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Netherland Tourism Insights: A Concise Overview

Netherland tourism

Netherlands tourism is more than Amsterdam and its neighbouring villages. It is wrong to consider that besides Amsterdam there is nothing else to see or to do in the Netherlands.

There are many other cities, villages and towns which should be visited.

Netherland tourism canal village
Netherlands tourism canal village

Update August 2020: Travelling to the Netherlands in COVID-19 times

Tourism in Netherlands during COVID

Dutch tourists and also international tourists from countries where the health threats resemble or less than in the Netherlands can vacation in the Netherlands.

Every person must adhere to the Dutch suggestions and also guidelines to help avoid the spread of COVID-19.

May I travel anywhere I want within the Netherlands?

There are no restrictions on travel within the Netherlands. Nonetheless, it is very important to avoid active locations, so please keep this in mind when selecting your destination.

Take into consideration various region or city rather than tourist hotspots.

Are dining establishments as well as cafés in the Netherlands open up?

Yes, dining establishments, cafés and outdoor seat areas are open in the Netherlands, yet special constraints use.

Dining establishments, cafés, as well as bars, need to use appointments (made either in advance or at the door), pre-entry medical examination as well as appointed seats (at either a table or the bar).

This uses both outdoors as well as inside your home and despite the size of the establishment.

You must be asked to supply your name and also contact information to ensure that the community health service (GGD) can contact you if an episode is traced to that establishment.

You can voluntarily supply this information. Tourism in Netherlands during COVID is a little bit more complicated but worth it!

Are galleries as well as other locations of rate of interest open up?

Netherland tourism goes forward even during these times! Galleries, as well as monuments, are open.

The maximum variety of visitors depends upon the size of the building.

Site visitors could be asked whether they have cold-like signs and symptoms or high temperature.

What should you do if you establish signs and symptoms of COVID-19?

If you have signs and symptoms that suggest you might have COVID-19, remain within any place you are remaining and also prepare to be examined.

Call 0800-1202 or +31 850 659 063 to arrange a visit. If you test positive for COVID-19, you and also any type of travelling companions must self-isolate in your holiday lodging for 10 days.

As a foreign visitor, do I have to have an appointment for holiday accommodation?

No. You are not obliged to schedule your holiday lodging prior to your travel to the Netherlands.

Will international vacationers receive fines if they do not observe the regulations?

Yes. No distinction is made between Dutch citizens and also international travellers when it concerns implementing the COVID-19 rules.
What I like most about this country is that each place is unique and has its own beauty and charm.

Now that you know all this useful information about your trip to Netherlands during these times, let’s go back to the Netherlands’ tourism and tell you why I consider this country a real hidden gem!

Unfortunately, not many of us are interested in exploring this interesting country and limit their visit to Amsterdam.

For this particular reason, most tourists spend somewhere between 3 to 5 days in this country. Netherlands tourism has really great potential!

Tours across the country and generally the countryside is ignored.

People used to go to certain attractions during certain parts of the year.

Let’s take for example the tulip fields! Most people who want to see the Dutch tulip fields go strictly to Keukenhof ignoring other flower fields from the country.

They plan a city break to Amsterdam and from there they take a day tour to Keukenhof. It is not wrong, but as I said, the Netherlands has many other interesting attractions.

This is the main reason why I consider that Netherland tourism hasn’t reached its maximum.

I was really amazed by Netherlands countryside and by its picturesque towns like Maastricht, Utrecht or Groningen.

Tourism Netherlands village old canal Tourism in Netherlands during COVID 
Tourism Netherlands village old canal| Tourism in Netherlands during COVID

There is a completely different vibe in these cities than in Amsterdam.

Somehow I felt Amsterdam be more touristic and commercial!

So, if you want to discover the real vibe of the Netherlands and how locals live, then I recommend you visit its small cities and spend at least one night in the countryside.

A memorable experience for me was to sleep in a windmill.

During my trip to the Netherlands, I chose to spend one night at Molen Hunsingo , a wonderful windmill located in Onderdendam, 200 kilometres away from Amsterdam.

There are many other beautiful places to visit, so don’t hesitate and explore the entire country.

Netherland tourism has great potential!