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10 Amazing Waterfalls in Texas you must see + map to find them

The best Waterfalls of Texas are spectacular and beautiful, the perfect getaway for a relaxing day in nature with your beloved ones.

Texas is the second-largest state in the USA.

It has a lot of places where people can go to enjoy nature, like protected areas, national parks, and many other outdoor places.

Many people don’t even think about Texas when they speak about waterfalls, and this is a pity because here, you can find some real hidden gems.

Across Texas, you can find an impressive number of waterfalls Tx, surrounded by thick vegetation and unique wildlife, so you don’t have to travel far from your hometown to see these amazing wonders.

Best waterfalls in Texas

1.  McKinney Falls State Park

2. Gorman Falls

3. Pedernales Falls

4. Cattail Falls

5. Krause springs 

6. Mexicano Falls

7. Westcave Preserve waterfalls

8. Dolan falls

9. Wichita Falls

10. Hamilton Pool Preserve, Dripping Springs

Waterfalls of Texas

Some of the Texas waterfalls are located on private property, so you will need special permission to visit them, while others are open to the public with no condition.

Make sure to bring enough water, snacks, and sunscreen with you to protect yourself from the hot Texas sun.

gorman falls Texas
Gorman falls Texas

As a passionate traveler who loves the outdoors, I’ve spent countless weekends seeking out the serene beauty of waterfalls, mountains and caves.

What I liked most about these Texas waterfalls is that each cascade has its own story.

I spent more than 1 month exploring the beauty of this country and I’m here to take you on a journey through the rugged landscapes to discover the hidden gems of Texas.

Of all the waterfalls I’ve visited, Gorman Falls holds a special place in my heart.

Whether it’s the gentle cascade perfect for a family picnic or the challenging hike that rewards you with an awe-inspiring view, this waterfall never ceases to amaze me.

If you love nature and don’t mind hiking, check out the list of beautiful falls in Texas.

You should definitely add them to your travel plans!

The Lone Star State has various natural wonders, from desert landscapes to lush forests. And hidden away in these diverse ecosystems are several beautiful waterfalls.

While some require effort, trails lead to many of these hidden gems.

There are some really cool waterfalls in Texas.

If you’re looking for a nice hike or a refreshing swim, definitely check them out!

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The most beautiful waterfalls of Texas

1.  McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney waterfall in Texas is the most popular and loved waterfall in Texas so I could not miss it.

I arrived quite easily at the waterfall, as it is located just 30 minutes away from Austin.

I had to hike along the rocky trails, so I needed proper shoes for this – the limestone can be slippery.

After the hike, I felt hungry, so I found a shaded area for a picnic and unpacked my food for a midday feast.

I found a secluded spot near the Upper Falls, and I had a really nice meal while listening to the sound of water.

McKinney falls sunny day
McKinney falls sunny day

This waterfall did not amaze me with its height but with the force of the water. I heard it is more spectacular if you visit it after rain.

Two rivers, Williamson Creeks and Onion Creeks, meet at the falls. The water has strong currents.

After exploring the whole area, I can tell you for sure that the best spot for lunch is on the banks of Onion Creek, where you can enjoy the view of the falls.

After sunset, I drove back to Austin and had dinner at Phoebe’s Diner. The food was fantastic and the prices were reasonable.

It’s a cozy spot with comfort food that hits the spot after a day of hiking. 

Upper and Lower Falls

The waterfall has two parts: 

  • the Upper Falls with deeper waters and even some cliffs from where you can jump off,
  • the Lower Falls with shallow water where you can find a rocky beach and climbing trees to protect you from the sun.
McKinney falls Texas
McKinney falls Texas

I stayed in the area quite late, until almost everyone left.

As I stood at the edge of the limestone overhang at McKinney Falls State Park, the Onion Creek’s clear waters cascaded into the pool below with a soothing rhythm.

A deer emerged from the woods, pausing to drink at the water’s edge, completely unfazed by my presence. It was a moment of pure harmony with nature.

I knew that McKinney Falls Texas might become quite busy during high season, so I had to make a reservation to visit it.

The entrance fee I paid as an adult was 6 USD. I saw that for kids under 13 do not have to pay to enter the park.

McKinney falls after rain
McKinney falls after rain

Where to stay at McKinney Falls State Park

Homewood Suites Austin/South is our choice for your overnight stay when visiting McKinney Falls State Park. 

