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Discovering Romania’s Top 5 Wild Beaches in 2021

Are you looking for beautiful wild beaches in Romania ?

We’ve got you covered as today we talk about 5 of the most beautiful wild beach from Romanian seaside, presenting them shortly so you can better understand what they have to offer.

Choose the one that fits your style and your personal taste.

We left the best for last as we like it the most but we realise this just after seeing the other ones mentioned here.

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Sulina beach

Sulina beach is located at about 2 km from Sulina and you can reach it by foot, or by minibus.

The water is clear and warm and the coast has fine white fine sand that is pure pleasure for your feet when you walk on it.

Since it is not the most popular beach among tourists, you have a very high chance to find the perfect place for yourself here, without being bothered by others, and have time for yourself to unwind and lay under the sun.

This beautiful wild beach in Romania has shallow water, being a perfect place for a family with kids that just learned to swim.

Plaja Sulina wild beaches on black sea coast
Plaja Sulina wild beaches on black sea coast

Corbu beach

Corbu beach is one of the last Romanian virgin beaches on the Black Sea, together with Vadu beach, these being two of the most beautiful wild beaches in Romania.

It is easy to find virgin areas in Romania that are both beautiful and quiet. When it comes to beaches this task can be harder as there are very few virgin beaches in Romania.

If you seek a place where you can be alone with yourself and your thoughts, away from the day to day hustle and away fo the busy cities, Corbu beach is the right place for you.

Corbu Beach Black Sea Coast
Corbu Beach Black Sea Coast

Many beautiful sandy beaches in Romania are so popular that unintentionally replicate the stress and the noise in the city that you are trying to get away from.

Corbu shore is one of the beaches in Romania where you can relax and find your inner balance the only thing added is the beautiful natural elements: the sea, the sand, the reed, etc.

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Vadu beach

If you are looking for the perfect beach in Romania to relax and be with yourself and your thoughts, Vadu Beach might be the answer for you.

For many years we avoided Black Sea Beaches because we found it stressful to spend a holiday on the beaches in Romania.

One reason was that Romania has some of the most popular beaches in eastern Europe, and this, unfortunately, leads to crowded beaches, generating stress and making it impossible to relax.

Beautiful wild beaches in Romania
Beautiful wild beaches in Romania

Some of you might really like these aspects, as some search for crowded beaches, full of beautiful oiled bodies lying in the sun on the beautiful sunbeds, beach bars with cool cocktails and nice chillout music that mixes with the sounds of the waves.

I have written a detailed guide about the most beautiful beaches in Romania here: the most beautiful Romania beach at the black sea coast.

For us, going to the coast means choosing a remote beach, with as little people as possible so we can relax and lie under the sun, that is why we would appreciate more a remote and virgin beach like Corbu Beach or Vadu Beach compared to Mamaia Beaches.

Check out our article and find out which are the best things to do in Romania.

Gura Portitei beach

Plaja Gura Portitei beach is a 4 km wide, thin stretch of sand that separated the Black Sea from Danube Delta and the lake of Golovita Lake. It is also known as Golovita beach.

It is one of the most beautiful wild beach in Romania also being a little remote.

Gura Portitei Beach Black Sea coast Danube Delta
Gura Portitei Beach Black Sea coast Danube Delta

The access to this beach can be made by boat from Tulcea. To get to Gura Portitei you need to take a boat for about one hour from Jurilovca, which is about 50 km away from Tulcea.

There is an alternative route to access this beach by bike from Vadu to Gura Portitei or from Sinoe via Grindul Lupilor.

If you plan to get here by car, head from Constanta towards Vadu village.

In Vadu you should ask the locals for directions as there are no signs to guide you.

Take the road to Periboina village, but consider that the road is rough so an SUV or 4×4 vehicle would be very helpful on this road. From Periboina village you can just walk to Gura Portitei since it is very close.

As soon as you arrive at Gura Portitei you will see the specific white houses with blue windows and blue lines, with their roofs made of a thick layer of the reed.

On the large beach, you will see the reed umbrellas under which you will find shade on a hot summer day when the sun is burning.

Find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Danube Delta

Close to this coast, you can find a green island connected by a bridge.

On this island you can find 15 villas, some having their own porch on the lake from where you can fish or just admire the lake, a perfect spot to relax and sleep if you like this type of accommodation.

Sfantu Gheorghe beach

Sfantu Gheorghe beach is considered one of the most beautiful wild beach in Romania, because of its fine white sand, clear water and a small number of tourists that decide to visit this remote beach for sunbathing away from the crowds and civilization.

Sfantu Gheorghe Beach Danube Delta black sea coast
Sfantu Gheorghe Beach Danube Delta black sea coast

Located at approximately 3 km of Sfantu Gheorghe Town, the coast still has the magic and beauty of an untamed place, still not touched by human foot.

This is still a virgin beach because it is located in a place that is not easily accessible.

From the town of Sfantu Gheorghe, you can reach the Sfantu Gheorghe beach by foot in about 20 to 30 minutes walk or by taking the trocariciul, which is a tractor with a trail specially designed for people transport.

“Trocariciul” will take you to the coast for a small fee, but you will arrive faster than walking.

Trocariciu Sfantu Gheorghe Danube Delta
Trocariciu Sfantu Gheorghe Danube Delta

This tractor with a trail called “Trocariciul” is an SUV-hauled transport wagon, that transports people from the village centre to the coast and back.

It goes a 3 km distance and goes every 15 to 30 minutes or so during summer season from June to September.

No need to worry about buying a ticket from anywhere as the only payment method accepted is cash as you pay the driver when you get on board.

Tourists visiting Sfantu Gheorghe Beach generally decide to stay on the shore not far from the access road.

As there are no bars or restaurants on the beach as it is a virgin beach, the only way you can have a cold drink is from the beach salesman that cross by from time to time.

Walk on the right part of the coast you will soon arrive at the place where the Danube River flows in the Black Sea through the Sfantu Gheorghe arm. On the left part of the coast, there are kilometres of virgin beach with white grainy sand, so unique and beautiful that you cannot find anything like it on the black sea coast.

Accommodation for wild beaches in Romania

If you decide to spend a few days here you should definitely find accommodation as close as possible to the beach.

During our trip to Sfantu Gheorghe, Danube Delta, we decided to sleep at Green Village Resort Danube Delta Sfantu Gheorghe, as it had great reviews and it was very close to the sea and to the place where the Danube meets the black sea.

We even wrote a detailed review of the Green Village Danube Delta.

Find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Danube Delta

The most beautiful wild beach in Romania?

We cannot help ourselves and choose Sfantu Gheorghe Beach with its blue waters as the winner.

We recommend you choose this one if you have to pick just one.

You will probably hear many things and read many reviews about Vama Veche, or Mamaia and Navodari, but these beaches are not wild.

On the contrary, they are very popular among tourists, very noisy and these are not the right places to go if you want to be just you and nature.

In order to convince yourself, our advice is to visit each of these 5 beautiful wild beaches in Romania, because each of the 5 is beautiful and unique in its own way.

The unique features of each coast will satisfy different tastes, as each of us is different.

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