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Top Bulgaria Beaches on Black Sea Coast

Everything you need to know about Bulgarian Bulgaria beaches, known as the Bulgarian Riviera is one of the most popular summer destinations among European tourists and not only.

Update 27 September 2022: Bulgaria has beaches that are clean and safe, and the perfect place to spend your summer holiday in 2023. Find the one that you like most from the below categories: Bulgarian beaches for families, Bulgarian beaches for water sports or Bulgaria wild beaches.

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Best Bulgarian Beaches in Bulgaria beaches on black sea coast
Best Bulgarian Beach in Bulgaria beaches on black sea coast

General information for Bulgaria Black sea Vacation

Located in the Balkan Peninsula with more than 370 kilometres of coastline on the Black Sea, Bulgaria has all types of beaches you’d possibly think about: from popular and crowded beaches with blue flag awards to wild and untamed strips of sand hard to reach but unique by their beauty and scenery.

It is heaven on earth for beach holiday lovers looking for a place to cool off and relax!

But not everybody likes the same types of beaches! And not all the beaches are the same and are suitable for all types of tourists!

So, that is why we prepared a list of the most beautiful strips of sand from the Bulgarian coast.

We split the beaches from the Black Sea Coast into 3 main categories:

  1. the first category address mainly families with kids,
  2. the second one to practice water sports and
  3. the third one to nature lovers and to those who want to explore the wild part of Bulgaria.

So, we will take each of these categories and tell you some words about them!

Bulgarian Beaches Bulgaria Black sea vacation
Bulgarian Beaches Bulgaria Black sea vacation

But before telling you which are the best beaches in Bulgaria I want to tell you some general information about Bulgaria beaches.

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast stretches between Romania and Turkey’s coastline and has a total length of 370 kilometres.

Out of these 370 kilometres, 120 kilometres are covered with golden sand, making it the ideal place to spend your beach holiday.

The most crowded months of the year are between May to September with peak season months July and August.

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast has a humid subtropical climate continental and maritime influences.

What does this mean? Well, it means an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius during the summer months and an average temperature of the sea of about 26 degrees Celsius.

During summer, the days are long with almost 12 hours of light per day, while winter brings cold and short days with wind, rain, or snow.

The main two cities at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast are Varna and Burgas.

Both cities have airports and during summer there are many charters and normal flights which land here from most of the European cities.

Varna is located on the northern part of the coast, while Burgas is in the south.

Depending on what Bulgarian beaches you are interested to visit you can choose to land at Varna International Airport or Burgas International airport which connects the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast with the rest of Europe.

Sofia, the capital of the country is linked with Burgas by a highway finished in 2013, while in 2020 it is expected to finish another highway that will link Varna to Sofia, making it easier to access the northern part of the Bulgarian coastline.

In general, beaches from Bulgaria are split into free and with tax and normally for sunbeds and umbrellas you have to pay.

The prices are low, about a few euros for each, but be prepared and have some levas ( their national currency) with you.

Now that you have a general idea about the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, let’s not waste time and get back to the most beautiful beaches from the Bulgarian Riviera.

Best 5 Bulgarian beaches for families

Families interested in a beach holiday at the Bulgarian Riviera should know that there are many beautiful beaches for them which are spread all over the coastline.

There are 5 beaches for families which stand out in this category:

1. Kavarna

Kavarna is located on the northern part of the Bulgarian coast, 60 kilometres away from Varna.

It is the ideal place if you are looking for a quieter place that, by the way, has one of the cleanest waters from the Bulgarian coastline.

The shores are a little bit rocky but nothing serious.

In the area near the village, there is a natural reserve named Yaylata National Archaeological Preserve and a very beautiful and very steep cape called Cape Kaliakra.

Where to sleep: Royal Grand Hotel And Spa Kavarna is one of the best hotels from the resort.

It has an all-inclusive plan with tasty and varied meals, an outdoor and an indoor pool and a spa centre.

The hotel is located right on the beach having direct access to the sea.

Kavarna Beach Argata Beach bulgarian beaches
Kavarna Beach Argata Beach

2. Albena – one of the 10 best beaches in Bulgaria

Located 30 kilometres away from Varna in a very beautiful landscape right near a national park, Albena is mostly famous for its flower gardens, clean waters, sandy beach and beautiful hotels.