This aparthotel is beautiful and it is located near the park.

It is about 4 kilometers away from the park.

The aparthotel has an outdoor swimming pool and the suites are very spacious.

The suites have kitchens that have everything you need in them.

Breakfast is included in the room rate and for lunch and dinner, you can choose from eating out or cooking something delicious on your own.

2. Gorman Falls

The trek to Gorman Falls was a symphony of rustling leaves underfoot and the distant roar of water.

When the falls finally came into view, the cool mist refreshed my face like a delicate spray.

I remember the vibrant green of the moss that clung to the rocks, nature’s own masterpiece.

Like many visitors, I consider Gorman waterfalls of Texas as the prettiest waterfall from Texas.

It is located inside Colorado Bend, a State Park located close to Austin, about 2 hour’s drive from the city.

I found the hike to this fall more challenging than in other cases, but it was not a surprise for me as I knew that Gorman Falls is one of the most isolated falls in Texas.

Gorman falls Texas overview
Gorman falls Texas overview

The 1.5 miles trail, rugged and a bit challenging, makes the arrival at the falls feel like a true discovery. I always pack plenty of water and wear a hat—the Texas sun is unforgiving.

The first time I saw the 70-foot cascade, lush with moss and ferns, I was awestruck.

It’s a living, breathing spectacle that changes with the seasons.

My favorite season to visit Gorman Fall is during spring when the wildflowers are in bloom.

It took me about 90 minutes to get to the falls, with some stops along the way to take some photos.

Exploring the waterfall

What I like about this trail is that it is very well-marked, and there are signs at every crossroad and junction.

There are rocks and trees around the waterfall, and the limestone around the falls is unstable.

I did not consider it safe to climb on the ridge that surrounds the falls and I strongly advise you to avoid this area.

Water debit

From what I have heard, the river’s water does not change much throughout the year so you can visit any time.

I planned my trip after heavy rain, so I found the waterfall even more powerful and impressive.

April till September are the best months to visit Gorman Falls. I picked April and it was a smart decision.

The waterfall is very tall, about 65 feet, and wide, about 650 feet. It would be hard to take a picture of the whole thing.

gorman waterfalls of Texas
gorman falls Texas

The water is very rich in carbon dioxide, so the limestone is packed with mineral deposits.

You are not allowed to swim in the pool, and please avoid walking on the edge of the cliffs surrounding the waterfall, as the travertine rock is quite fragile.

To get to the falls I had to pay 6 USD per adult as I did not have the Texas State Parks pass.

The good news is that you can take your dog with you on this hike, as dogs are allowed in this state park.

After sunset I head to Bend General Store to get a hearty Texas BBQ on they lovely porch.

Where to stay at Gorman Falls

Comfort Inn Wichita Falls North is conveniently located close to all major attractions in the area, including Gorman Falls.

The hotel features an outdoor seasonal pool, and clean and spacious rooms with coffee makers, irons, hairdryers, and cable TV, while breakfast is included in the room rate.

3. Pedernales Falls

If you are looking for a waterfall with an impressive height, then Pedernales waterfalls of Texas is not the right choice.

At Pedernales Falls, the beauty lies in the river’s sculpted limestone.

I love to explore the rock formations, each crevice telling a story of eons past.

This waterfall Texas from Pedernales Falls State Park impressed me with its weight and the way it spread across the whole river.

Pedernales Falls Texas
Pedernales Falls Texas

This is one of the calmest waterfalls in Texas, closely located near San Antonio, a perfect place to relax and reconnect with nature.

I drove about 1 hour from Austin to the falls. I left the car in the designated parking place and from there I followed a 0.5-mile-long trail.

The place might become really crowded, so I rush here early in the morning.

What I liked about this place, beside the waterfall is that there are many hiking trails in the area.

Pedernales Falls TX limestone
Pedernales Falls TX limestone

Hiking trails

The trails have different lengths and degrees of difficulty, so I can easily spend a whole day in the park exploring the area.

I know there is also the option of camping overnight in the designated area, but I chose a day trip to this fall.

I remember that I spent a few hours looking at the fish that gather in the shallow pools created in the limestone rocks near these waterfalls Texas.

So, yes, Pedernales River is a great place for fishing, so pack a fishing rod to catch something for dinner.

Additionally, there are certain areas where you can swim or where tubing is allowed, and the park is open daily to the public.

