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Essential Tips for Your First Visit to Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania Romania is the central region of the country and one of the most well-preserved places in Europe.

It is located in the Balkan Peninsula and is famous for its untamed nature, wonderful villages hidden between the hills, medieval towns and fortified churches and castles.

The area is surrounded by the Carpathian mountain from three sides and impresses with its untamed nature and charming hills.

The urban life of Transylvania

The most important city from the entire region is Cluj Napoca, a very cosmopolitan city with beautiful architecture and many universities.

The city was named in 2015 the European Youth Capital and is world-famous thanks to its great festival called Untold.

Stars like Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Aleso, Diplo and many others came and played at this 3 days festival. Usually, the tickets are sold out immediately after they are available and the city goes crazy during those days.

If you are interested in going to this festival, you’d better buy your tickets as soon as they are available and book your accommodation in advance.

Not just the concert tickets are sold out rapidly but also the accommodations available!

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Oh! And there is another great city you should visit when in Transylvania Romania! I am talking about Sibiu, a very charming city located in the south part of Transylvania.

The city is famous for its festivals during summertime and for the Christmas Market, one of the most beautiful markets from Europe.

It was compared with the Christmas Markets from Vienna, but some of them considered it to be more cosy and interesting.

Biertan Sibiu Fortified Chucrch Saxons Transylvania Romania

Biertan Sibiu Fortified Chucrch Saxons

And for those of you who are looking for a small town with a medieval air, we strongly recommend you to visit Sighisoara!

It is a small town located 90 kilometres away from Sibiu and is the only inhabited medieval city from Europe.

We recommend you to visit Sighisoara but not necessarily to sleep inside the town. We had a better idea! Go and sleep in a traditional house located in the nearby area.

Viscri, Saschiz are just two options for a traditional place where you can spend your night.

Prince Charles from the UK has some properties in the area and is one of the most active promoters of the area.
Here are our suggestions of available accommodations in Viscri area

Transylvania Romania countryside

Transylvania is not famous for its cities and cosmopolitan life, but for its wonderful and picturesque countryside.

Pictures with villages and tower churches wrapped in the morning fog are famous on the internet when you search for the Transylvanian countryside.

Yes, my dear friends! This is reality! This is what you will see the first time in the morning, especially during autumn.

And there are many more other interesting attractions in the area! Let’s not forget to mention the huge vine plantations and the cultivated fields right near the forest.

Seeing wildlife is something very familiar in this part of Romania. Wild boars, deers, wolves, foxes and even bears wander the forests and the mountains from the area.

If you are a mountain lover then this is the right place for you!

The Carpathian mountains are full of wild trails and mountain chalets where you can spend some memorable moments with your friends and family.

Go off the beaten paths and explore this wild region! Beware to wildlife as wolves and bears are everywhere! Hiking in the Romanian mountains is not for everybody!

But don’t worry! There are still many things to do when visit Transylvania Romania. You can take a tour of the fortified churches or visit the Dracula Castle!

In Transylvania, there are more than 150 fortified churches dating from 13th century – 14th century.

These were built having the main purpose to defend the villagers against ottoman attacks.

Overages, the walls built around the churches were abandoned but today most of the fortified churches are refurbished and are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

On your way from Sighisoara to Brasov, another beautiful mountain resort, you can visit some of these fortified churches and also two of the best-preserved villages: Viscri and Saschiz.

In these two villages, Prince Charles of the UK has many properties and had a great contribution in preserving the old houses and attracting tourists to see the wonders of the place.

There are many other interesting places to visit in Transylvania, places which have their own mystery and charm, including the beautiful castles in Transylvania.

Dracula’s Castle is a very good example and if you are interested in visiting it you should know that it is just 30 kilometres away from Brasov.

To get a better feeling about Transylvania Romania the best thing you could do is to rent a car and explore the area. No matter where you go you will find something interesting to see.

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Travelling along this part of the country you will have the feeling that the time has stopped and you are actually travelling back in time.

You will leave this country with many great memories and new friends!