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How far is Dallas to San Antonio & road trip info

If you are wondering how far is Dallas to San Antonio, you are in the right place.

This article will tell you how far is San Antonio from Dallas, and how you can transform a boring drive into a memorable experience.

Texas is the second largest state in the United States, so everything about it is big and takes some time, including the Texas road trips.

Depending on the time and money you want to spend, you can drive or fly from Dallas TX to San Antonio TX.

As you probably expect, driving is cheaper but more time-consuming, while flying is quicker but a little more expensive.

Both these cities are perfect for a weekend getaway as they are packed with museums, parks, and other fascinating attractions.

The road between these two cities is also packed with impressive attractions, like charming small towns and natural points of interest, so you might consider booking some extra time to explore the most beautiful ones.

So, let’s start with the beginning and see how far are these two cities from each other and how much time do you need to get from San Antonio to Dallas.

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How far is Dallas to San Antonio

Like I said earlier, you can choose to drive or fly between these two cities; let’s see some info about each option.

Dallas to San Antonio flights

If you don’t have much time to drive the distance from San Antonio to Dallas, you probably should consider taking a plane.

The total straight line San Antonio to Dallas flight is 252 miles or 406 kilometers (distance computed based on great circle distance), and it will take you about 1 hour to reach from one city to another.

You will most probably spend about 45 minutes in the air and the difference of 15 minutes is for taxiing out and taxiing in.

San Antonio to Dallas flight
San Antonio to Dallas flight

There are about 35 flights from Dallas per week, with Saturday having the lowest number of flights and Monday and Friday the highest.

Dallas airport: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport DFW

San Antonio airport: San Antonio International Airport SAT

You can consider landing to Dallas Airport, rent a car, drive along the way from Dallas to San Antonio and visit the attractions located near the main road and then fly back home from San Antonio International Airport.

Have a unique experience by exploring the area in your own rented car

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Dallas to San Antonio drive hours

A road trip between San Antonio and Dallas without any stop on the road would take about 5 hours, as there are 275 miles (443 km)  distance between cities.

How far San Antonio to Dallas – fastest route

When we are talking about the fastest route, then drive as follows:

  • The first part of the drive between Dallas and San Antonio is on Interstate 35
  • The second part is on Highway 130/ Interstate 10.

The speed limit on interstate highways is 75 miles per hour, and the State highway 130 speed limit is 85 miles per hour.

How far is Dallas to San Antonio
Dallas to San Antonio road trip

If you are lucky and the road is free, and you travel with an average speed of 112 kilometers/ hour or 70 miles per hour than you will reach San Antonio in 3 hours and 56 minutes.

How far is Dallas from San Antonio?

If you’re driving from San Antonio to Dallas, plan on being on the road for at least 5 hours without any stops.

The drive is 275 miles or 443 kilometers, but there are many cool things to see along the way.

We recommend booking about 2 or 3 extra hours so that you have enough time to visit these attractions.

San Antonio distance to Dallas is always the same, but you might arrive earlier or later, depending on the traffic and your average speed.

As you probably guessed, the road is more crowded for national holidays or during the summer holiday, and you will most probably need more time to get from one city to another.

From San Antonio to Dallas road view
From San Antonio to Dallas road view

If you leave the city on a Friday afternoon, after work, you can easily add 1 and a half or even two hours, so busy the road is.

But on normal conditions, 5 hours would be more than enough for the road trip, taking into consideration how far from San Antonio to Dallas.

But it is a pity to drive non-stop between two cities and ignore all the attractions on the road.

The best way to make this road trip is to leave on a Thursday morning time from Dallas, stop and explore the attractions on the road, spend one night on the road and then get to Dallas or San Antonio, depending on your starting point.

I have been talking a lot about the attractions on the road, but I did not say which ones are the best, the ones where you really should stop.

Austin graffitti
Austin graffitti

So, it is time to name these attractions and tell you a few words about each of them so that you can have an idea about the San Antonio to Dallas drive hours, including stops at these attractions.

How far is Dallas to San Antonio – road stops

San Antonio distance to Dallas is 275 miles or 443 kilometers and after a short drive from Dallas, the first stop appears, and then there is another one, and another one until the day ends.

Stop for some Texas Kolaches on West town

Small towns are among my favorite ones as the people are welcoming and nice, with a positive vibe and a calm attitude.

But the small town of West comes with something extra: the delicious Kolaches, some traditional cookies from Czech cuisine.

West is a city with strong Czech influences, and here I am also talking about the food heritage.

Kolaches Czech dessert
Kolaches Czech dessert

The food here is absolutely delicious, and you definitely should plan here a stop to eat, walk around the town and try the delicious kolaches.

Kolaches can be found almost everywhere in this town, but my favorite ones are sold by Gerik’s Ole’ Czech Bakery & Deli and Slovaceck’s West.

I like the cookies sold by Gerik’s as they are the most delicious ones, but you must enter the town to get to this pastry.

If you don’t have enough time, consider stopping at Slovacek’s West, as the bakery is located right off the freeway, and the cookies are also delicious.

