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Hi there! We are the creators of Worldwide Travel Tips! We are a financial consultant and an accountant ready to share with you our travel experiences!

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Travel is our reward after many long and exhausting working days and also the best way to understand the world! We travel at least once a month to keep our minds and soul clear! Our short-term plan is to escape from our cubicle jobs and live each moment like it is the last! 

For us, travel is a cure! We take this “pill” every few weeks so we get enough energy to continue! The side effect of this pill is that it causes addiction! Yet, going down the rabbit hole is still fun!

We’ve realized very quickly that we cannot see our lives without the travel! We are very proud to tell you that until now we managed to travel to more than 35 countries all over the world! We had no negative experiences, just small things out of which we learned how to organize better our holiday!

On this site, you can find ideas for your next holiday, tips for maximizing your trip, and advice about how to travel safely and how to stick to your budget! And you know what is more interesting? You can find all these things in one place without having to spend hours searching for answers to your questions!

I am sure that all of us want to travel more to see and experience new things, but for some of us is not as easy as it looks. It could be because of the budget, or because of safety concerns. No worries! You don’t have to be rich to travel! We will share with you our experiences and our way of planning trips in order to help you increase your time spent on holidays!

Do you know what makes this site more special than other travel sites? The fact that we show you how to travel in style but with little money!

Even if we haven’t seen the whole world just yet, we share with you all our adventures and experiences, we do our best to answer your questions!

By the way! If you have a question and don’t find the answer on our website, please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with an appropriate answer! 

Thanks for visiting our website and we are glad we could help you increase your days away from home!