What is the official currency of Netherlands ?

The official currency of Netherlands

As part of the European Union, the official Netherlands money currency is Euro.

In 2002 Euro became the official money in Netherlands, even if they were already using the currency since 1999 when it was first introduced when it was used trough electronic systems and traveler’s checks. It was legally regulated three years later, at the beginning of 2002.

official currency of Netherlands
Netherland money

Holland moneySome european countries however allow holders of old currency to continue to use old money, sometimes even after several years and Germany, Spain, Austria and Ireland are even allowing people to use the money forever.

What was the OFFICIAL currency of Netherlands MONEY before Euro ?

Before Euro, the official Holland money was the Dutch guilder, which everyone refers to as the guilder. The guilder was used from 1680 to 2002, for a period of 322 years, which is impressive.

Actually, the guilder is still used today in countries of Sint Maarten and Curacao, countries that are part of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Important to know that this currency is different from the traditional Dutch guilder.

Having a history of more than 300 years, the Dutch guilder had some interruption periods during its life.

When the French annexation took place, there was a short period when the French franc was used for 4 years from 1810 to 1814.

After the end of Napoleonic wars, Netherlands began using the old Holland currency, the dutch guilder again.

Holland Currency in Netherlands money before euro
Holland money

During World War II, the guilder went trough periods of German occupation, afterwards the exchange rate being set by the liberating Allied Forces.

During its life the guilder had phases when the coins were made from more than one material, there were no other interventions on using it by outside countries.

Starting with 2002 when Euro was introduced in the Netherlands as the official currency in Netherlands

The guilder coins (Netherlands money before Euro) were still exchangeable at the Central bank of Netherlands until 1st January 2007.

Banknotes on the other side, could still be exchanged today, as they can be exchanged until 2032.

So the answer to the main question in all tourist’s minds, today the official currency of Netherlands money currency is Euro.

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