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The most beautiful waterfall in Houston Tx 

Looking for the most beautiful waterfall in Houston Texas, and don’t know which one is it?

You are in the right place as we carefully handpicked the most emblematic waterfalls in Houston, and all you have to do is to pick the one closest to your location.

Houston is the fourth largest city in Texas and it has a lot of monuments, museums, parks, and other attractions.

This makes it a good place to go for a relaxing vacation.

A river crosses San Antonio, Austin has a bunch of beautiful waters in and around the city, and Houston could not stay any lower.

The authorities in Houston have built community waterfalls, parks, and lakes where people can relax and be with nature.

The intense humidity and hot summer days determine people searching for water holes and waterfalls to cool off and relax.

Most waterfalls in Houston are man-made, but the architects did a good job hiding that fact.

Here are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Houston.

Pick the one you like best and have a great time in nature!

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The best waterfall in Houston Tx

1. Japanese Garden Waterfall Houston Tx

This beautiful waterfall was built to show how the United States and Japan have a good relationship.

The waterfall is also a place with a lot of history.

More than that, a large Japanese community lives in Houston, so this waterfall is dedicated to them.

The park surrounding the waterfall has many cherry trees and traditional Japanese architectural elements.

These things remind visitors of the beauty of Japan.

Japanese Garden waterfall Houston
Japanese Garden waterfall Houston

The waterfall is located at the edge of the Houston Japanese Garden. It is a good place to stop, relax and take pictures.

If you visit the Japanese garden when the cherry trees are blooming, you might think you are in Japan instead of in Texas.

The Japanese Garden waterfall is always a beautiful place to visit and take pictures. You can go there any time of year and it will still be lovely.

2. McGovern Centennial Gardens Waterfall

The Mc Govern Centennial Gardens Waterfall is located inside Herman Park. It is considered by many people to be the longest waterfall in downtown Houston.

You should put it on your list of places to see.

This winding staircase waterfall offers a wonderful view of the park and the huge buildings that surround the park.

The gardens you see today, where the waterfall is located, were built in 2014.

This was to remember the 100th year since Herman’s Park was created.

All the gardens in this park were made especially for it.

You can explore lots of different gardens, with 490 new trees, 750 hedge shrubs, 660 azaleas, and almost 5 acres of grass.

McGovern Centennial Gardens view
McGovern Centennial Gardens view

The access to the gardens is clearly established, and during spring and summer, the gardens stay open until 7 in the evening.

You can bring your dog into the park, but you have to keep it on a leash.

Also, don’t pick the flowers from the garden or start a fire.

The gardens and the waterfall would be a great place to have a wedding.

You could take some beautiful pictures with the waterfall in the background.

3. Houston Waterfalls in Sesquicentennial Park

This waterfall was built to celebrate the 150th birthday of the beautiful city of Houston and is one of the most beautiful man-made waterfalls in Houston.

Nestled between the skyscrapers, Houston Waterfalls in Sesquicentennial Park is the perfect place to cool off and relax.

Unlike other man made waterfall built in Houston, this one the builder did not try to hide the fact that it is not a natural landmark.

Houston Waterfalls in Sesquicentennial Park Houston
Houston Waterfalls in Sesquicentennial Park Houston

The place is close to the tall buildings in the middle of the city, near the Sesquicentennial promenade.

You can enjoy the waterfall, hike and bike trails, green spaces, and boat launchers that are inside the park.

It is the perfect destination for a day in the park, not far from downtown but still far enough to stop hearing the city noise.

4. The Waterwall

I don’t think you can write an article about waterfalls in Houston or any other attractions from this city without mentioning the iconic Waterwall.

This waterfall is the most popular one in the city. Everybody likes to take pictures of it because it is so big.

The waterfall is called Gerald D Hines Waterwall Park. It is a wall of water that is very tall and pretty to look at.

You can visit the site any time without paying a fee. There are no set hours, so you can go whenever you want during the day.

The Waterwall Houston
The Waterwall Houston

All you have to pay is the parking if you visit this amazing waterfall during weekends.

The Waterwall is spectacular, with more than 11,200 gallons of water rushing down over the wall.

The debit of this waterfall is not influenced by the quantity of rain that drops every year, so you can admire the flow of water all year round.

With a total height of 64 feet, this impressive waterfall really makes you feel small in this world.

Don’t forget to pack your camera with you when visiting The Waterwall to get some of the most spectacular shots of your trip.

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5. Oyster Creek Park Waterfalls

There is another stunning waterfall located in Oyster Creek Park near Houston, Texas. It is a very popular destination for people living close to downtown.

The area has plenty of choices, including hiking, so you will never get bored in Oyster Creek Park.

With more than 3.2 miles of hiking trails, the park is the perfect destination for those looking to stretch their muscles and walk 10,000 steps a day.

Oyster Creek Park Waterfalls overview waterfall in Houston
Oyster Creek Park Waterfalls overview

What I like about this park are the picnic areas, where you can lay your blanket and have a light meal if you don’t forget home your picnic basket

There is a pond right at the park entrance, and if you follow the watercourse, you will easily reach the waterfall.