Pedernales falls state park Tx limestone
Pedernales falls state park Tx limestone

Next time I will visit Pedernales Falls I will spend the night camping and I will follow the 10-mile single-track trail as the scenery is breathtaking.

Sunset here is a painter’s palette, and I never forget my camera to capture the hues reflecting off the water.

Exploring the park and the waterfall

To get inside the park, I paid 6 USD tax and I was among the first visitors, so I could enjoy the waterfall and the surroundings before the crowds came.

I’ve learned that after heavy rains, the river transforms, showcasing the raw power of nature—so I check the weather before planning my visit.

I found some pools from the area dangerous for swimming, especially after heavy rains.

Still, there are designated places where you can swim, go tubing, or kayaking as there the water level and the currents are safe.

I would mention hiking, fishing, biking, camping in designated areas, and also swimming among the most popular activities around the waterfalls.

Pedernales falls state park Tx
Pedernales falls state park Tx water

Just a short drive from the park, Pecan Street Brewing in Johnson City offers not only great brews but also delicious pizzas and burgers.

I had here a delicious pizza, as tasty as the ones from Italy.

Where to stay at Pedernales Falls

Rock Cabin is my favorite vacation home in the area, conveniently located near the waterfall.

It features 1 bedroom and one kitchen, a dining area, and also a bathroom equipped with towels and bed linen.

The cabin is in the middle of nature, far from any city pollution.

You can listen to nature and watch the stars on a clear night of summer.

4. Cattail Falls

Cattail Falls is undoubtedly one of Texas’ hidden gems and among the most beautiful waterfalls in Texas.

Hidden within Big Bend National Park, Cattail Falls is a gem that requires a bit of effort to reach, so I was prepared for a challenging hike.

I parked my car opposite Sam Nail Ranch, next to the Oak Spring Trail and from there started the hike.

The hike to Cattail Falls was a quiet one, the path shaded by the Chisos Mountains.

As the falls came into view, a cattail brushed against my hand, leaving a whisper of seeds in the air.

The water’s gentle song was a private concert, one that I carried with me long after I left.”

Cattail Falls Texas in summer
Cattail Falls Texas in summer

I read there are two options to get to this amazing waterfall in Texas:

– the long trail, a 12 miles hiking trail that passes near the most popular viewpoint from the area called the Window Trail

– the short trail, which is just 6 miles long and concentrates strictly on the falls

As I woke up early in the morning eager to discover more of what Texas has to offer, I chose the long trail.

I packed food and enough water, I left the car in the parking lot and I started the hike at 7 o’clock in the morning.

What I can tell you for sure is that this waterfall requires a hike so if you are not prepared for this, then consider visiting other waterfalls in Texas.

I can tell you for sure that the hike is not very difficult; it is well maintained and hidden inside the forest so you can listen to forest songs on your way to the falls.

Cattail Falls TX pool
Cattail Falls TX pool

The area around the falls

When I first witnessed the water cascading into the oasis, framed by cattails and canyon walls, the sense of seclusion was profound.

It’s a place where I can truly disconnect and immerse myself in nature’s embrace.

This is a good place to see red cedar sage, red stream orchid, and yellow long spur columbine.

I found the ecosystem around the waterfall extremely fragile, so please act responsibly and show respect to nature.

The trail is quite long, and you definitely need good hiking shoes for it but worth the effort.

I brought binoculars for birdwatching and enjoy the flora and fauna from the area.

Black bears frequent the area, so I made some noise on my way to the waterfalls and back as I was afraid not to meet one on the trail.

Like other waterfalls of Texas, I did not pay anything to visit it.

Cattail Falls Texas overview
Cattail Falls Texas overview

I brought with me water, snacks, sunscreen, and a hat and I advice you to do so.

It might get very hot there, especially during summer.

Where to stay at Cattail Falls

Golf resorts are beautiful places to stay and relax. They are just a few minutes drive from places like Cattail Falls.

Lajitas Golf Resort is the perfect choice for your stay as here you will find everything after a long day of exploring the area: Texan cuisine, a full-service spa, spacious rooms with modern furniture, and of course the golf course at international standards.

The Rio Grande River is close to the property. You can go horseback riding or hiking if you ask the hotel receptionist.

5. Krause springs 

Floating in the emerald waters of Krause Springs, I gazed up at the sky through a canopy of ancient cypress trees.

