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Jaco Costa Rica: Discover its Most Beautiful Beaches

Located just 1 and a half hours away from San Jose International Airport closest to Jaco Costa Rica, beaches in Jaco Costa Rica are among the most popular beaches in the country.

They are very popular destinations for tourists because of their amazing scenery, great location, and proximity to San Jose. There are a large number of activities you can do in the area.

The area around the most beautiful Jaco beaches Costa Rica offers a wide range of activities, besides the exotic jungle packed with wildlife and unique plants.

Besides being a great place for perfecting your tan on the central Pacific coast, the place is also famous among surfers.

They love here the amazing waves and vibrant nightlife.

So, no matter if you are looking for a relaxing holiday on the beach or you want to live the adventure of your life, Costa Rica is the right choice.

My first impression of Jaco Beaches

I saw many photos and videos of Jaco beaches, and in a minute, I knew that these should be on my list when visiting Costa Rica.

As the plane descended toward the lush Costa Rican landscape, my heart raced with anticipation.

I had heard tales of Jaco’s legendary sunsets and surf, but nothing prepared me for the moment I first stepped onto its shores.

It was an early Tuesday morning when I arrived. The beach was almost deserted except for a few early risers jogging along the water’s edge.

I dropped my bags onto the soft sand, the grains warm and inviting under my feet, and made my way to the water.

With the first touch of the Pacific’s cool waves lapping at my ankles, a sense of tranquility washed over me.

I remember closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. The salty air filled my lungs, and I thought to myself, ‘This is the serene escape I’ve been yearning for.’

In that instant, Jaco Beach wasn’t just a postcard picture anymore. It became a personal haven, a place where the stresses of life seemed to dissolve with the ebbing tide

I booked about 3 days to explore the area and it proved to be a very smart decision.

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beaches in Jaco Costa Rica Sunset
beaches in Jaco Costa Rica Sunset

The best time to experience Jaco is during the dry season, from December to April, when you have many hours of sun and the weather is great for the beach.

I would recommend this place for those of you who visit Costa Rica for the first time and are searching for a great beach destination.

The good news is that you don’t have time to travel for 3 or 4 hours across the country to find the perfect spot.

How to get to beaches in Jaco Costa Rica

There are 3 ways to get to Playa Jaco or to Jaco Costa Rica beaches:

  • By bus
  • By car
  • By shuttle


If you choose to travel by bus then you should know that the bus ride lasts for about 2 hours. The cost is about 5 USD.

Let’s take for example Quepos. You have a direct bus from Quepos to Jaco and the journey lasts only for about one hour.

Some buses connect the capital city San Jose, to this area. The buses from San Jose to Jaco generally depart every 4 hours, and the journey takes about 2 hours.

Jaco beaches Costa Rica
Jaco beaches Costa Rica


If you prefer to travel on your own, then the best thing to do is to rent a car.

The car gives you the mobility and freedom needed when exploring a foreign country.

In Costa Rica, there are plenty of interesting things to see, so yes, renting a car is a smart decision.

Get the best price for your car rental today

The road to Playa Jaco is quite straightforward, so all you have to do is pick up your car and search for Route 27.

Follow this route until you reach the sign with Jaco Route 34 and in about one and a half hours you reach your final destination.

As you drive on a highway, you have to pay taxes, so take in your pocket some Costa Rica Colones.

The road taxes from San Jose to Jaco beaches Costa Rica are around 2 USD and are paid at the highway entrance.


And there is the shuttle option and here you can choose from a private shuttle of a shared one.

The private shuttle costs around 200 USD and can be transported to a maximum of 6 passengers, while the shared shuttle is just 50 USD per person.

We’ve analyzed in detail some aspects of Costa Rica:

Once you arrive at your destination, it is time to explore the area and get in touch with the local culture and beautiful beaches.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

Jaco is not just about the beaches. There are plenty of other interesting things in the area to explore, like the national parks.

National Parks near Jaco

The location of Jaco beach town makes it the perfect destination for a weekend or even a holiday.

Lush forests, beautiful mountains, and incredible beaches surround the area. It is quite close to one of the most popular national parks in Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio National Park

This spectacular and world-famous national park is located about 90 minutes drive from Jaco, but worth the trip and every minute spent on the road.

The park is without any doubt the most famous park from Costa Rica. It is home to a wide range of animals and plants, some of them unique in the world.