Albena is one of the very few resorts which have a blue flag certificate and has one of the best spa centres where you can spend part of your beach holiday when you are not laying in the sun or relaxing at the pool.

There are many all-inclusive resorts suitable for all budgets, most of them offering all-inclusive meal plans, kids’ entertainment facilities as well as direct access to the beach.

Maritim Paradise Blue Hotel Spa Albena is one of the best choices from Albena.

The hotel is located right on the beach, offering free sunbeds and umbrellas, an outdoor pool and a wonderful spa.

It has a specially designated area for kids with a beautiful swimming pool and many water slides.

3. Golden Sands

Golden Sands is one of the most popular and famous resorts from the northern part of the coastline because of its fine golden sand and shallow waters.

It is located 20 kilometres away from Varna and is one of the most popular Bulgaria beaches.

You can reach the resort by public transport or taxi from Varna as it is a short drive and the scenery is very beautiful.

There are plenty of family hotels in the area and everything was built having in mind the necessities of a family with children.

It is a pretty crowded place during summertime, so be prepared for noisy tourists and crowded beaches as this is one of the most affordable locations in Europe.

The prices are really reasonable, but you have to book in advance if you want to get the best price and to find something available!

Grifid Vistamar Hotel Ultra All Inclusive Golden Sands is our recommendation for this resort.

It is an ultra all-inclusive resort located 5 metres from the beach with a private beach and free sunbeds and umbrellas.

This family-friendly hotel has a beautiful outdoor pool, a heated indoor pool, 3 restaurants and a spa centre.

Golden Sands Bulgaria beach 10 best beaches in Bulgaria
Golden Sands Bulgaria beach

4. Sozopol

Sozopol is a very popular resort located in the southern part of the Bulgarian coastline.

There are about 30 kilometres from Burgas to this resort.

In the resort, there are 2 Black Sea beaches: the Central and Harman. Both beaches have all the facilities needed and are conveniently located from the hotels.

As regarding the accommodation, we advise you to book a hotel in the modern part of the town not in the old part, because the facilities, the conditions and the services are way better.

The prices of the rooms are lower than in the big resorts like Sunny Beach, Golden Sands or Albena.

Blu Bay Hotel Sozopol is our top recommendation for Sozopol.

It is a wonderful 5-star hotel located in the Old Town, only 5-minute walk from the beach.

The hotel has an outdoor pool and a wonderful view of the port.

5. Sunny Beach one of the most popular Bulgaria Beaches Tripadvisor

Sunny Beach is the most popular Bulgarian resort from the southern part of the Black Sea Coastline.

Beach holiday lovers come here to relax and be spoiled at fancy hotels with all-inclusive meal plans.

Sunny beach is among the most popular destination for the young generation looking for an endless summer party, budget-friendly hotels, good food and welcoming people.

The resort is extremely crowded in peak season and although the accommodation options are plenty and varied it might look insufficient compared with the demand.

Hotel Laguna Park Aqua Club Sunny Bech is a beautiful hotel located close to the beach with a wonderful Aquapark, one of the best from Sunny Beach.

It is heaven on Earth for kids and teenagers as it has one of the most beautiful waterparks in the whole area!

Sunny Beach has a blue flag certificated beach which attracts numerous tourists during summer because of the clean waters, beautiful beaches and high standards they adhere to.

In total, just in Sunny Beach, there are more than 15 kilometres of golden sand where you can choose a place to lay in the sun.

The beach is very well maintained but if you ask me, the facilities could be improved.

You are not allowed to take food with you to the beach so keep this in mind!

Sunny Beach in Bulgaria Beaches Tripadvisor
Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

Here are other interesting articles on Beaches in Bulgaria

Best 5 Bulgaria beaches for water sports

Bulgaria may not be among the most famous places in the world for practising water sports but there are many suitable places dedicated to these sports.

The most common water sports you can practice at Bulgarian Black Sea Coast are kitesurfing, windsurfing, underwater diving and surfing.

The prices for renting the equipment and for courses are very accessible if we compare them to other places in the world.

It is true that for locals the prices are a little bit high and not everyone can afford them but in general the prices for the water sports equipment is high, not just the courses.

Now that you know what sports you can practise at the Black Sea, let me tell you which are the best places for these sports.

1. Byala Beach

Byala is a small resort located 50 kilometres south of Varna.

The place is popular among young tourists looking for water activities and beautiful landscapes.

