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Do You Need a Car Rental for Your Icelandic Adventure?

Iceland is an expensive country so the last thing you need is to increase your expenses with a car rental fee. I understand you perfectly, but unfortunately in Iceland, it is very easy to move around if you don’t have a car.

Car rental for Iceland

Rent a vehicle in Iceland

So, to answer your question if car rental for Iceland is needed I would say yes, it is absolutely necessary.

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Now, let me tell you why!

1. Public transport outside the main cities is very limited!

In Iceland, everybody has a car and use it! Unfortunately, you cannot rely on public transport to reach from one point to another! More than that, most tourist attractions are along the Ring Road and there is no public transport which goes all the way of this road.

Car rental for Iceland

vehicle rental in Iceland

2. You can pick up and drop off your car directly at the airport

The easiest and most comfortable way when you rent a vehicle in Iceland is to use the car rental Iceland airport services. Most car rental companies have a desk at the airport. No matter if it is located right inside the arrival terminal or a few minutes away, outside the terminal, they all have a desk there. Picking up and dropping off the vehicle at the airport is very simple! The airport is very small so you will reach the car rental desk in a moment.

Iceland Car Rental

Iceland vehicle Rental

The only thing you should look of is the opening schedule. I mean, not all the rental car companies have desks open 24/7. Most car rental for Iceland offices has certain opening hours. And the last thing you need after a long flight is to reach the desk and to see it is closed. So, before choosing your vehicle have a look at their opening hours.

3. The renting costs are very good, especially for groups

If you travel in a group of four, then the renting costs per person are lower than booking a tour. An average vehicle would cost you about 30 USD per day with insurance, for a normal car, and the price for a daily tour starts from 50 USD per day per person. So, after a very simple computation, you will see that it is cheaper to rent a car than to buy a daily tour, especially if you are a group of four.

For solo travellers, it is much more expensive to rent a car, but it is the most flexible and comfortable way to explore the country.

4. CAr rental for iceland the freedom and flexibility needed

Iceland is an incredible country! It has so many beautiful things to see and breathtaking scenery that you will want to stop very often to admire the view and take photos.

Well, with public transport or with a group tour you cannot do that. You will depend on the others when speaking about how often you stop. Usually, the tours transport you from one place to another. The bus does not stop every few kilometres for you to take photos.

rent a car for Iceland

rent 4×4 vehicle for Iceland

That is why car rental for Iceland is a good choice! You are free to stop whenever you want and spend how much time you want in a place! Nobody puts pressure on you to move forward!

At first sight, it might look expensive to rent a car for your Iceland trip. But it is absolutely necessary! And if you compare the cost of renting a vehicle with other transportation costs you will see that the difference is not that high!

Going to Iceland and not doing the Ring Road by car or the Golden Circle is a pity! And the best way to experience the Iceland Ring Road and the Golden Circle is by car! These two drives are emblematic for the country and help you get a good sense of what is Iceland about!

Pro Tip: Hiring a car in Iceland can also help you see the northern lights while you are there.