The preparation of these traditional Czech cookies differs slightly from the original recipe as Texas cuisine with their specific flavors added some particular notes when preparing this dessert.

The Waco Mammoth

Waco is such a fascinating city that you can easily spend a whole weekend here.

But let’s not forget that our final destination is San Antonio, so let’s include only the most incredible attractions from this city in our itinerary: the Waco Mammoth and the Waco Silos.

Waco Mammoth is an archaeological site discovered by 2 archeologists in 1978, and today it is part of a National Park.

The diggings to the site are still in progress, and this is a must-stop, especially if you are fascinated about history and science.

Waco Mammuth archeological site
Waco Mammuth archeological site

The Waco Silos became famous, and everybody wanted to visit it after its appearance on the HGTV series Fixer Upper.

The stars of Fixer Upper have created a fascinating outdoor shopping area and a dining area around the Silos.

It is a wonderful place to do some shopping and get their delicious cupcake and a coffee at the end of your shopping.

If you still have some time left, pay a visit to Dr. Pepper Museum or explore the city’s historic homes.

Inner Space Cavern

The area near Waco town is packed with caverns, so it is a pity to continue your drive from Dallas to San Antonio without stopping at the most famous cave in the area, the Inner Space Cavern.

This beautiful cavern is located in the small town of Georgetown, just off the highway, so it is a pity to miss it.

Book a tour of the cavern and admire its beautiful and unique formations which took millennials to look as they are today.

Inner Space Cavern Georgetown
Inner Space Cavern Georgetown

This cavern is suitable for all levels of explorers, from beginners and those of you who have a fear of the dark to more advanced ones who are eager to go deeper into the ground.

The guided tour inside the cavern is the perfect way to learn new things about this amazing place and its formations.

You can also find a souvenir shop and a zip ride in the area, so book at least one hour to explore the cave and enjoy the zip ride.

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J. Lorraine Ghost Town

I bet you have heard many things about Texas ghost towns, and now it is time to see one in reality.

J Lorraine Ghost Town is next on the list when traveling from Dallas to San Antonio, and it is a magnet, especially for families with kids.

J Lorraine Ghost Town
J Lorraine Ghost Town

The center is open to the public and even host all kind of events; you will find here music, food and interactive activities specific to Texan culture, so your kids will love it, for sure.

Explore the best of Austin

The time flew, and it was already afternoon, but no worries, as you are already in the middle of the distance of how far from Dallas to San Antonio.

You have reached Austin, the biggest city between San Antonio and Dallas, and this is also the place where you will spend the night.

Austin city bridge
Austin city bridge

Austin is a fascinating city with a long list of interesting attractions and many things to do and see.

Unfortunately, you have just a few hours before bedtime and maybe a few hours in the morning before continuing your drive to San Antonio.

Touring Austin

The best way to explore Austin and see as much as you can in such a short time is to take a tour that goes to the city’s best attractions.

Austin: Electric Bike City Sightseeing Tour is our recommendation for you, a tour that lasts about 3 hours and doesn’t require much effort as you will have an electric bike.

Austin Electric Bike City Sightseeing Tour Guide
Austin Electric Bike City Sightseeing Tour Guide

Along the way, you will stop at numerous attractions to take some stunning shots and visit the Texas State Capitol building.

You will explore Austin downtown, pass by Rainey Street and 6th Street, stop at Capitol, and head to the University of Texas campus to learn about the school’s history.

Austin Texas Capitol inside view
Austin Texas Capitol inside view

On your way back, you will stop at Barton Springs, the oldest swimming pool in Texas and Austin’s hidden gem ( for more details about Barton Springs, check our article How to spend a day at Barton springs pool in Austin Texas).

Barton springs pool Tx entrance Austin Texas beaches
Barton springs pool Tx entrance

Texas State Capitol Building

This is undoubtedly the biggest Capitol Building in the United States of America, even bigger than the one from Washington D.C.

The building was constructed between 1882 and 1888, and the huge construction proves that “everything is bigger in Texas”.

Austin Capitol Building tower
Austin Capitol Building tower

It is open to the public for tours most weekdays, and it is a pity to pass near Austin and not visit it.

Sleeping in Austin

Finding the best hotel near the main attractions of Austin might prove difficult, but we are here to help you.

We carefully handpicked for you 3 of the best hotels in the area, conveniently located close to downtown with an excellent price-quality ratio.

1. Courtyard by Marriott Austin Pflugerville, a wonderful 3-star hotel with an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and a fitness center. The rooms are spacious and clean and feature TV, bed linens, and towels. A continental breakfast is available at the property for an extra fee. 

Courtyard by Marriott Austin Pflugerville
Courtyard by Marriott Austin Pflugerville

2.  Hotel Granduca Austin is a 5-star hotel located about 4.4 miles from Barton Springs Pool, featuring a spa center, a restaurant, and a bar. Each room or suite has TV, a private bathroom with bathrobes, complimentary toiletries, and slippers, while some rooms come with extra space and a seating area. 