The laughter of families mingled with the splash of the waterfalls, creating a symphony of joyous life that echoed the springs’ timeless beauty

Krause Springs is like a page out of a fairy tale, with its whimsical butterfly garden and the canopy of trees that seem to whisper secrets.

The springs are located on private property, and I found it very well maintained, and all are hidden in lush vegetation.

32 crystal clear springs that look like small waterfalls fill in the turquoise swimming hole nestled inside the dense forest.

Krause Springs Texas Swimming pools
Krause Springs Texas Swimming pools

The water at the waterfall is always around 68 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a great place to swim all year round.

I drove about one hour from Austin to the springs and I was among the first visitors.

During summer season, the place becomes really crowded.

Exploring the springs

To see the waterfall, I followed a trail for 3 miles. The swimming hole is closer to a campground but I did not stay for the night.

I always bring a hammock to string up for a lazy afternoon nap—there’s no better way to enjoy the dappled sunlight and the soft sounds of the springs.

The pool has BBQ pits, picnic tables, a shower, and restrooms nearby. So I came ready to spend the day outside with good food and lots of water to stay healthy.

Besides the hammock, I brought a blanket, swimsuit, and sunscreen. I swam in a natural pool after hiking to the falls.

There is even a butterfly garden on the property, and I set the hammock close to it.

The springs are refreshing for a swim, and if you’re staying into the evening, the fireflies provide a magical display.

On my way back to the hotel, I stopped by Opie’s Barbecue in Spicewood for some of the best brisket in the area.

Where to stay at Krause springs

Comfort Suites Near Texas A&M Corpus Christi is the place where you should stay when visiting Krause Springs.

The hotel is conveniently located close to the springs and just a few minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico.

A delicious American breakfast is included in the room rate, with many delicious options and the rooms are spacious and clean and come equipped with microwaves, refrigerators, and coffee makers.

6. Mexicano Falls

With 80 feet in height, Mexicano Falls is the third-highest waterfall in Texas, so I could not miss it and you can’t either.

The falls are located inside Big Band Ranch State Park, which lies about 1.8 miles from Arroyo Mexicano, and it is one of the top waterfalls of Texas.

The journey to Mexicano Falls was an adventure, with each step deeper into the wilderness heightening my anticipation.

When I arrived, the falls were a silver thread in the distance, and as I approached, the sound grew into a powerful crescendo that resonated with my own sense of discovery.

Mexicano Falls Texas
Mexicano Falls Texas

The hike to this waterfall in Texas is incredible, with green vegetation, and the trail meets the flowing water several times along the way.

I did not find the hike difficult, but I had hiking shoes for this walk, and it is full of strange rock formations that appear from nowhere.

You should come equipped, too.

The entire hike is about 4 miles long (round trip) with minor elevation changes.

On my way to the falls, I was paying attention to snakes as they like to stay in the sun on the trail.

Mexicano Falls hiking
Mexicano Falls hiking

The falls are not as well-known, which means I often have the place to myself.

The rugged landscape challenges me, and the solitude rewards me.

I sit on the rocks, letting the mist touch my face, and it feels like the world beyond the falls fades away.

My tip for this hidden treasure? Be self-sufficient, leave no trace, and the falls will reveal their quiet majesty.

Due to its remote location, I packed a picnic from Cedar Coffee & Supply in Presidio before venturing into the forest.

Where to stay at Mexicano Falls

Riata Inn – Presidio is the closest accommodation you can find for exploring Mexicano Falls.

The motel has clean and spacious rooms, a private bathroom, and a beautiful outdoor pool.

Free parking is available on site, while the reception staff is extremely helpful with a big smile on their face.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

7. Westcave Preserve waterfalls

One of Texas’s most visited waterfalls is Westcave Preserve waterfalls, located off Hamilton Pool Road, about one mile from the famous Hamilton Pool Preserve.

I drove about 40 minutes from Austin downtown.

According to Google Maps, the waterfalls are 20 minutes north of Dripping Springs.

Westcave Preserve waterfalls general view
Westcave Preserve waterfalls general view

I read that you can go on your own but I preferred to book a guided tour to explore this waterfall.

Another important thing I did before planning the visit was to check the weather conditions as the tour availability depends on weather conditions.

The waterfall is 40 feet in height, and it hides a small cave that could be explored on a guided tour.

Exploring the Grotto

Inside the grotto at Westcave Preserve, the world was a different place.