For those who practice windsurfing or are interested in taking some lessons, this is a good place to go.

On the beach, there is a windsurfing school whose teachers are really great and will teach you the art of this sport.

Children from the age of 10 are also accepted to take part in these lessons.

And about the accommodation, you have to know that in the area are many holiday apartments and studios with beautiful pools, very well maintained and has all the facilities needed for a wonderful hotel.

Some of the apartments are overlooking the sea, while others have a pool view, but all are pretty close to the beach.

Bulgaria beach for water sports
Bulgaria beach for water sports

2. Sarafovo Beach one of the best Bulgaria beaches for watersports

This wonderful strip of sand is located close to Burgas, just 10 kilometres away from the city centre and just 1 kilometre away from the airport.

Right near the beach, there are no hotels, that is why we recommend you book your accommodation in Burgas and take a taxi to this wonderful paradise.

The village near the golden strip of sand has around 4.500 permanent inhabitants but during the peak season, the population grows up to 12.000 because of the high number of tourists who visit this place.

Every beach holiday lover likes this place!

It is a very popular destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

A very famous school with over 10 years of experience can teach you to practice these beautiful water sports.

Afternoons comes with good wind for windsurfing and kitesurfing so prepare your equipment and enjoy the ride!

The water sports school is open between May to September and it is very crowded during peak season, from June to August.

For those interested in learning how to drive a catamaran, I just want you to know that catamaran driving lessons could be taken at Sarafovo beach.

Jet Skiing, banana boat and even sofa rides could be practised on this beach.

Bulgaria beaches for water sports
Bulgarian beaches for water sports

3. Asparuhovo Beach

Asparuhovo or Aspurohovo beach is located very close to Varna city, on the south part of the city.

You can easily book your accommodation in Varna because the offer is more diverse and you have many restaurants and bars close to the hotel.

Asparuhovo is not one of those popular Bulgaria beaches among beach holiday lovers.

It is a place known and popular among locals and this is a very good thing.

You can have a good opportunity to taste the local flavour of this country.

This strip of land is very long and wild and is full of Bulgarian locals who built their summer residence there.

So, don’t be surprised if someone invites you to drink their homemade local liquor!

Besides that, the place is very good to practice windsurfing as near the beach there are shallow waters and a perfect breeze which blows all year round.

This is the only place around Varna where you can find a windsurfing school open all year round.

No matter if you are a beginner or have some knowledge about this sport, this is the place where you should come to practice your skills.

4. Nessebar South Beach

A very popular place among windsurfers, especially if they are beginners, this beautiful strip of sand is located in Nessebar, just 40 kilometres away from Burgas Airport.

The place is located in the new part of the town and is accessible by foot or by car.

Nessebar South is more than 1 kilometre long and is hidden between some sand dunes and the sea.

On the spot, there are 2 windsurf schools, both operated by the same provider.

They provide lessons for beginners and advanced. The only condition to accept you is to be at least 10 years old.

Besides windsurfing, you can try sofa rides, banana rides and kayak rides.

Around these beautiful Bulgarian beaches, there are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can sip a cocktail or even have lunch or dinner.

In Nessebar New Town there are plenty of accommodations to choose from.

Most of them are close to the beach, offer good services and some of them even had a pool where to lay all day long if you want.

Bulgaria Beach Nessebar sun bed
Bulgaria Beach Nessebar sun bed

5. Salt Pans Beach

This is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting places from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is located 10 kilometres from Burgas city and 2 kilometres away from Burgas Airport.

Book your hotel in Burgas as there are more options to choose from and a lot of bars and restaurants and spend your day at this wonderful beach. You can reach it by taxi or in a rented car.

Salt Pans strip of san is one of the few places from Bulgaria with black sand and behind the strip of sand, there is a pink lake, Atanasovsko Lake, which actually gives flavour to the place.

Because of the microorganisms which live inside the lake, the water has a pink colour making it a very popular attraction among beach holiday lovers.

The place is great for kitesurfing. Don’t miss the afternoon wind and practice your kitesurfing skills!

There is also an instructor on the beach who gives lessons to those interested, but the main downside is that he speaks only Bulgarian.

Best 5 Wild Bulgaria beaches

Bulgaria has some of the most interesting and untamed beaches from the Black Sea Coast.

They are well hidden between the dunes, the forests and the sea.