After a short walk across the paved alleys of the park, you get to one of the most beautiful beaches from the area, so don’t forget to take your swimsuit with you.

For more details about Manuel Antonio Park, please read our detailed article: Manuel Antonio National Park.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park rainforest
Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park rainforest

Carara National Park

Carara is another beautiful protected area from Costa Rica that is located about 30 minutes north of Jaco.

The park hosts a long list of animals and plants. This is the right place to go if you want to spot jaguars, monkeys, and even crocodiles, not to mention the beautiful Scarlet Macaws, one of my favorite birds from Costa Rica.

For more details about Carara National Park please do not hesitate and read our article Your complete guide to Carara National Park.

Carara National Park plant Costa Rica
Carara National Park plant Costa Rica

Jaco Beaches in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, Jaco has been the focal point of the Central Pacific Coastline for a couple of years. It is a Costa Rica tourist hotspot.

Jaco Coastline is located just 1.5 hrs from San Jose on the Pacific Coast. It is conveniently accessible by car rental, shuttle bus, or private transfer!

Jaco Beach Map Jaco Costa Rica Beach
Jaco Beach Map Jaco Costa Rica Beach

Playa Jaco

The most famous and largest beach from Jaco is Jaco Beach, a 3 kilometers (2-mile) dark sand beach bordered by deep waters and green forests.

This Costa Rican beach is very popular among surfers because it has one of the best waves in the area.

The air at Playa Jaco is alive with energy. The rhythmic sound of waves crashing provides a constant backdrop to the vibrant chatter of beachgoers.

The scent of saltwater mixes with the tantalizing aroma of street food wafting from nearby vendors.

The sand is a canvas of footprints, each telling a story of the day’s excitement, and as the sun sets, the sky turns into a kaleidoscope of fiery hues, reflecting off the surfers’ silhouettes in the water.

Even though this Jaco Costa Rica beach is a very popular beach, full of tourists and locals, the place is quite wild and untamed.

Here, rich fauna and flora live in the jungle just a few meters from the beach.

Puntarenas Province Playa Jaco Beach Costa Rica
Puntarenas Province Playa Jaco Beach Costa Rica

So don’t be surprised if you see in the clear sky above the sea Scarlet Macaws flying around. The place is wild and parrots, monkeys, and many beautiful creatures live near the sea.

The southern part of the beach is most popular among surf beginners and you can find there many shops with surf equipment.

The northern part of the beach is generally more crowded. In this part of the beach are located some of the hotels from the area.

This is also the place where locals come to the beach.

Because of the high waves and strong currents, this beach is considered best for surfing not for swimming.

Practical information

Accessibility: Playa Jaco is easily accessible by car or bus from San Jose, with a travel time of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Facilities: You’ll find a range of facilities including restrooms, showers, and changing areas.

Dining: Numerous restaurants and bars line the beach, offering everything from local dishes to international cuisine.

Activities: Surfing lessons and rentals are widely available. Nightlife is vibrant here, with many clubs and bars.

Safety Tips: The beach has strong currents, so swim with caution and stay within designated areas.

Visiting tips

Surfing Lessons: Playa Jaco is renowned for its surfing. If you’re a beginner, consider taking lessons from one of the many surf schools along the beach.

Evening Strolls: The beach comes alive in the evening. Take a walk to enjoy the cooler air and vibrant sunset.

Local Cuisine: Don’t miss out on the local eateries. Try the fresh ceviche, a local favorite.

Safety: Keep an eye on your belongings. Like many tourist spots, it’s wise to be mindful of your possessions.

Playa Herradura

One of the best family beaches in Jaco Costa Rica is Playa Herradura.

It is located just 8 kilometers ( 5 miles) north of the town of Jaco, right near Los Suenos resort.

Playa Herradura Costa Rica
Playa Herradura Costa Rica

It is a pretty rocky beach but the waters are calm.

This beach is the perfect playground for your kids no matter how old they are.

For a small fee, you can park the car at the entrance of one of the most interesting Jaco beaches Costa Rica, and enjoy a wonderful day on the beach with your loved ones.

Playa Herradura is a symphony of tranquility. The gentle lapping of the calm waters against the crescent-shaped shore creates a soothing melody.

The lush green of the surrounding hills contrasts with the dark volcanic sand underfoot, cool and smooth to the touch.