The waterfall was a veil between two worlds, and as I passed behind it, the droplets painted my skin with liquid jewels.

I was an explorer finding a hidden sanctuary, untouched and pure.

At the bottom of Westcave waterfall, one of Texas’s most visited waterfalls, I found a beautiful pool with clear and cold water.

I paid 15 USD to enter the park and I saw that for kids the fee is 7 USD.

For the guided tour I paid 60 USD and at this price, I have a walk through the Texas Hill Country landscape, a tour of the grotto, and spectacular views of the waterfall and the caves.

It is one of the best day trips I experienced in Texas, and the caves and the waterfalls are more spectacular in reality than in photos.

I reserved the tour in advance and I advise you to do so, to secure your seat.

You should wear comfortable walking shoes, and bring a waterproof camera for the ultimate experience.

Westcave Preserve waterfalls
Westcave Preserve waterfalls

Although the hole at the bottom of the waterfall looked extremely tempting, we were not allowed to swim in the area, and if I wanted to swim, I had to go to Hamilton Pools.

There are toilets at the parks’ entrance, and pets are not allowed inside, so leave your furry friends home.

Don’t forget to bring sun cream, a hat, and plastic bottles for water to stay hydrated all day.

For dining options, I head to Apis Restaurant & Apiary which offers a fine dining experience not far from Westcave Preserve.

Their menu is seasonal and locally sourced.

Where to stay near Westcave Preserve waterfalls

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Lakeway is the best choice for your night in the area.

The rooms are clean and beautiful, equipped with a desk, TV, and a private bathroom.

The hotel comes with a fitness center, a bar, and a shared lounge, and a delicious breakfast is included in the room rate.

8. Dolan falls

One of Texas best kept secrets, Dolan falls is undoubtedly one of the waterfalls in Texas that I had to see in this tour across Texas.

Dolan Falls, on the pristine Devils River, is a testament to the wild heart of Texas.

Access is limited, which makes planning essential, but the reward is a slice of paradise.

I needed a special permit from the Devils River Nature Preserve to reach the falls.

Dolan falls Texas view
Dolan falls Texas view

Authorities try hard to preserve the environment and limit the human impact on nature, so this is the main reason I could not walk freely in the area.

I cannot tell you how long the hiking trail is, but I can tell you that the hike is quite difficult, so be prepared to sweat a little bit before reaching these amazing falls.

The river that fed the waterfall and the nearby springs are home to endangered species like salamanders and fish.

In the preserve area, I saw many birds and animals, including the rare black-capped vireo.

The area is home to many species of trees and plants like Mexican white oak and Texas snowbell.

Dolan falls overview
Dolan falls overview

If you don’t have permission to visit the preserve, you need to stay on the Devils River State Natural Area, which is open to the public, and not cross to Dolan Falls Preserve land, where you need special permission.

Given its remote location, I brought a gourmet picnic from The Market at Doña Luz in Del Rio, featuring artisanal cheeses and charcuterie.

I found this meal one of the best I have had during my Texas holiday.

Where to stay near Dolan Falls

Holiday Inn Express Del Rio, an IHG Hotel conveniently located close to Dolan Falls and Del Rio International Airport features an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a hot tub.

The rooms are spacious and clean, and all come equipped with a microwave and fridge a delicious breakfast with pancakes, cinnamon rolls, and eggs is included in the room rate.

9. Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls was a surprise, an urban oasis that I stumbled upon.

The falls themselves were a reminder of the city’s history, and as I watched the water flow, I thought of all the people who had gathered here through the years, finding solace beside the tumbling waters.

Wichita falls is one of the man-made waterfalls of Texas located inside Lucy Park and has a 55-foot drop.

There is a walking path and stairs along the falls so I could get on top of it and admire the beauty of the place.

Wichita Falls Texas hiking trail
Wichita Falls Texas hiking trail

I enjoy walking the surrounding trails, the falls a picturesque backdrop for a leisurely day out.

It’s a place where I can enjoy the outdoors and then delve into the local cuisine—my perfect day here always includes a meal at a nearby eatery.

The building is called a multilevel cascade. It was built in 1987 on the south side of the Wichita River. I could see it from I-44 highway.

The falls are located inside a public recreation area with a beautiful trail that is 1.8 miles long.

I found this place the perfect outdoor destination in the city’s heart.

