Beaches around the world


There are plenty of beautiful places for tanning all over the world and we had the opportunity to visit a few and some of them are on the top of our list.

Beaches on the Black Sea Coast
Corbu Beach on the Black Sea Coast

East European Beach

Beach in Romania

There is no secret that Romania has some beautiful beach, with some of the most beautiful girls laying in the sun. 

Some tourists decide to come to the Black Sea beach in Romania to have a great time, but also to party and meet new people, as romanian people are very friendly.

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Beach in Greece

Greece has many beautiful islands with more than one amazing beach. 

Some of them are hidden and intimate beaches while others are wide and open and with lots of people laying in the sun.

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Beach in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is known for having some of the best beaches in Eastern Europe. Some say that the Bulgarian Beaches are the best choice on the Black Sea coast, because of the low prices and great service. 

Here you can find intimate beacehs but also large beaches with plenty of people around that are tanning and enjoying their holiday.

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Beach from all over the world:

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