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Discovering Romania: Video Guide to Top Beaches

Top beaches in Romania are the perfect place to relax and unwind at the Black Sea. What better way to soothe your soul than to bask in the sun, listen to the sound of waves, and take in the stunning views? Romanian beaches offer the perfect setting for a much-needed break.

Just imagine yourself swimming in the clear waters of the Black Sea Coast and enjoying a refreshing cocktail on the beach bar nearby.

This is something indeed very relaxing which creates a really positive vibe and gives you the power to move on and to work hard until your next holiday.

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Top beaches in Romania Venus Beach Romania Beaces
Top beaches of Romania this year

Top beaches in Romania

There is one thing which I like most about Romania: it has such a diverse landscape that makes it the perfect destination all year round.

During wintertime, you can enjoy the snow and practice ski in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, while during summertime you can relax at the beach to get the perfect tan.

There are many beautiful Black Sea beaches spread all over the Romanian shore; some of them are wild, while others have all the facilities you can ever dream of.

From all the strips of sand from the Romanian shore I have picked up for you the most beautiful of all.

Check them all!

1. Modern Beach

There are two beautiful strips of sand in Constanta: Modern and Trei Papuci, both being upgraded into great spots for bathing in the last couple of years.

Plaja Modern Constanța Marea Neagră

Between these two strips of sand, Modern is the one I like more because it is located right near the Constanta Casino, an architectural monument dating from the beginning of the 20th century.

Where to sleep

Belle Epoque Boutique Constanta (Adult Only) is our choice for an overnight stay close to Modern beach.

The hotel is located in a historical building close to the sea and all the interiors are decorated in baroque style.

Hotel Belle Epoque Boutique
Hotel Belle Epoque Boutique

Breakfast can be served in the room or in the common lobby located on the upper floor overlooking the sea.

2. Corbu Beach

One of the wildest and untamed beaches from the Black Sea Coast and part of a natural reserve is Plaja Corbu.

Corbu wild beach Constanta, August 2020

Where to sleep

Don’t expect to find luxurious accommodation around the area; there are a couple of guesthouses built in the village with the same name.

Casa Din Deal Corbu is a cosy guesthouse located in the centre of the village with a private courtyard, free parking places and beautiful terrace.

Casa din Deal Corbu Romania Beach
Casa din Deal Corbu Romania Beach

3. Vadu Beach

Other Romanian beaches ranked as the most beautiful wild beach is Vadu, a coastal destination right in the middle of nature.

This amazing strip of sand is located inside the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, is the southern end of a long beach over 15 kilometres.

Plaja Vadu Romania - drona

According to the local legislation you have to pay for a daily permit to have access inside the Danube Delta Reserve. The fee is really small, around 1-2 euro per person. You can pay online for the daily permit for Danube Delta or by bank transfer.

And there is something else you should know: don’t park your car on the beach as you will probably receive a big fine.

Where to sleep

Villa Romelia Vadu Beach is one of our best choices if you plan to spend some night at this magnificent Romania beach.

Vila Romelia Corbu Beach Accommodation
Vila Romelia Corbu Beach Accommodation

The rooms are spacious and clean, the furniture is new and the common kitchen is very well equipped.

4. Olimp Beach

One of the best Romanian beaches for families with kids is Olimp located in the resort with the same name.

Olimp strip of sand looks completely different than most of the beaches from the Romanian Black Sea Coast.

The coastline is dotted with bays from place to place, making it the ideal place to swim and to bath for kids and for those who are not very good swimmers.

Plaja Olimp, România - 2020 Drone 4k

Where to sleep

Novum By The Sea Olimp is exactly what you need for the perfect holiday at the Black Sea Coast.

Novum by the Sea Olimp Beach Hotel Room
Novum by the Sea Olimp Beach Hotel Room

The aparthotel is located very close to the sea and has a private beach and an outdoor swimming pool.

The interiors are new and modern with a beachy atmosphere, while the breakfast is tasty and pretty varied.

This is by far, one of the coolest accommodations from the Black Sea and definitely a place where to spend some quality time with your family.

5. Venus Beach

Venus is one of the Romania beaches which suffered a lot of changes in the last couple of year.