Most of them are known only by locals and reaching them might be very difficult because of the road conditions and the lack of signs.

These 5 beaches are in my opinion one of the most beautiful places from the Black Sea and you should visit them now when they are still untouched by tourism.

1. Kara Dere

Kara Dere is one of the last untamed strips of sand from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

The name of the place has Turkish origins, Kara means black and Dere means gully.

The place is located 60 kilometres away from Varna and it is pretty difficult to reach, even by car.

Even if it is very close to the town of Byala, because the road is pretty bumpy it is very hard to get there.

The strip of sand is about 5 kilometres long and is bordered by an oak tree forest and cultivated land.

There are no facilities or bars near the beach, so buy everything you need for the closest town, Byala.

This is one of the last places from Bulgaria which permits free camping, so don’t be surprised if on one part of the island you will see campervans and people who stay there for weeks to enjoy the sunny days and the beauty of nature.

Kara Dere Beach Bulgaria best Bulgarian beaches
Kara Dere best beaches in Bulgaria

2. Tyulenovo beach one of the last virgin Bulgaria beaches

Tyulenovo means “Village of Seals”, but unfortunately the seals have gone; nobody saw any seal since 1980.

The place is located 90 kilometres north of Varna and you can reach it by car, a car that you can use to explore the beautiful Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Get the best price for your car rental today

This is a very beautiful place where you go if you are looking for a place to admire nature and chill.

The shores are pretty rocky and there is no sand beach around.

The best thing you can do is to walk along the shore and admire the sea and the caves carved in the rocks by the sea.

It is a very beautiful place which impresses with its scenery and serenity.

A few years ago on top of a cliff, a cosy restaurant was open where you can have a drink and chat with your friends.

The prices are more than reasonable and the view is absolutely wonderful.

Tyulenovo Beach Virgin Bulgaria Beaches
Tyulenovo Beach Virgin Bulgaria Beaches

3. Bolata beach – one of the best beaches in bulgaria

Located 80 kilometres away from Varna, in the middle of a natural reserve called Kaliakra Reserve is nested this wonderful strip of sand.

The waters are shallow and calm, being located in small golf and the view is just amazing.

The strip of sand is pretty easy to reach; there is an asphalted road from the last village to the beach.

There are no facilities or bars around the beach, so bring with you everything you need for a day at the beach.

Bolata Beach best beaches in bulgaria
Bolata Beach Bulgaria Wild Beach

The landscape is just amazing, the colour of the sea, the cliffs near the beach, everything from there is incredible!

It is one of my favourite Bulgaria beaches!

I always go there when I have the opportunity.

Just 5 kilometres away from this small golf, right near the sea is a very good restaurant which serves fresh fish and mussels.

The prices are really low and the food is extremely delicious! It is called Dalboka Mussel Farm and is really great!

4. Lipite beach

This wonderful strip of sand is located 90 kilometres away from Burgas International Airport, close to Sinemorets village.

The place is surrounded by green forests and beautiful hills.

It is the ideal place for those of you searching for a quiet place to relax and enjoy a day at the beach.

The waters are clear, the sand has a nice golden colour and the scenery is just amazing.

Because of its location, in small golf, the waters are shallow and calm, making this place ideal for bathing.

Around the area, there are no facilities or restaurants so you’d better bring with you everything you need.

Lipite Beach Bulgaria
Lipite Beach Bulgaria

5. Silistar beach

One of the last remaining untouched Bulgarian beaches, Silistar is located 90 kilometres away from Burgas, close to Lipite beach.

Both places are located close to the Turkish border and are very popular among locals.

To reach the place, from Sinemorets village you have to follow a dirt road for about one kilometre through the forest.

The golden strip of sand is about 1 kilometre long and the waters are shallow and clear, perfect for swimming.

This place is also known as “ The pirates’ beach” because it is located very close to a place where it is believed that pirates used to set their camp.

Starting with 1992, the area was declared a protected area because of the dunes from the area and on the cliffs, many endangered species of birds used to nest: black stork, golden eagle or doves.

Silistar Beach in Bulgaria
Silistar Beach in Bulgaria

Bulgarian beaches are among the most beautiful in Europe!

The combination of the beauty of the place and the reasonable prices made this destination a very popular beach holiday among European tourists.

Untamed nature, all-inclusive resorts and beautiful golden strips of sand are waiting for you!

Pack your bags and hit the road! The sea is waiting for you!

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