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June Escapes: Best Greek Islands to Visit

Finding the best greek islands to visit in June is a real tough thing as Greece has more than 220 inhabited islands, each of them with its own charm and beauty.

No matter if you want to explore ancient ruins, relax on an incredible sandy beach or explore the surroundings, Greek islands have them all and choosing the best Greek island to visit in June is hard!

And June is the best time of the year to travel to Greece as the high season is not started yet but the weather is perfect for sunbathing and exploring the area.

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Santorini Greek Island with airport (JTR) Greece best greek islands to visit in June
Santorini Greek Island with airport (JTR) Greece best greek islands in June

It’s up to you which of the Greek islands suits you most as they are unique and quite different when speaking about activities and things to do.

When choosing your summer destination for your trip bear in mind that Greece is not just about Navagio Beach or Myrtos Beach, Agios Nikolaos Town Crete or Dodecanese islands.

Most of the islands also offer a wide range of luxury hotels, apartments and villas to choose from and a very relaxed atmosphere which attract tourists from all over the world.

June is a perfect month to visit the Greek islands, as there are plenty of sunny days, with more than 12 hours of daylight and an average temperature during the day around 26 degrees Celsius.

Santorini Beach Greece Red Beach best greek island to visit in June
Santorini Greece Red Beach best greek island to visit in June

If you are planning to visit Greece during this month you have to know that the sun is not as hot as during August and the crowds are not here yet, so the prices are lower than in July or August.

As you know, the weather has a profound effect on a place and may transform a normal holiday into an amazing one. So if you are planning your June trip to Greece here are the best islands to visit.

Best Greek islands to visit in June


The largest Cycladic island and the best Greek island to visit in June, Naxos has one of the most fertile lands from all the Greek islands, the island is full of olive plantations, citrus fruits and potatoes.

The highest point from the island is Mount Zas, a high peak surrounded by clouds which produce more rainfall which is perfect for agriculture.

Naxos Greek Island in June
Naxos Greek Island in June

5 best things to see when in Naxos

  • Portara which is the landmark of the island and one of the first things you see when you arrive by ferry to Naxos. It is a marble frame 6 metres tall and 3.5 widths and is the portal to an Ionic temple of Apollo built in the 6th century
  • Old Town of Chora located between the harbour and Kastro, a magnificent place with narrow alleys, passages and beautiful blue doors and windows.
  • Kastro is a town dating from the 13th century built by the Venetian Duke of Archipelago Marco II Sanudo. The place was a real architectural masterpiece with flowery squares, narrow alleys which connect the monasteries, the churches and the noble mansions from inside the town.
Naxos Greek Island in Greece June
Naxos Greek Island in Greece June
  • the beautiful beaches of Agios Prokopios, Plaka beach, Mikri Vigla and Agios Georgios
  • the Byzantine church of Panagia Drosiani built in the 6th or 7th century with three apses and a dome located in the mountainous part of the island, between the village of Moni and Tragaia.

Where to sleep

Created with personal care, Antony Suites Naxos is decorated with the traditional minimalistic Cycladic style and includes all modern facilities for a great holiday.

Located just 30 metres from the beach of Agios Georgios, and 500 m from the town, the hotel is located in the nearby area of bars and restaurants and offers a fully equipped kitchenette.


One of the best Greek islands to visit in June is Serifos with its whitewashed villages and golden beaches and turquoise watered coast.

The island is as beautiful as Ios or Santorini but it is less crowded and more accessible for every budget.

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It is a discreet island from the Cycladic group and is the best Greek island to visit in June for those of you looking for a relaxing vacation in Greece.

It is also a great destination to include into your travel list if you plan an island-hopping trip.

Serifos Beaches in Greece in June
Serifos Beaches in Greece in June

5 best things to see when in Serifos

  • Explore the hilltop Chora, a hidden beauty dating from Venetian times and hidden behind fortified stone walls
  • hike the Mining trail located by the bay of Megalo Livadi, perfect day trips when you get bored of laying in the sun
  • perfect your tan at Serifos beach, an idyllic beach untouched yet by mass development
Greece Serifos Cyclades Island
Greece Serifos Cyclades Island
  • take a picture of the Cyclops Throne and feel like a king or a queen of the Aegean Sea. In Greek mythology, the island of Serifos was home Medusa, the snake-headed monster lady and the one-eyed Cyclops
  • explore the ruins of the beautiful Grias Castle ( Castle of the Old Woman) located above Koutalas Serifos

Where to sleep

The beautiful apartments from Serifos Blue are the best choice when in Serifos.

They are located in Rámos, 750 m from Karavi Beach and offer amazing views of the surroundings.

Some units feature a terrace and/or balcony with sea views.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip


Located in the Ionian Sea and connected with the mainland through a causeway, the Ionian island of Lefkada, one of the best Greek islands to visit in June is the perfect getaway for you.