Most of the old hotels had been refurbished, while new ones appear on the horizon, some of them being located very close to the sea.

Venus - Saturn (24 iulie 2019)

Where to sleep

ViiLa Lac Venus  is located 200 metres from the sea, offering clean and spacious rooms with a private bathroom, a restaurant, a bar and a beautiful garden.

VilaLac Venus Accommodation Room Hotel
VilaLac Venus Accommodation Room Hotel

You can eat a tasty and good breakfast at the property, and the price is included in the room rate.

6. Neptun Beach

Having the largest stretch of sandy beaches from Olimp to Saturn resorts, the Neptun beach is basically a list of various private strips of sand, one better than the other.

Plaja Neptun - Iunie 2020 !

Where to sleep

Our recommendation for your overnight stay near this amazing Romania beach is Hotel Terra Neptun .

Hotel Terra Neptun Romania
Hotel Terra Neptun Romania

This seaside resort is located in the centre of the resort, close to the beach, only 5 minutes walk.

The Hotel Terra Neptun has a very tasty restaurant where traditional and international cuisine can be served.

All the rooms have a refrigerator and bathroom; free parking is available on site.

7. Costinesti Beach

One of the most popular beaches among Romanian young generation is Costinesti.

You should come here if you are looking for endless parties and meeting new people.

Plaja Costinesti - Costinesti Beach 4K - Romania - August - travel vlog vacanta calatorie

Ring, Tineretului and Panoramic Club are among the most famous clubs from the resort, where you can dance all night long.

Where to sleep

The cosy but modern guesthouse Casa Barina Costinesti is our choice for this area.

Located within a few minutes away from the beach, this Black Sea resort offers large and clean rooms with air conditioning, fridge and kettle where you can prepare your meals.

Casa Barina Costinesti Accommodation Room Interior
Casa Barina Costinesti Accommodation Room Interior

The breakfast is included In the room price, and may I mention it is tasty and varied; free parking place is available on the property.

8. Eforie Nord Beach

The second-largest from all the Romanian beaches from the Black Sea shore is the one from Eforie Nord.

The combination of recreational tourism with treatment makes the resort open to tourists throughout the year.

The treatment bases from the resort attract a large number of Romanian and foreign tourists each year.

They are offering them modern treatments and cures using natural ingredients from the area.

Eforie Nord 31 Aug 2 Sept 2020

Where to sleep

Casa Clb Eforie Nord is a wonderful place to stay while in Eforie Nord because is close to the sea and offer great rooms, a cosy terrace and a beautiful garden.

Casa CLB Eforie Nord
Casa CLB Eforie Nord

Breakfast is not offered by the property but you can prepare it by yourself or eat at one of the restaurants from the resort.

9. Gura Portitei Beach

You might be surprised but this beach is not located at the Black Sea coast, but it is on Danube Delta.

It is an oasis of peace and tranquillity, the ideal place to go if you are looking to spend some relaxing moments close to nature.


Where to sleep

Located on the sandy tongue that separates the two worlds, the Holiday Village Gura Portitei is the place where you can admire both the flora and fauna specific to the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, a walk away from each other.

holiday village gura portitei Hotel Room
holiday village gura portitei Hotel Room

You can choose to sleep on the island resort, on the beach bungalows or on the hotels located near the beach.

They all look good and offer amazing views of the landscape and the surrounding area.

10. Vama Veche Beach

Vama Veche was and remains one of the most non-conformist holiday destinations from the Black Sea coast.

It is the place where you can spend a holiday in the middle of nature, in a special atmosphere of freedom.

Where to sleep

Accommodation is provided by hotels, few in number, but especially by villas and guesthouses.

Accommodation rates are low compared to other resorts on the Romanian coast.

Spot Vama Veche is one of my favourite places to stay when in Vama Veche because of the bohemian vibe and its colourful rooms and peaceful atmosphere!

Spot Vama Veche Booking Accommodation
Spot Vama Veche Booking Accommodation

The hotel has a beautiful garden where you can relax after a hot day on the beach!

11. Sfantu Gheorghe beach

Sfantu Gheorghe is a small fishermen’s village situated right where the Danube meets the Black sea.

It is the only village in the Delta where you can see both the Danube and the Black Sea at the same time.