The occasional call of a distant bird or the soft rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze adds to the sense of seclusion and peace that envelops this beach.

Practical information

Accessibility: Playa Herradura is about a 10-minute drive north of Jaco and is also accessible by local bus.

Facilities: The beach offers basic facilities like restrooms and picnic areas.

Dining: There are several dining options within Los Sueños Marina, as well as smaller local eateries.

Activities: Ideal for fishing, boating, and water sports. The marina offers charters and equipment rentals.

Safety Tips: The beach is sheltered and has calmer waters, making it safer for swimming

Visiting tips

Water Sports: The calm waters of Playa Herradura are perfect for kayaking and paddleboarding.

Fishing Trips: Consider booking a fishing trip; the area is known for excellent deep-sea fishing.

Luxury Experience: For a more luxurious experience, visit the nearby Los Sueños Marina with its shops and restaurants.

Sun Protection: The tranquil waters can be deceiving. Apply plenty of sunscreens even if you’re just lounging by the shore.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca White Beach, as it is translated into English, is located on the northern side of Playa Herradura and is a great place to spend a day on the beach as it is less touristy and noisy.

Stepping onto Playa Blanca is like entering a hidden world.

The powdery white sand feels almost surreal, a stark contrast to the deep blue of the ocean.

The sound here is softer, with the gentle whisper of the sea foam as it retreats from the shore.

The scent is clean and fresh, with a hint of floral notes from the blooming vegetation nearby.

It’s a sensory retreat that feels pure and untouched.

It might be a little complicated to find this Jaco Costa Rica beach as it is not clearly marked.

If you follow my instructions, you will reach it very quickly and enjoy one of the best Costa Rica best places to explore.

You have to go north on Costanera highway and just before Punta Leona hotel turn left and follow the road until you reach a parking area.

Playa Blanca Costa Rica
Playa Blanca Costa Rica

From there, walk for a few minutes and you will reach Playa Mantas if you keep walking south, you will get to Playa Blanca.

Between these two beaches, Playa Blanca is more beautiful as it has white sands, crystal clear waters, and many palm trees for shade.

There is one more thing I want to tell you about Playa Blanca: it is a very popular spot among locals, so try to avoid it during weekends and legal holidays as it might get crowded.

The beach does not have any facilities, nor bars and restaurants, so bring with you everything you need for a day on the beach.

Practical information

Accessibility: Playa Blanca is within Punta Leona Resort and requires either a stay at the resort or a day pass.

Facilities: Excellent facilities including restrooms, showers, and a well-maintained beach area.

Dining: The resort has restaurants and bars, but options are limited outside of it.

Activities: Great for snorkeling and swimming due to the clear waters.

Safety Tips: The beach is family-friendly with gentle waves, but always watch for changing tides.

Visiting tips

Access: Playa Blanca is often accessed through the Punta Leona resort, so plan ahead for day passes or accommodations.

Snorkeling: Bring snorkeling gear. The clear waters are home to a variety of marine life.

Early Arrival: Arrive early to secure a good spot, as the beach can get crowded, especially on weekends.

Leave No Trace: Keep the beach pristine by taking all trash with you when you leave.


Playa Hermosa

On the southern part of Jaco beach, just 8 kilometers (5 miles) away, lies another world-class surf beach, Playa Hermosa.

The beach is 7 kilometers (4 miles) long and is covered with grey sand with basic facilities around, like a restaurant, some small shops with surf items, and a few hotels right at the northern end.

The raw power of nature is palpable at Playa Hermosa.

The thunderous roar of the waves dominates, a testament to the beach’s reputation as a surfer’s paradise.

The salty spray of the ocean hangs in the air, invigorating and full of life.

The horizon is an ever-changing masterpiece, especially during the golden hour when the sky becomes a canvas of gold, orange, and pink, reflecting off the water’s surface.

Playa Hermosa Beach Jaco Costa Rica
Playa Hermosa Beach Jaco Costa Rica

Practical information

Accessibility: Located about 10 minutes south of Jaco, Playa Hermosa can be reached by car or bus.

Facilities: There are fewer facilities here, so plan accordingly.

Dining: Dining options are limited, so consider packing a picnic or visiting a local “soda” for authentic food.

Activities: Known for its surf breaks, it’s a popular spot for surf competitions.

Safety Tips: Currents can be strong; it’s recommended for experienced swimmers and surfers.

