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Key Information for Visiting the Black Sea Coast in Romania

With a total of 194 kilometres length, Black Sea Coast Romania is one of the hot spots in the Balkan area during the summer season.

Tourists looking for sun, water and endless parties found on Romanian Black Sea Coast a little piece of paradise. Once famous for its wild beaches and untamed nature, Romania offers many beautiful places where to spend an incredible holiday!

Corbu Beach visit Black Sea Coast Romania

Corbu Beach on the Black Sea Coast

Here are some of the most useful and interesting things to know if you want to visit the Black Sea Coast:

1. Mamaia is the Pearl of the Romanian Coast

Looking for fancy hotels and beautiful golden beaches where to relax and enjoy the sun? Then Mamaia is the right place for you. It has the highest density of luxury hotels from the seaside with beautiful spa’s, most of them facing the sea.

Mamaia Beach on visit Black Sea Coast Romania

Mamaia Beach on Black Sea Coast of Romania

Mamaia is the most expensive resort from Romanian Black Sea Coast with a very vibrant nightlife and many fancy nightclubs. In Mamaia’s clubs, you go if you want to party till morning and have some money to spend.

2. Corbu Beach is the newest beach from Black Sea Coast Romania

Located between Mamaia and Danube Delta Natural Reservation area, Corbu beach is a wild and untamed beach with crystal clear water and golden sandy beach. There is no loud music, no beach parties, no luxury resorts in the area, just you and the sound of waves.

Corbu Beach on Black Sea Coast Romania

Corbu Beach on Black Sea Coast of Romania

Being so remote, you need a car to get to the beach. Before you go, buy everything you need from a supermarket because there are no shops near the beach.

Close to Corbu village is a very old fortress dating from Roman times named Histria and another medieval fortress named Enisala. From Corbu you can do daily trips to Danube Delta, a unique UNESCO World Heritage and the second-largest Delta from Europe

3. Costinesti is students’ heaven

If you are a student and don’t have a lot of money but you want to have fun, then you should visit Costinesti. The resort is full of young people searching for fun.

The level of accommodations and services are much lower than in Mamaia and this is reflected in the prices. There are plenty of guesthouses and 2 or 3-star hotels which offer clean rooms with private bathroom and some of them are located pretty close to the beach.

4. Vama Veche, the most hippie resort from Black Sea Coast Romania

Once a resort visited by hippie people, a symbol of anti-consumerism and freedom, Vama Veche has become one of the hottest points from the Black Sea Coast. Located in the village with the same name, Vama Veche beach developed a lot in the last year.

Vama Veche Beach of Black Sea Coast Romania

Vama Veche Beach of Black Sea Coast of Romania

It still keeps the flavour of anti-consumerism times but it becomes a very modern and beautiful beach resort with nice hotels and incredible beach parties.

There are no 5-star hotels but the ones that exist offer beautiful rooms, some of them with sea view and great services.

The prices of food, accommodation and beverages increased gradually and now it is one of the most expensive places from the Romanian coast.
Youngsters looking for fun and endless beach parties in search of an oasis of freedom should visit Vama Veche! It is incredible!

5. Danube Delta

On the north part of Black Sea Coast Romania is Danube Delta, a unique habitat, the second largest delta in Europe.

It is a magical place, a water kingdom where birds are the kings and queens. In this unique area live a very impressive number of birds, more than 320 species.

A trip in Delta Dunarii is like a travel back in time. Here the time has stopped and people are completely different than us. Their beliefs and their simple way of living make us, the townspeople reconsider our priorities in life.

Danube Delta Beach Black Sea Coast Romania

Danube Delta Beach Black Sea Coast of Romania

After a few days in Danube Delta, you will find your inner peace and you will fill relaxed and detached from this world.

I definitely recommend you to spend at least 2 nights in one of the following places:
Green Village – a remote resort, accessible only by boat, located on one of Delta’s arms, exactly where the Danube meets the Black Sea.
Enisala Safari Village – a traditional house located inland, ideal for daily trips in Danube Delta and to explore the ancient fortressed from that part of Romania


Saturday 2nd of May 2020

Hi Sonia which beach did you enjoy the most?

Alex Hash

Monday 11th of May 2020

Each beach has its own beauty. I love the wild beaches in the North coast of Romania, as well as the classy ones in Mamaia, but I also like the private beaches of Bulgaria hidden between the rocks. I cannot decide on just one.