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Optimal Timing for Exploring the Enchanting Region of Transylvania

A fairytale land located right in the middle of Romania, Transylvania is one of the most beautiful regions from Europe. It is famous for its untamed nature, beautiful villages and medieval castles.

best time to visit Transylvania

Exploring this part of Romania might be really challenging, especially if you don’t know when is the best period to visit Transylvania.

Transylvania Summer best time to visit Transylvania

Transylvania Summer visit Transylvania

The best way to explore this beautiful region of Europe is by car. You have the freedom to move wherever you want and to discover many hidden places.

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First, I want you to know that Transylvania has 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. So, you could experience everything in the area, from a romantic tour with horse-drawn carriages to all kind of outdoor activities during summer months, everything is possible.

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Winter season is between December to February. In the high altitude areas, everything is covered in snow! Everything is white! The temperatures are pretty low, usually negative values.

Transylvania Winter

Transylvania Winter

It is the best time of year to practice winter sports and winter activities. Maybe the ski resorts are not as modern and developed as the ones from Austria, but the prices are also very low. So, for the money you pay, you’ll get a lot so it’s worth it.

What could be more romantic than a tour with a horse-drawn carriage sliding through the snow?! Winter is the best time to visit Transylvania!


It is also the best time to go to Transylvania to see and take part in all the traditions which are still alive. Now tell me, how many countries do you know where Christmas traditions are still alive?! I guess not many! All the traditions are very well preserved and everybody has a certain role! You will spend some memorable moments when visiting Transylvania if you do it during the winter season! You will feel the local vibe and taste all the traditional food prepared especially for Christmas.

Winter in Transylvania Romania

Winter in Transylvania Romania

You can experience and see for yourself how welcoming and friendly the locals are! Great time to visit Transylvania for experiencing their traditions and practise winter sports!


Spring is beautiful too because there are many things to discover! March, April and May are spring months! This period is the period of rebirth!

Everything is coming back to life! The scenery is incredibly beautiful!


Spring in Transylvania

Spring in Transylvania

The forest, the hills and the villages come back to life after the winter season! After a long and cold winter, it’s time to celebrate! Sometimes winter doesn’t want to leave and there is snow everywhere in March! The temperatures rise easily but in the morning and during the night it is still cold.

Spring Transylvania flowers

Spring Transylvania flowers

Starting with May the weather becomes warmer and the days longer, an ideal period to discover the Transylvanian wonders. In my opinion, May is the best time to visit Transylvania during spring. The days are warm and sunny, everything around you is green and lush, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and a fairytale atmosphere is in the air.

Spring Transylvania forest

Spring Transylvania forest

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On the other hand, summer is beautiful too! June, July and August are summer months! The days are long and hot and everybody tries to escape from the hot sun. Seaside and mountain resorts are full of tourists, all searching to cool off.

Transylvania Summer

Transylvania Summer

Transfagarasan, the most spectacular road in Europe opens for a very short period of time. The scenery is breathtaking! There are many trails which lead you in the heart of nature.

That is why most tourists consider that Summer is the best time to visit Transylvania while they visit Romania.


Summer in Transylvania Mountains

Summer in Transylvania Mountains

On top of the mountains, there is snow! And not even the summer sun can melt it!

The villagers groom their houses and work the field to provide themselves with all kind of goods for wintertime.


Because the days are hot and the precipitations are very low, summer is the best time to go to Transylvania and explore its wild side. There are many hills and mountains waiting to be discovered!

Summer in Transylvania

Summer in Transylvania


Autumn lasts from September to November. Is the time of the year when everybody is preparing for winter. The leaves fall to the trees, the wild animals make provisions for the upcoming winter and the villagers harvest the crops and fill their barns with cereals.

It is the festivals seasons! Each town and village have their own festivals celebrating the year which is about to end.

Autumn in Transylvania

Autumn in Transylvania

The villages now have a mystical atmosphere! A dense fog covers the houses in the morning and in the evening, the hills become brownish, the days become shorter and colder. Fog and mist cover everything!

Autumn in Transylvania Romania

Autumn in Transylvania Romania

October and November have pretty cold days and long nights, while September is the best time to visit Transylvania if you want to see its mystical side! The crowds of tourists have already gone and you can explore and feel the real vibe of Transylvania.

When visit Romania is a must to visit Transylvania, too. It is too beautiful to be missed!


Transylvania has something apart, something special which makes you want to come again and again! It is enough to come once and you would definitely want to come back again! There are so many different activities to experience, depending on the season! The people, the landscape, everything would stick into your mind and make you return.

Autumn in Transylvania Mountains

Autumn in Transylvania Mountains

Decide what you want to experience and see when you visit Transylvania and choose which season is the best for visiting Transylvania. 

Based on our experience we consider that the best season to visit Transylvania is Winter and Summer.

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