Visiting tips

Surf Conditions: Check the surf report before heading out, as the waves can be intense for beginners.

Turtle Watching: During the nesting season, join a guided tour to see sea turtles lay eggs.

Accommodation: Stay in one of the beachfront hotels for an early morning surf.

Respect the Environment: The beach is part of a protected zone, so be mindful of the local wildlife and natural surroundings.

Playa Esterillos Oeste

Last but not least from my list of Jaco beaches in Costa Rica is Playa Esterillos Oeste which is a very isolated beach perfect for a quiet and relaxing day at the beach.

One of the most beautiful Jaco Costa Rica beaches is located 15 kilometers ( 9 miles) away from Playa Hermosa.

It is a great place to practice surfing, as the waves and the currents are just perfect for this sport.

Playa Esterillos Oeste is a beach of contrasts. The sound of the surf is a constant hum, yet there’s a quietness to the air that suggests solitude.

The sand, a mix of dark and light grains, creates a unique texture underfoot, warm from the sun’s embrace.

The scent of driftwood and brine is strong here, and the sight of the iconic mermaid statue, ‘La Sirena,’ adds a touch of whimsy to the expansive view of the coastline.

Playa Esterillos Oeste Beach Costa Rica Jaco Beach
Playa Esterillos Oeste Beach Costa Rica Jaco Beach

The Jaco beach in Costa Rica is remote and wild, with no facilities around, just a small market from where you can buy some water to cool off.

Within a few minutes’ walk from the beach, you will find a few restaurants where to eat and drink something after a relaxing day in the sun.

Practical information

Accessibility: This beach is about a 20-minute drive south of Jaco and is accessible by car or bus.

Facilities: Basic facilities are available, but they are more sparse than in Jaco.

Dining: Limited dining options are available; it’s advisable to bring your own food and drinks.

Activities: Horseback riding and surfing are popular. Look out for the mermaid statue at low tide.

Safety Tips: The beach is less crowded, so personal safety and security are important. Swim near other people and avoid isolated areas.

Visiting tips

Low Tide Exploration: Visit during low tide to explore the tidal pools and the famous mermaid statue.

Horseback Riding: Experience the beach on horseback with a guided tour.

Local Shops: Support the local community by shopping at the small businesses along the beach.

Beach Dynamics: Be aware of the beach’s dynamics, such as rip currents; always swim in designated safe areas.

Stay safe while you travel

  • medical safety abroad
  • medical assistance including COVID-19
  • emergency medical evacuation
  • trip interruption -up to $5.000
  • travel delay - up to $100/day

What to do in Jaco beach Costa Rica

To be honest with you, the area is more than these beautiful beaches in Jaco Costa Rica presented above.

You definitely have to spend at least 3 or 4 days in the area and besides visiting these beautiful and secluded beaches, you should book some time to explore the surroundings.

Include in your itinerary these best activities in Jaco Costa Rica:

  • a day trip to Carara National Park which has a very beautiful network of trails to follow and explore the forest and observe the wildlife
  • A day trip to visit Jaco town
  • horseback riding on the beach
  • book your seat at Catamaran Tours Jaco beach Costa Rica which offers a completely new perspective of the area
  • A tour across Tarcoles River where you can find some huge crocodiles
  • Aerial tram ride that offers an interesting tour through the forest
  • Jacó waterfall tour as in the area are more than 30 waterfalls to visit
  • A day trip to Manuel Antonio National Park, the most famous park in the country, is perfect for hiking and observing wildlife.
  • A night out in Jacó as it is one of the largest party beach towns in Costa Rica and home to the best party in Costa Rica
  • snorkeling on the places famous for the best snorkeling near Jaco, which are accessible by a kayak tour
  • explore the Butterfly Garden Jaco Costa Rica one of the very few places on Earth where visitors can admire butterflies in their natural environment, learn new things about these gentle creatures and observe their behaviour

Where to stay in Jaco beach Costa Rica

The Jaco Costa Rica beaches area is full of hotels and resorts so picking the best hotels in Jaco Costa Rica might be quite challenging and time-consuming.

I drop below the list with my favorite hotels from the area as they have amazing services and a great price-quality ratio:

Hotel Docelunas Costa Rica

Jaco Hotel Docelunas Costa Rica is a 4 stars resort ranked as one of the most romantic resorts in the area with beautiful rooms located in the middle of the jungle.

