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Israel’s Continent: Finding the Correct Location

It is the location and also the distance to Northern Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and the southern European nations, that triggers many complications concerning the country’s continental identification.

What continent is Israel in?

The Republic of Israel drops under the Western Asia region as specified by the United Nations geoscheme.

The nation is located in the centre East along the south-eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. To be more specific, Israel is located in the Middle East, on Asia continent.

To the northeast is Syria, Lebanon to the north, to the east is Jordan, as well as  Egypt to the southwest.

Affinity with Africa

The Bible mentions the historic closeness between Israel as well as Egypt.

After having received the rules on Mt. Sinai, Moses leads the Israelite to Israel.

The Land of Canaan, Paradise, is relabelled the Land of Israel. In fact, Moses himself is thought to have actually married an Ethiopian female.

This historical affinity of The Holy Land with Africa rather than Asia has resulted in inquiries concerning its Eastern identification.

Closeness to Europe

The contemporary cultural proximity of the Holy Land to Mediterranean Europe (especially Cyprus) as well as its political seclusion between East also presents it a special European character.

In fact, Israel’s nationwide football group participates in European tournaments as well as champions including FIFA not in Asia Championship, what continent is Israel in.

Aside from football, this amazing country is represented in many various other European events and contests like the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2014, Israel was additionally confessed as a participant of the CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), one of the most respected scientific research organizations of the globe.


Taking a look at the demographics of Israel too, one is inclined to feel that, culturally, the nation is much more very closely straightened with Europe than with Asia, what continent is Israel in.

As of 2018, the country’s populace is estimated to be about 8.8 million.

English, Hebrew, Arabic, and also Russian are the frequently spoken languages here.

Regarding 74% of the population is Jewish.

A substantial majority of these Jews are Sabras or people of aboriginal origins but there is also a significant presence of Jews of European origin in the country.

In comparison, there are much fewer people of Asian or African origin living in the nation.

While Israel is geographically a part of the Asian continent, culturally it is closer to European countries as well as is additionally substantially influenced by the African culture.


Western Asia, what continent is Israel located has few influences over the local culture.

Countless years of history, the ingathering of the Jews from over 70 nations, a society of multi-ethnic neighbourhoods living side by side, as well as a never-ending circulation of international input using satellite as well as cable television have actually added to the growth of an Israeli society which reflects around the world aspects while striving for identification of its own.



Cultural expression with the arts is as different as the people themselves, with literary works, movie theatre, concerts, radio and tv programming, home entertainment, museums as well as galleries for every single passion as well as preference.

The official languages of the country are Hebrew and Arabic, however, in the nation’s roads, lots of other languages can be listened to.

Hebrew, the language of the Bible, lengthy restricted to liturgy and also literature, was restored a century earlier, accompanying the revival of Jewish life in the Land.

The most vibrant and modern city of the country is Tel Aviv with its amazing beaches and the Old Town, known as Tel Aviv Yafo.

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