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Discovering the Netherlands: Fascinating Insights and Fun Facts

The Netherlands incorrectly named by many of us Holland is a country located on the northwestern side of Europe with a total population of 17.18 million people and a total surface of approx. 42.000 square kilometres.

It is bordering Germany to the east, North Sea to the northwest and Belgium to the south.

the Netherlands Windmill countryside

Netherlands Windmill countryside

The country is famous for its windmills, beautiful canals, vibrant nightlife and amazing tulip fields.

Interesting facts about the Netherlands

The most famous cities of the country are Amsterdam, which is the capital, Rotterdam, a very important part of Europe, The Hague and Utrecht.

An interesting fact about the country is that about 20% of the country is 1 meter below the sea level. That is why they need a really efficient water pumping system.

Netherlands countryside is equality beautiful and picturesque. There are so many beautiful places to explore the countryside and many unique accommodations where you can spend your nights.

Netherlands Windmill countryside

Netherlands Windmill countryside

The Netherlands countryside area has a totally different touch than the big cities.

Amsterdam is the most cosmopolite city of the country, with a very active nightlife and a very vibrant life. Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht are also very active, everybody is running from one place to another. But the countryside is completely different! Here life runs at a much slower pace! People have more time for themselves and for their families! They know how to enjoy each moment spent with the beloved ones!

When visit Netherlands you should take at least a day trip to the countryside! You will love it!