I liked a lot the pagoda near the waterfall, the playground equipment shaped like dinosaurs, and the fact that there are a lots of trees.

Wichita Falls park
Wichita Falls park

Many people choose this place for their wedding because it is so beautiful.

I saw two brides in the area, preparing to take some memorable photos from the unique event.

Where to stay close to Wichita falls

Conveniently located close to Wichita Park, Baymont by Wyndham Wichita Falls is the right choice for your overnight stay in the area.

The rooms are spacious and clean and come equipped with a fridge, microwave, and TV with HBO.

You have a fitness center on the property and a hot tub to relax after a long day in nature.

Breakfast is plentiful and varied; it is included in the room rate to start your day in a good mood.

10. Hamilton Pool Preserve, Dripping Springs

Hamilton Waterfall is without any doubt among the most popular waterfalls of Texas and it was named after the beautiful pool the water flows into.

The jade-green waters of Hamilton Pool are the stuff of legend, and when I first saw the collapsed grotto, I understood why.

It is about 50 feet tall and surrounded by lush vegetation, perfect for cooling off and hiding from the sun on a hot summer day.

Hamilton Falls and pool Texas
Hamilton Falls and pool Texas

I really liked that it is conveniently located near Austin and that I was allowed to swim in the pool from the bottom of it.

I paid an 11 USD entrance fee, but it was worth every cent.

For more details about Swimming at Hamilton Pool Preserve, check our article about Hamilton Pool Preserve.

Hamilton pool reserve Texas inside view
Hamilton pool reserve Texas inside view

I was at the entrance gate at 8.30 am when the pools opened and initially, I planned to stay on site until 6 pm, when is the closing time.

From what I have seen, pets are not allowed inside the area.

I made a reservation a few weeks before going because I wanted to swim in the pool.

As there are a lot of people who want to swim, I had to reserve slots from swimming.

I brought with me water shoes for the rocky beach and snorkeling gear to explore the underwater world.

Hamilton Falls Texas full view
Hamilton Falls Texas full view

After swimming, I head to Rolling in Thyme and Dough for some fresh, locally sourced eats.

It’s a charming bistro with a delightful ambiance.

Where to sleep around Hamilton Pool Preserve

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Austin West/Lakeway is our choice for an overnight stay close to Hamilton Pool Preserve.

The rooms in the house are clean and have a lot of space. They each have their own bathroom.

The rooms also come with a microwave, coffee maker, TV, and hairdryer for your convenience.

The price of the room includes a continental breakfast. The fitness center and shared lounge are available for guests to use.


Texas, the second-largest state in the USA is full of incredible places and landforms that will take your breath away.

As I reflect on my waterfall expeditions across Texas, each visit not only connected me with nature but also with the spirit of adventure that lies in all of us.

I invite you to lace up your hiking boots, grab your camera, and see for yourself why the waterfalls of Texas are a treasure worth exploring.

Hamilton pool reserve Texas hiking trail
Hamilton pool reserve Texas hiking trail

Take your hiking boots, enough water, and snacks, and hit the road as many beautiful surprises are waiting to be discovered. 

There are many more other Texas waterfalls, but these are the most popular and beautiful.

If you have enough time, you might consider Madrid falls and Airfield Falls as both of them worth paying a visit.

Map of Best Waterfalls in Texas

There are plenty of waterfalls to explore, from the well-known Austin waterfall to the lesser-known falls in west texas. Here’s a map of some of the most popular waterfalls in the state:

From east to west, here are some of the best waterfalls in the Lone Star State:

Best Waterfalls in texas map
Best Waterfalls Texas map


Where is the biggest waterfall in Texas?

With 175 feet in height, the Capote waterfall is the tallest fall in Texas and is located in one of the state’s driest parts.

It is the main drainage system below the Rio Grande and Sierra Vieja, and mostly because of this, it has a constant flow all year round.

How many waterfalls are there in Texas?

Waterfalls are the last thing you have in your mind when speaking about Texas, but this state is home to more than 25 waterfalls spread all across its territory.

Some of these waterfalls are on private property, others are on public land and some are in protected areas and you need a special permit to visit them.

Are there any waterfalls in the state of Texas?

Yes, Texas is home to over 25 waterfalls spread all over the state. Each of these waterfalls is beautiful and unique; for some of them, you even need a special permit or to pay a fee to visit them as they are located in protected areas.

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