Hotel Granduca Austin
Hotel Granduca Austin

3. The Driskill, in The Unbound Collection by Hyatt is a 5-star luxury hotel with exceptional services in the city center of Austin that combines old-world charm with 21st-century luxury. It is one of the best hotels in the city with top-notch services, and incredible dining that even offers a local brewery paired with a 4-course dinner.

The Driskill in The Unbound Collection by Hyatt
The Driskill in The Unbound Collection by Hyatt

After a good night’s sleep is time to continue our journey to San Antonio, so pack your bags, hit the road, and prepare for a new day of adventure!

Mount Bonnell

As you continue your drive, don’t miss the stunning view at Mount Bonnell, located right off the highway in Austin, Texas.

You will have to climb about 800 steps, but you will be rewarded with a fantastic view of Lake Austin packed with boats and people during the summer season.

Mount Bonnell overview
Mount Bonnell overview

Don’t stay long as there are plenty more other interesting stops until you reach your final destination: San Antonio.

San Marcos

I am sure that you have heard about San Marcos and its famous college and now it’s time to roam around its beautiful streets and discover its charming houses.

The town is packed with boutique shops and coffee houses, perfect for relaxing and resting after exploring its beautiful streets.

The San Marcos river is a stop you should not miss and is an extremely popular place for tubing and paddle boarding during the summer season.

San Marco Texas
San Marco Texas

Shopping lovers, San Marcos is the right place for you, and a stop at The San Marcos Premium Outlets should not be missed.

Here you will find an impressive number of designer stores where you can buy fancy clothes at really reasonable prices.

World’s Largest Pecan

No matter how far is Dallas to San Antonio, the road trip might last 2 days with so many attractions on the road.

Another place where you should stop is in the beautiful town of Seguin, where is located the world’s largest Pecan.

Pecan tree fruits
Pecan tree fruits

You definitely have to take a shot of it, and don’t forget to stop at a local bakery to taste a pecan pie, one of the tastiest I have ever tried.

New Braunfels

Another beautiful small town located on your way to San Antonio is New Braunfels with its wonderful sceneries and long list of outdoor activities.

The Guadalupe River State Park is located right at the border of the town and it is a great place to relax and cool off in a hot day of summer.

Guadelupe River New Braunfels tubing
Guadelupe River New Braunfels tubing

The park has really beautiful areas and plenty of walking trails to explore nature and tp enjoy the view.

Get your floating tub from the car and float the river, for a memorable experience!

Natural Bridge Caverns

Underground world lovers, is time to discover another beautiful cavern located quite close to San Antonio, Tx.

Natural Bridge Caverns San Antonio Texas
Natural Bridge Caverns San Antonio Texas

You can explore the cavern with a guided tour, a good opportunity to find new things about its history and formation.

Bracken Cave Preserve

You don’t visit this cave because of its impressive interiors but because this place is home to the largest bat colony in the world.

I know it sounds strange but wait till dusk to see a huge number of bats getting out of the cave and searching for food- it is quite a unique picture!

Bracken Cave Preserve Flying bats
Bracken Cave Preserve Flying bats

The best time to see this magnificent show is between March and October when the days are warm, and so the bats can go out for food.

Tips for driving from Dallas to San Antonio

Now I have prepared a few tips for you to make the drive easier and less time-consuming.

Maybe you know some of them, but it is good to write them down, to refresh your memory:

  • Avoid rush hour in big cities as you will end up spending 1 or 2 hours more in traffic
  • Plan your meal stops in advance as this will help you spare time searching for the right restaurant and will help you break the monotony of being on the road the whole day
  • For for the scenic route or Highway 281, a beautiful road that crosses the Brazos River, goes along the Hill Country and pass near charming towns like Glen Rose, Johnson City and Marble Falls.
  • Go for the toll road when the highways are busy. I know this will cost you, but on the other hand you will reach your destination quicker and stress less. 

If you want to visit all the attractions mentioned in this article, you cannot choose the toll road.


Now you know how far is Dallas to San Antonio, and you have a clear picture of what you can see on the road.

It is up to you how much time you want to spend on each of these attractions and if you want to see them all.

I think it is a pity to drive from San Antonio to Dallas and not stop at some of these attractions.

The ideal trip is to stop in Austin and explore this beautiful city when driving from Dallas to San Antonio.


How long is a car ride from Dallas to San Antonio?

The distance from San Antonio to Dallas is 275 miles.

It will take 5 hours to drive there in good traffic conditions.

The time might increase if the highways are busy, which normally happens on Friday and Sunday afternoons and during holidays.

How far is Dallas from San Antonio by plane?

There are 252 miles from Dallas Tx to San Antonio Tx in a straight line, equivalent ot 405 kilometers. The average flying time between these two cities is one hour, out of which 45 minutes you are in the air and the other 15 minutes are for take-off and landing.

Is San Antonio close to Dallas?

The distance between San Antonio to Dallas is 275 miles, about 442 kilometers if we are talking about driving distance. There are 253 miles or 407 kilometers in a straight line, the distance you use when flying.

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