Oyster Creek Park is one of the best places in Houston, where you can hide from the summer heat and enjoy a peaceful day far from city noise and pollution.

6. Wortham Park Water Towers

Another man-made waterfall in Houston is located inside Wortham Park that somehow reminds me of The Waterwall is Wortham Park Water Towers.

What I like most about this waterfall is that it has an unexpected element; you walk across the park and don’t expect to see something like this.

The area around the waterfall is surrounded by greenery, so don’t forget to bring your picnic blanket with you and spend some quality time near the water.

Wortham Park Water Towers Houston
Wortham Park Water Towers Houston

The twin tower waterfall is located close to Texas Medical Center, so the public park is packed with medical personnel and patients.

The park is open daily from early in the morning till late at night but keep in mind that there are no designated parking lots in the area.

You can park at the Medical center parking lot and in the nearby area, but you have to pay for the parking spot.

Houston highlights

After relaxing in these beautiful parks of Houston and admiring these man-made waterfalls, it’s time to get to the serious stuff.

A tour of Houston is not complete without a visit to the world-famous Explore Space Center, the place from where the ships fly to space.

It is one of the most popular attractions in the entire state of Texas, so you definitely could not miss it.

Houston Space Center Houston Admission Ticket guide
Houston Space Center Houston Admission Ticket guide

Everybody wants to see the Space Center Houston so you’d better book your seat in advance.

Houston: Space Center Houston Admission Ticket gives you a full-day entrance ticket to the space center where you can learn many interesting things about human space exploration.

You can access all the exhibits from the center and can take the NASA tram tour for free only by showing the boarding pass.

Waterfalls located less than 3 hours from Houston

McKinney Falls State Park – 2.5 hours from Houston

Gorman Falls from Colorado Bend State Park – 4 hours drive

Pedernales Falls – 3 hours and 20 minutes

Pedernales Falls TX limestone
Pedernales Falls TX limestone

Krause Springs – 3.5 hours drive

Hamilton Pool from Texas Hill country – 3 hours and 10 minutes

For more details about these stunning natural falls please check our article 10 amazing waterfalls of Texas you must see this year.

Other 2 beautiful waterfalls of Texas that should be on your list for your next road trip across Texas:

Wichita Falls from Lucy Park – 5.5 hours drive

Wichita Falls Texas hiking trail
Wichita Falls Texas hiking trail

Madrid Falls – 11 hours drive

Cattail Falls from Big Bend National Park – 10 hours drive

Cattail Falls Texas overview
Cattail Falls Texas overview

Where to sleep near waterfall park in Houston

The 4th largest city in the USA, Houston, offers a wide range of accommodation options, suitable for all budgets.

Here are our top picks for this amazing city, all having the best prices and quality ratio and conveniently located close to Houston attractions.

Hotel ICON, Autograph Collection is located about one mile from Houston downtown and 5 minutes drive from Minute Maid Park.

The hotel features a fitness center, a business center, and a tasty restaurant where you can serve all the 3 meals of the day.

The rooms are spacious and clean, with a modern design, and some offer stunning views of the city. 

Hotel ICON Autograph Collection lobby
Hotel ICON Autograph Collection lobby

Residence Inn Houston Downtown/Convention Center in the city center features spacious rooms with a refrigerator and microwave, a dishwasher and a sofa bed.

A complimentary breakfast is served daily at the property, while a grocery store is just a short walk from the hotel.

Residence Inn Houston Downtown living area
Residence Inn Houston Downtown living area

Hilton Americas – Houston is a short walk from the city’s main attractions, including Minute Maid Park and Discovery Green Park.

The hotel has a few places to eat on the property. You can serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food is from Texas cuisine and Tex-Mex specialties.

There is also a Starbucks at the property, and in the lobby, you can find a long list of drinks and cocktails to try.

The rooms are clean and spacious and have a seating area, refrigerator, and a work desk; some of the rooms offer a wet bar also.

Hilton Americas Houston lobby
Hilton Americas Houston lobby


There are many things to do in Houston, like go to museums and parks, or see the Waterwall.

You can also find lots of different places to eat and shop.

It is easy to get to Houston because many airlines fly there.

Houston is a good place to start if you want to travel across the country.

But before you start your tour, spend one or two days exploring the city.

There are many restaurants, bars, and places to have fun at night in Houston.

You should book a flight and a room soon so you can start exploring this great area.


Does Houston have a waterfall?

Yes, there are quite a few interesting man-made waterfalls in Houston, out of which the most impressive one is The Waterwall. Houston has no natural waterfall, but you can relax and enjoy the man-made ones, which are quite stunning.

What is the biggest waterfall in Texas?

The state of Texas is packed with many beautiful natural waterfalls, out of which the biggest one is Capote Falls, with a total height of 175 feet height.

These falls have a constant debit all year round as they are located below Rio Grande Rift and Sierra Vieja.

Where is Houston Waterwall?

The largest and most impressive waterfall of Houston is the Waterwall or Gerald D Hines Waterwall on its real name. It is located near the Galleria Mall, right next to the Williams Tower.

Street parking is available in the area, but make sure you look for the signs and park just in the designated areas.

The Waterwall is spectacular, with more than 11,200 gallons of water rushing down over the wall.

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