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Iaki Hotel Mamaia – review based on my own experience

When we think about Romanian Black Sea Coast, we imagine beautiful sandy beaches spread along the sea, an umbrella, a few sunbeds, a cocktail and us laying in the sun and relax!At least this was our picture when we start looking for a nice accommodation right near the beach in one of the most vibrant resorts at the Black Sea Coast.We reviewed dozens of hotels and none was what we were looking for. Until we discovered Iaki Hotel.

Iaki Hotel in Mamaia Black Sea Hotel

Iaki Mamaia Hotel Black Sea Hotel

From the pictures, it looks like a very clean and well-maintained hotel, located right near the beach, with a wonderful pool, a private strip of beach and a spa.And more than that it is located right on Mamaia promenade street.We were more than happy with what we saw so we made a booking for this hotel for a weekend.
Hotel Iaki Mamaia in Constanta Romania Beach

Hotel Iaki Mamaia in Constanta Romania Beach

Yes, I know! A weekend is not much but better than nothing!With our reservation made we take the car and we hit the road!

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How to get to Hotel Iaki Mamaia

The hotel is very easy to reach as it is located right on Mamaia resort.The easiest way to reach the hotel is by car!

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There is also the train option but it is a little complicated because the train station is in Constanta and from there you will have to take a taxi to the hotel.
Bucharest to Constanta by car

Bucharest to Constanta by car

Reaching the hotel by car

From Bucharest, you take the A2 highway and drive for 204 kilometres.After that, follow the A2 highway to DN3 in Constanta and take the exit to Constanta.Then, follow the DN3, Aurel Vlaicu Boulevard and DC86 to your destination.The hotel is on the right side of the road and right near it, there is a huge white tent, which is a covered football field.

Bucharest to Constanta by car map

Bucharest to Constanta by car map

Once you pass the white covered football field turn right and in front of you will appear the hotel.The entrance to the hotel is made from a long alley where you can park your car and in the middle of that huge alley there are some very beautiful fountains.We searched for a parking place, we took our luggage and we were ready to discover the hotel from the inside.

Check-in process at Iaki Hotel

The check-in process went smoothly.There are two front desk ladies always with a smile on their face, ready to help you and to make you feel like home.We filled in the check-in forms and after a short introduction of the hotel and the spa we were ready to go up in the allocated room.

Iaki Hotel Reception Mamaia

Hotel Iaki Mamaia Reception

Actually, we had a really wonderful surprise at check-in.We received an upgraded room without even asking!As per our discussion with the lady from the front desk, we understand that this is a common practice for the hotel.Based on the availability they do upgrade your room if possible!That was a very nice surprise!

The rooms at Iaki Mamaia

There are multiple types of rooms: standard rooms, superior rooms, executive rooms, standard suites, superior suites, executive suites and 2 presidential suites.

Find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Hotel Iaki

We booked a standard room and we received an executive suite. That was very nice!
Iaki Hotel Mamaia Room

Hotel Iaki Mamaia Room

So, we had a wonderful room, actually, we had a living and a bedroom, a nice bathroom and a huge terrace.What else can you ask for?!
Iaki Hotel Constanta Mamaia

Hotel Iaki Constanta Mamaia

Our bedroom from Iaki Hotel Mamaia was nice with a very comfortable bed, a closet, a desk and a TV.The living was big with two armchairs, a sofa, a desk, the second TV and a table.From the living, you get out on a huge terrace with a table and 2 chairs where you can enjoy the sunset.The bathroom was very clean, with a bathtub and good amenities.Overall, the room was more than we expected: it was really big, clean and well maintained.

Eating at Hotel Iaki Mamaia

We had breakfast included in our room rate, so we cannot tell you how much would cost you to eat in the morning at their restaurant.But what we can tell you is that the food was good, pretty varied and of good quality. You don’t have an egg station, but you will find many varieties from eggs already prepared.