Hotel Jaco Docelunas Room Jaco Costa Rica Beach
Hotel Jaco Docelunas Room Jaco Costa Rica Beach
Hotel Jaco Docelunas Costa Rica Jaco
Hotel Jaco Docelunas Costa Rica Jaco

Nestled in the middle of the rainforest surrounded by tropical trees and exotic plants, the resort offers a beautiful pool with exotic air, spacious and clean rooms, and very delicious food.

The property is about 20-minute walk from the beach and is a great spot for those passionate about wildlife and animals.

You can eat at the open-air restaurant which serves a wide range of dishes inspired by local cuisine and cooked from local and fresh products.

What guests say

David R from Atlanta, US

The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Every staff member I came into contact with exceeded expectations in handling our requests. The place is situated in the jungle and the wildlife is abundant. We saw monkeys, toucans, and birds. The property has a number of great features including native trees and beautiful flowering plants.
It’s easy to relax away from the main drag of Jaco but close enough for quick trips to the beach and shops

Best Western Jaco Beach

Best Western Jaco Beach Costa Rica is an all-inclusive hotel Jaco Costa Rica, a resort with outdoor pools, volleyball and tennis courts, and good services.

The resort is suitable for family vacations, romantic getaways, or a group holiday and is located right on the beach, being able to see the ocean from your room.

There are 125 rooms on the property, all clean with light wood furnishing and tile floors.

On-site there is a restaurant serving buffet-style meals and two bars with a long list of drinks where you can choose your favorite cocktail.

What guests say

Megankzalewski from New York, US

The hotel was extremely clean and safe. It was located within walking distance to the town of Jaco. The staff was very nice and accommodating. I would recommend this resort to all my family and friends. My husband and I will be back

Hotel Club Del Mar Costa Rica

Hotel Club Del Mar Oceanfront Jaco Costa Rica located in the southern part of Jacó Beach right between the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean, within a short walk from Mirador de Jaco.

The Hotel Club Del Mare Jaco beach Costa Rica offers great personalized services that transform a holiday into a memorable stay.

All the rooms come with a TV, AC, and a kitchenette, and they are clean and spacious.

Jaco Beach Costa Rica
Jaco Beach Costa Rica

You have free parking, room service, and baggage storage if needed just let them know you need these amenities.

You can relax at the pool or right on the beach, take a boat trip to the surrounding area or perfect your surfing skills.

What guests say

Nikki B from US

My husband and I have been visiting Hotel Club Del Mar for almost a decade on our way to and from the southern parts of Costa Rica. We have always enjoyed the friendly staff, excellent view, comfortable accommodations, and the beautiful beach.
We were really excited about the upgrades that were made: keyless entry for the condos, renovated pool area with awesome tiki huts with power, lights, and call buttons for service. The pathways and grounds to the condos are still expertly manicured but the paths have been widened a bit which is helpful when rolling luggage along. The menu has been upgraded, and everything we tried was the best ever! Kudos to the new chef for the truly amazing food. The pool towels are extra large and fluffy- and no more pool towel tags. So many little details that were added really make a difference in the luxury experience that Club Del Mar offers.

My unique discovering in the area close to Jaco beach Costa Rica

Jaco Beach, with its renowned surf and bustling nightlife, is a magnet for tourists from around the globe.

Yet, beyond the well-trodden paths and popular hotspots, I stumbled upon hidden gems that felt like secrets whispered by the town itself.

These are my unique discoveries, the treasures of Jaco that many visitors overlook, but which offer the most authentic and serene experiences.

El Miro Ruins

Perched above the southern end of Jaco Beach, the remains of what was once intended to be a grand restaurant offer an escape into a surreal world.

The graffiti-adorned walls, overgrown with creeping vines, tell stories in colors and shapes, while the view from this height is nothing short of breathtaking.

It’s a short hike up, and the spot is known mostly by local photographers and adventure seekers.

At sunset, the ruins become a quiet place to watch the sky’s performance as day gives way to night.

The Hidden Cove of Playa Caletas

Just a few kilometers north of Jaco lies Playa Caletas, a secluded cove where the jungle seems to embrace the sea.

It’s a sanctuary where the only footprints you’ll find in the sand are likely to be your own.

This beach is not marked by any signposts, and it takes a local to show you the unassuming path that leads there.