The best greek island to visit in June close to the mainland attracts its tourists with its breathtaking sceneries, amazing beaches and crescent sharp cliffs.

Porto Katsiki Beach Lefkada Greece Beaches June
Porto Katsiki Beach Lefkada Greece Beaches June

Lefkada is the perfect destination for water-based activities, out of which the most popular ones are sailing around the island on a private yacht, practising windsurfing or lay in the sun at Vasiliki beach.

5 best things to see when in Lefkada

  • Porto Katsiki, Lefkada’s most famous beach
  • Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni from Lefkada Town built in the 17th century
  • The amazing Nydri Waterfalls located in a gorge, close to Nydri Town
  • The beautiful beaches of Milos and Egremni and also the Blue Flag winner Mikros Gialos
  • The scenic Vasiliki located in a bay at the end of a valley in the south
Lefkada Island Greece Beach
Lefkada Island Greece Beach

Where to sleep

Okeanos Luxury Villas Lefkada was built to blend with its wild and noble natural environment in harmony.

The resort is located on the edge of a 200-meter sea cliff in the west side of Lefkada Island, Greece.

It provides a unique experience thanks to its breathtaking panoramic view and sunsets over the Ionian Sea, along with the magical atmosphere of the natural forest surrounding.


The beautiful island of Skopelos from the Northern Sporades became world-famous after they appeared in the movie Mamma Mia!.

One of the best greek islands to visit in June impressed its visitors with beautiful sceneries, a large number of churches spread all over the island and amazing beaches.

Greece Skopelos Beach Greek beaches
Greece Skopelos Beach Greek beaches

The beaches of the best greek island to visit in June are dreamy pebble coves hidden under softwood forest and surrounded by clear blue waters.

5 best things to see when in Skopelos

  • Skopelos Town which is the largest and also the oldest settlement on the island with narrow and picturesque alleys and stairways flanked by traditional houses draped with bougainvillaea.
  • Churches and Monasteries ( 360 of them) out of which the most impressive ones are Agios Ioannis Chapel, Agios Riginos Monastery and Evangelistria Monastery
Greek Island alley street narrow street Hydra Greek Island Skopelos
Greek Island alley street narrow street Hydra Greek Island Skopelos

The beautiful beaches of Panormos, Kastani, Hovolo and Milia

  • The Venetian Castle nested upon the Skopelos Town and renovated by the Venetians in the 1200s
  • Sendoukia Carved Graves which is the largest sheet of bare rocks near the crest of Mount Kyra with human intervention signs on it in the form of ancient graves cut from stone.

Where to sleep

Adrina Resort Spa Skopelos was created with the ambition to become a unique reference point on both local and global level.

It is a luxurious hotel complex, expertly designed to attract discerning guests seeking beauty in simplicity so as to offer them a unique experience.

The Hotel is amphitheatrically built on a magnificent slope which is covered with pine trees reaching all the way down to our “private beach”.


I don’t think I have to tell you much about this amazing island because I am sure you know everything about the best greek island to visit in June.

Santorini and Mykonos are among the most famous places in Greece so there are not many words to say about them which you don’t know.

Santorini Greece Best Greek Island in June and September
Santorini Greece Best Greek Island in June

I am sure you saw many amazing photos from Mykonos Town with its windmills on top of the hill or with the breathtaking sunset from Santorini.

Honestly, there are so many beautiful places to visit in Santorini that you’ll need at least 3 weeks to explore this place.

One of the best greek islands to visit in June is famous for its cave-like hotels, crumbly cliffs and the amazing sunset from Oia.

5 best things to see when in Santorini

  • Watch the sunset in Oia, the most popular and amazing thing to do when in Santorini
  • Wander through Ancient Thera, an antique city with many interesting artefacts and a street that goes up to 800 metres.
  • Explore an Archeological Excavation Site of Akrotiri, a magnificent town which was buried by a volcanic eruption in 1.700 BC
  • Take a caldera cruise
  • Perfect your tan at Red Sand Beach located right next to the ancient site of Akrotiri
Santorini Beach Greece Red Beach best greek island to visit in June
Santorini Greece Red Beach best greek island to visit in June

Where to sleep

Definitely Vedema Resort Santorini is the best choice when in Santorini.

Tucked away within the medieval village of Megalochori, the enchanting resort has evolved from a 400-year-old wine cellar and a 100-year-old mansion into an authentic, Cycladic-style property.

Dedicated to the needs of seasoned travellers, Vedema houses 59 spacious suites and villas, all with their own terraces and many with jacuzzis or private pools.

Santorini Greece Blue chapel roof
Santorini Greece in June

These are the best 5 greek islands to visit in June for your summer escape and each of these places is unique and has their own beauty and charm.

Find out wich are the best Greece Beaches that you cannot miss this year.

These islands are not just about great weather, they also about ancient ruins, amazing beaches and a lot of interesting things to do.

Pick the one you like most and plan your trip ahead to secure the best price-quality ratio for your hotel and rented car.

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