Iaki Food Breakfast Hotel

Iaki Food Breakfast Hotel

There are also tea, coffee, natural juices, butter and jam, many types of cheese and ham, plus some of the traditional Romanian food.And here I would say eggplant salad, mashed vegetables and bacon.
Iaki Hotel Breakfast

Iaki Hotel Breakfast

Trust me! You will find something to eat! You won’t leave hungry!Because we pleased we what we received at breakfast we decided to have dinner in the restaurant.And I must say, it was not a bad decision at all!The menu is not very varied but there is something for everybody.There are all kinds of salads, soups and meat specialities from pork, veal, lamb and chicken.The food was nicely cooked and very tasty.The salads are fresh and the meat is of good quality.
Iaki Hotel Food Restaurant

Hotel Iaki Food Restaurant

Regarding the prices, I have to say they are a little bit high but somehow is normal because is a 4-star resort located right on Mamaia promenade.We definitely recommend you to try the hotel restaurant. It might be a little pricey but worth the money!

Facilities at Iaki Hotel

The hotel has 3 restaurants:

  • Restaurant “Coriolis” – Maximum capacity 120 people
  • Restaurant “Ballroom” – Maximum capacity 250 people
  • Casino IAKI – Maximum capacity of 150 people

The first two restaurants, Coriolis and Ballroom are used for breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on the occupancy rate of the hotel, while Iaki Casino is dedicated to private events ( weddings, anniversaries).

Iaki Mamaia Hotel Black Sea Romania

Iaki Mamaia Hotel Black Sea Romania

The hotel has 5 conference rooms, an inside bar and a pool bar opened during summer.An outdoor pool and a private beach are the highlights of the resort during the summer season, while the spa area with a huge indoor pool is the masterpiece during winter.
Iaki Mamaia Hotel on Black Sea Romania

Iaki Mamaia Hotel on Black Sea Romania

The hotel has a private beach with sunbeds and umbrellas at about 10 meters from the hotel.During summer is the hot spot of the resort! You have less than 5 meters from your sunbed to the sea.If you don’t want to stay on the beach and prefer the pool, no worries!From the beach to the pool there are just 10 meters.All you have to do is to cross the promenade street and here you are at the pool!

Spa at Iaki Hotel Mamaia

I somehow feel the need to dedicate a special chapter to Iaki Spa.It is one of the best spa’s we have ever tried!And trust me! We travelled in more than 35 countries and we tried countless spas.I can compare the services and the qualities of the therapies with the ones from Bali, Maldives and Sri Lanka.We tried everything: facial massage, facial treatment, body massage, relaxing massage, volcanic stones massage and many others.All of them were great! We felt completely relaxed and reinvigorated after the therapies.

Iaki Hotel Mamaia Black Sea Hotel

Iaki Hotel Mamaia Black Sea Hotel

But be careful! You need to book well in advance because many locals not just tourists used to book therapies at Iaki Spa!We booked our therapies with almost 1 month in advance and we find the best hour combinations!And there is also a great indoor swimming pool where you can relax after or before your therapy treatment! Not to mention the jacuzzi!But most of all is the spa personnel! The girls from the spa centre are really good! They do their best to please you! A big thank you to all of them!

Special offers at Iaki Hotel Mamaia

Another thing which I like at this hotel is that it is open all year round, even in winter when most of the hotels are closed!They have really good management and they manage to keep the hotel open the entire year.A very good strategy used by the management is to create all kinds of special offers valid outside the peak season.They have Valentine’s Day offer, or March offers, or birthday offer and many others.All offers include bed and breakfast, dinner and/or a spa treatment.And the prices are more than attractive!You pay for a package like this the same amount you pay for a night in peak season.

Hotel Iaki Mamaia Constanta

Hotel Iaki Mamaia Constanta

We tried a package they offer and we were more than pleased! I definitely recommend you!Iaki Mamaia is one of the greatest choices of Mamaia.It is right near the beach, it is close to the most popular dancing clubs from the area and offer very good services at a good price!Try some of their special offers outside the season or book a few nights during summer! For sure it will be a good choice!
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