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Black Sea Beauty: Must-Visit Beaches Along the Coast

I have looked over Romania Coast, Bulgaria and Turkey Coast searching for the best beaches Black Sea to visit for the holiday.

Long and hot days of summer are perfect for spending them on the beach under the sun!

What could be best to do in summer than to lay on one of the best beach to visit on Black Sea and cool off in a calm and warm water?!

Updated August 2020: Oh, this sounds like a plan! Have you ever dreamed to be on a beautiful beach remote and wild or do you prefer to party on the beach with music on background ?

Best Beaches Black Sea Coast

I’ve done the research for you and found the best beach on Black Sea Coast and now I will share it with you.

All Black Sea beaches are beautiful and relaxing but some of them have something special and give you the feeling that you want to come back soon.

The Black Sea shores are shared in between Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Romania, which all have coastlines for every single kind of traveler.

From the hectic celebration centers with the very best summertime music festivals to the secluded coves for those that crave calmness, below are the best beaches along the Black Sea Coast.

Best beaches black sea to visit on Black Sea Coast Black sea beaches
One of the best beaches to visit Black Sea Coast

Romania Beaches Black sea

The Romanian BlackSea Coast is full of beautiful beaches some of them are very well known, others are some real hidden gems.

The most well-known beach is Mamaia beach, a very popular and animated beach located very close to Constanta.


On the beach, there are lots of restaurants, nightclubs and hotels where you can chat with your friends and cool off after a long sunny day.

Are you looking for clubs and extravagant events on Black Sea Beaches? Perfect! Mamaia is the right place to go!

Not all Romanian beaches are like Mamaia. Vadu, Corbu are exactly on the opposite side: wild and untamed, being, in my opinion, one of the best beaches to visit on Black Sea.

Here it is just you and the sea, a real unforgettable experience!

We compared all the Romania Beaches in this article that has everything you need, including accommodations, category, getting there, facilities, where to sleep.I have picked up for you the most beautiful beaches in Romania, check it out here:

You want to party on the beach all night and do you have a more bohemian soul? Then Vama Veche beach is the solution for you.

Venus Romania Beach
Venus Romania Beach

If you like to party on the beach and take part to summer festivals then try Romania beach festivals. Neversea Festival or Sunwaves Festival are the most well-known.

Mamaia Romania Beaches Black Sea
Mamaia Beach Romania

All summer long, the vibes of the music could be heard along the shores all day and all night.

The parties last all high season just go and let your spirit get free!

Bulgaria Beaches Black Sea

On the other side, Bulgarian shores are not that famous for its festivals but for its beautiful surroundings!

Wait a moment, this did not mean that you cannot have fun and party all night in Bulgaria! It is just that its beaches are well known for other things!

When you visit Bulgaria you will see that it has a very large coast area.

It is the right place to search for one of the best beaches to visit on Black Sea.

Bulgaria beaches black sea
Black sea coast of Bulgaria best beaches Black Sea

A part of the shore is with high cliffs and steep slopes and the other part is with beautiful beaches and golden sand.

The most famous Bulgaria beaches with golden sands are Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

These are the largest and most animated beaches from the country.

If you are looking for high-quality spa services then Golden Sands resort is more indicated.

Are you planning to visit Golden Sands? See which are the available options for your stay

Golden Sands Bulgarian beach
Golden Sands Bulgaria beach

Do you prefer mega-resorts and active nightlife? Well, you should visit Sunny beach.

Are you planning to visit Sunny Beach? See which are the available options for your stay

black sea beach Best Bulgarian Beaches on black sea coast
Bulgarian Best Beaches black sea coast

In my opinion, the wildest and untouched beach from Bulgaria is Silistar Beach also known as “The beach of pirates”!

Yes, I know! Famous does not necessarily mean “wild and beautiful”.

It is a pretty hard accessible beach, located in the Strandzha National Park 5 km away from Sinemorets village.

Owls, vultures and deer are part of the usual landscape.

Silistar Beach in Bulgaria
Silistar Beach in Bulgaria

The water is clear and shallow, ideal for divers.

Nature lovers, this is for you one of the best beaches to visit on Black Sea!

A beach which appears on most of the internet tops related to best beaches on Black Sea Coast is Smokinya Beach.

Most visitors consider this beach the perfect place for a family vacation because of its sandy beaches and calm waters.

It is indeed a beach very accessible for kids of all ages!

There are other ideal Black Sea beaches for families but not in Bulgaria.

It is in Russia and the most touristic is called Vityazevo Beach and have a lot of summer attractions not just for kids but also for adults.

You should try it! Very beautiful place!

Black Sea Coast of Turkey

On the other hand, not all of us want to go on holiday just to lay on a beach!

Some of us want to visit representative places, to learn more about local tradition and culture!

A good place for combining the above activities is Black Sea Instanbul Beaches of Turkey.

It is not that popular because Turkey has a more attractive coast which is the Mediterranean Coast.

On that coast, the resorts and restaurants are much more elegant and diverse.

Still, Turkey could be nominated in the category of one of the best beaches to visit on Black Sea Coast with its beautiful Amasra Black Sea beaches.

The city is full of history and culture but also is surrounded by beautiful and picturesque beaches.

From Turkey, I want to mention also the beaches near Trabzon and Rize, two ancient cities founded on the Turkish coast.

Trabzon is a place surrounded by mountains and forests, it is a very green and lush place!

The waters from that region are very wavy and clean, making from that place and an ideal place for water sports!

The Rize coast is on the northeast side of Turkey, so the water is always colder than in other Black Sea beach.

It is not the ideal place to swim, but it is unique by its location and landscape.

Conclusion: Black Sea Beaches

As you can see it is very hard to name a single beach to be one of the best beaches to visit on Black Sea Coast.

It is a matter of taste and location to name a beach as being the best from BlackSea Coast.

Plan your trip and think about what you like and for sure you will find a beach suitable for your tastes!