When is the best time to visit the Netherlands?

Like most of the northwestern European countries, Netherlands has 4 seasons with warm summer and windy and cold winter. Rain is something very common in this part of Europe, so take with you a raincoat when visit Netherlands.

Still, there are some months when the rainfall is lower and the weather is ideal for exploring the country.

But when is the best time to visit the Netherlands?

Of course, summer is the best time of year to visit Netherlands because the days are longer, the rainfalls are at their minimum level and it is warm outside. Except for summer there are still some good months to visit Netherlands, when prices are lower and the crowds are missing. Which are these months? Let’s see together!

When is the best time to visit the Netherlands
When is the best time for visiting Netherlands

As you probably guess, the Netherlands has four seasons as follows:

  • spring is from March to May
  •  summer is from June to August
  • autumn is from September to November
  • winter is from December to February
Avg. Min (°C)
Avg. Max (°C)
January -1 3
February 3 6
March 4 14
April 5 13
May 9 18
June 12 21
July 15 22
August 15 23
September 13 21
October 6 13
November 4 9
December 3 6

Spring in Netherlands

Spring is the period of the year when nature is coming back to life. Thousands and thousands of flowers are in blossom, the fields are very colourful and the forest is green. It is the best time to visit the Netherlands for tulips. Everybody knows that Netherlands is famous for its tulip fields and its festivals.

Spring in Netherlands
Spring in Netherlands

Actually near Amsterdam is the largest flower garden in the world. It is named Keukenhof and is located just 40 kilometres away from Amsterdam and is host to one of the most famous flower festival in the world. Keukenhof garden is not open all year round. The opening period varies depending on the blooming period and is published on a yearly basis. Depending on the spring month you will go, you will see different species of tulips in blossom.

The most colourful and beautiful flowers are in blossom from late April to May. Great show!

On the other hand, the weather in spring is warmer, the days become longer and the number of tourists is still low. The only downside of the period is that rainy days are pretty often, and mornings and evenings are still cold.

Summer in NEtherlands

July and August are peak season and the best time to visit the Netherlands. Tourists are everywhere, the prices are very high and the queues at museums and other attractions are huge. Restaurants, cafes and bars are all full of tourists.

Summer in Netherlands
Summer in Netherlands

The weather is usually warm and humid, with fewer days of rain and many sunny days.

In the summertime, there are many events to which you can take part. Cycling, boat rides and picnics in the park are just some of the events organized all over the Netherlands. All kind of music festivals and entertaining activities are organized in big cities. It is a pity to visit Netherlands and not take part in one of these events!

Autumn in NEtherlands

It is the time of year when the days are still warm and the crowds are gone. September and early October is the best time to visit the Netherlands if you want to avoid the high number of tourists.

Autumn in Netherlands
Autumn in Netherlands

Nature is incredibly beautiful! The forest and the fields have all kind of brownish colours! Another colourful spectacle is prepared by nature! Just go and see it!

Festivals are fewer and everybody is preparing for the long days of winter!

The days are shorter and in the morning and evening is pretty cold. Rainy days are something common in this period of the year, so take with you a raincoat.

Winter in Netherlands

Winter is not a very popular season among tourists. Except for Christmas and New Year period, winter is a time of year when nothing interesting is happening in Netherlands.

It is cold and rainy or snowy, the days are shorter, so nobody is in the mood for visiting.

Winter in Netherlands
Winter in Netherlands

Just Christmas markets and New Year festivities animate the country. Netherlands countryside is very beautiful! The landscape is covered with snow! Everything is white and is stunned! You will discover another face of Netherlands! A completely different face than in summer!

So, the correct answer to the question when is the best time to visit the Netherlands would be late spring or early autumn, because the prices are lower, the number of tourists are still reasonable and the queues at the main attractions are ok.

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