The cove is a haven for wildlife, and if you’re lucky, you might spot scarlet macaws in the trees or a lazy iguana sunning on a rock.

The Whispering Bamboo Forest

A hidden path off the main road, known to few, leads to a bamboo forest that feels like something out of a fairytale.

The tall stalks sway and whisper in the wind, creating a natural symphony that is both calming and eerie.

It’s a place not mentioned in guidebooks, a spot where locals go to find peace and solitude.

The light here filters through the bamboo in a soft, green glow that seems to transport you to another world entirely.

La Piscina Natural

Tucked away between the rocks where the jungle meets the sea, there’s a natural pool that forms at low tide.

Known as “La Piscina Natural” to the locals, this hidden pool is filled with crystal-clear sea water and is teeming with small fish and marine life.

It’s a perfect spot for a quiet swim, away from the crowds, where the sounds of the ocean fill the air.

The pool is a bit of a secret, and finding it feels like discovering a private piece of the ocean just for yourself.

The best bars in Jaco Costa Rica

This area is famous for its active nightlife, stunning beaches and incredible restaurants and bars.

People of all ages come here to have fun and party till morning in one of the many bars that are open in the city and along the beach.

Jaco Costa Rica nightlife
Jaco Costa Rica nightlife

The most popular bars and clubs Jaco Costa Rica has are Monkey Bar, Le Loft, Man Cave, Beatle Bar Costa Rica, Orange Pub and Los Amigos.

If you want to find out more about each of these pubs and bars please check our dedicated article about local nightlife at Jaco Costa Rica nightlife: where to party hard till morning.


Does Jaco have nice beaches?

Jacó is quite famous for its amazing beaches, best sunset Costa Rica can display, and location as  San Jose International Airport is considered the airport near Jaco Costa Rica.

It is an area popular for its waves perfect for surfing, pristine beaches ideal for perfecting your tan, and vibrant nightlife.

Can you swim at Jaco Beach Costa Rica?

Yes,  you can swim at Jacó beach but the place is not that famous for this activity. The beach is quite crowded with people perfecting their tan, watching, or simply visiting the area.

The good news is that there are plenty of other more remote beaches in the area which are perfect for swimming and bathing.

Is Jaco Beach nice in Costa Rica?

Without any doubt, Jacó is a very beautiful place that should be on your travel list once you get to Costa Rica.

It is located just one hour and a half from San Jose International Airport and this makes it one of Costa Rica’s hot spots.

The place is extremely popular among tourists but also locals that wanted to escape from San Jose and relax for a few days on the beach.

How far is Jaco from the beach?

Jaco lies on the seashore so within a few minutes you can feel the sand under your feet and listen to the sound of waves.

The city of Jacó lies between the mountains right near the beautiful beaches of Herradura Bay and Playa Hermosa Guanacaste in the southern part.

Where is Jaco beach in Costa Rica map?

Jacó Beach is located in the province of Puntarenas in the district of the Garabito canton in the Pacific area, about a one and a half hour drive west from San Jose International Airport.

How are the beaches in Jacó Costa Rica?

The picturesque beaches from the area attract an impressive number of visitors all year round, especially during the dry season.

The beaches are covered with sand and surrounded by turquoise waters and lush forest.

The beaches from this area are perfect for swimming, surfing, and perfecting your tan and are located just 1.5 hours away from San Jose.

Are there white sand beaches in Costa Rica?

The beaches located in the area of South and Central Pacific coast are mostly made from black sand, while the beaches from the Caribbean and North Pacific area are famous for its white sand beaches.

Still, Playa Blanca Costa Rica as the name suggested is an exception as it is covered with white sand although it is located in the Central Pacific area.


As we draw the curtains on this sun-kissed journey through the diverse beaches of Jaco, Costa Rica, it’s your turn to step into the warm embrace of these tropical paradises.

Whether you’re a surfer chasing the perfect wave at Playa Hermosa, a family seeking the calm reprieve of Playa Herradura, or an explorer ready to uncover the hidden coves and whispers of Playa Blanca, Jaco’s coastline awaits you.

But don’t let the adventure end here. Share your stories, your sunsets, your discovered treasures.

Have you walked the volcanic sands of Playa Jaco at dusk?

Or…have you felt the rush of the Pacific at Playa Hermosa?

Have you found serenity in the secluded nooks of Playa Esterillos Oeste?

We want to hear about it!

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