast number of live music events and the wineries in the area.

When is the hottest month in Lubbock?

The hottest month in Lubbock, Texas is July, when the average temperature is around 93 degrees.

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