Cea mai frumoasa plaja din Delta Dunarii. Filmare aeriana

Where to sleep on Sfantu Gheorghe beach

For your overnight stay, I recommend you to sleep at Green Village Danube Delta, one of the most beautiful resorts from the island.

The resort has three main areas, one noisier and more animated, located near the restaurant and the reception. Another one, which is quieter located at dozens of metres away and the third one, which has a pool and is further from the reception.

Green Village Danube Delta Hotel
Green Village Danube Delta Hotel Top beaches in Romania

We choose to stay in the second area, the quieter one and it was absolutely perfect.

We had a beautiful bungalow displayed on two floors with a big patio and amazing interiors.

Green Village Danube Delta Room Accommodation
Green Village Danube Delta Room Accommodation

The food, the services everything was perfect. We really enjoyed our time spent there!

Check out the price for your desired period and reserve in advance your room at Green Village Danube Delta as they can get fully booked pretty fast.

12. Sulina beach

This amazing Romanian beach has a natural, almost wild look, but it is really clean and intimate.

It definitely contributes to the overall image of Sulina. It offers large beaches, crystal clear water, hidden water channels, quality food for low prices and quiet.

Where to sleep

Once you get to this amazing Romanian beach the most beautiful place to sleep is Casa Coral Sulina , located close to the Black Sea.

Casa Coral Sulina Beach Danube Delta
Casa Coral Sulina Beach Danube Delta

The services and the personnel are great, and the location is perfect, in a quiet and secluded place.

13. Navodari Beach

This incredible Romanian beach is the right place to go if you want to have the infrastructure and amenities of a developed beach resort as Mamaia but not the crowdedness of that area.

Navodari beach Costanta Romania

Where to sleep

Apartment Adda Navodari is a great choice for those looking to stay in Navodari, close to the sea.

apartament Adda Navodari Beach Room Bed
apartament Adda Navodari Beach Room Bed

The apartment is located 600 metres from the city centre. It is close to many restaurants and shops and offers views over Tasaul lake.

The interior of the apartment is modern and clean and includes a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your meals.

14. Tuzla Beach

The town of Tuzla has been known only through the activities that took place on the local airfield for years.

Few people know that this small village has a wild beach that is protected by a high cliff and watched by the oldest beacon of the Romanian seashore.

Plaja Cochilia, Tuzla - 2020 Drone 4k

Where to sleep

There are not many options when speaking about accommodation in Tuzla as it is not a very popular place among tourists.

For our stay in this place, we chose Waitn Sea House Tuzla , an intimate guesthouse located pretty far for the beach. But this is normal for this area, as near the beach there are no constructions.

Wait n Sea Tuzla Beach Hotel Room
Wait n Sea Tuzla Beach Hotel Room Top beaches in Romania

You can reach the beautiful strip of sand by car in just a few minutes.

The rooms are clean and each has a private bathroom equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay.

15. Best of all: Mamaia Beach

Mamaia is the largest and most famous resort of the Romanian river and has one of the most beautiful Romanian beaches.


Where to sleep

There are plenty of options to choose from when speaking about the most beautiful Romanian beaches.

My favourite place to stay in Mamaia is Iaki Mamaia . It is located right near the Mamaia promenade and 1 minute away from the sea.

Find out why we like this hotel so much from our complete review of Iaki Mamaia Hotel << click

Iaki Mamaia Hotel on Black Sea Romania
Iaki Mamaia Hotel on Black Sea Romania
Iaki Hotel in Mamaia Black Sea Hotel
Iaki Hotel in Mamaia Black Sea Hotel

Most of the rooms have breathtaking views over the sea and the interiors are clean and well maintained.

The breakfast is tasty and varied and here you can find one of the best spas from the Romanian Black Sea coast.

Find out everything about the Iaki Hotel Mamaia from our honest complete review of Iaki Hotel Mamaia << click

Conclusion Top beaches in Romania

There are many beautiful beaches in Romania.

Some are more popular, others are more remote but all of them are worth visiting.

With so many options to choose from, spending your summer vacation in Romania is a great idea!

Which one of these beaches is best for you?

Please share with us your thoughts and memories if you have ever been on Romanian beaches before.

Other Romania Beaches

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