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Romania Activities Guide: Unmissable Experiences

Romania is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Located in the Balkan Peninsula close to the Black Sea, Hungary and Bulgaria, this wonderful country offers a wide variety of activities to do in Romania.

No matter if you are interested in wildlife, nature, history, architecture or medieval fortresses, for sure you will find something to do in this magnificent place.

activities to do in Romania Parliament building

Romania Parliament building peoples House

Set up your camp in Bucharest and explore the country. Most of these attractions are close to the Romanian capital.

Here is a list of the best activities to try when visit Romania:

Visit Dracula’s Castle from Bran

Dracula’s Castle from Bran is one of the top attractions of the country. Everything related to this character is a myth: the story, the main character and even the place where the action took place.

The most interesting part is that somewhere in Romania, nested in the middle of the mountains there is a castle which resembles the one from the story.

Bran Castle the real Dracula Castle

Bran Castle the real Dracula

The castle is located in Bran, a small mountain village located close to Brasov city and just 190 kilometres away from Bucharest. It is the ideal destination for a day trip when visiting Bucharest.

We propose a very interesting tour from Bucharest to Dracula’s Castle, Peles Castle and a few hours in Brasov, one of the most beautiful mountain city in Romania. Dracula’s Castle Full-Day Tour from Bucharest is a guided tour which leads you to all these three important places, and in the amount paid you have included the entrance fees and the transportation costs.

Dracula Castle Full Day Tour from Bucharest

Dracula Castle Full Day Tour from Bucharest

Explore the Palace of Parliament, one of the most popular activities to do in Romania

One of the most popular activities when visit Romania is a tour of the Palace of Parliament.

The Palace of Parliament, called “casa poporului”, is the second biggest buildings in the world and is a symbol of the communist regime.

The building has 1.100 rooms displayed on 12 levels and on the underground space you can park around 20.000 cars.

Romania Parliament building peoples House

Romania Parliament building peoples House

700 architects and more than 20.000 workers took part in the project. Massive quantities of wood, marble and crystal decorate the building.

Trust me, it is a piece of art and worth visiting it! During certain hours and under very strict surveillance you can visit certain rooms from the building. You will be amazed by its dimensions and design!

Bucharest: Parliament Palace Skip-the-line Ticket is the right choice for you if you want to visit this interesting place. The guide and the entrance fee is included in the ticket price and the tour lasts for about 1 hour.

Bucharest Parliament Palace Skip-the-line Ticket

Bucharest Parliament Palace Skip-the-line Ticket

Book a tour on a local winery

One of the greatest activities to do in Romania and a great way to spend a day is to do a wine tasting. Just imagine yourself in the middle of nature, sipping a glass of wine and spending quality time with your friends!. Across the country, hidden between the green hills, there are several wineries which offer unique and authentic experiences.

Romania wineyard countryside

Romania wineyard countryside


Dealu Mare Wineries: Wine Tasting Tour on the Old Wine Road is a good example of a complete tour on Romanian wineries. It offers an epic day trip from Bucharest to Dealu Mare region, the oldest winery region in the country. You will follow the Romans winery route and have two tasting sessions at two of the most famous wineries from the area. Lunch, transport and a guided tour on two wine museums are included in the ticket. It will be a really wonderful experience!

Dealu Mare Wineries Wine Tasting Tour on the Old Wine Road

Dealu Mare Wineries Wine Tasting Tour on the Old Wine Road

Let yourself lost in Turda Salt Mine

One of the most beautiful salt mines in Europe, Turda mine is a popular destination located in the middle of the country, in the Transylvania region.

The mine was reconditioned a few years ago and now has an underground museum and an amusement park. The main attractions of the mine are: the Iosif mine, famous of its powerful sound echo, Terezia mine with a maximum height of 90 meters and a diameter of 80 meters and Gizela Mine, currently used for health treatment.

Turda Salt Mine Romania

Turda Salt Mine Romania

The best way to discover this natural beauty is taking a tour from Cluj Napoca. On your activities to do in Romania you can include a tour of Cluj Napoca city, too.

You can take a flight from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca and from there rent a car or book a guided tour.

About the car rental, I want to tell you that the prices are pretty accessible, starting from 40 USD per day for a car rental. And the distance between Cluj and Turda mine is 35 kilometres.

Get the best price for your car rental today

If you don’t want to lose your time renting a car, you can book a guided tour. Turda Salt Mine Tour from Cluj-Napoca is a 4 hours tour with a professional guide, hotel pick and drop off and transport and entrance ticket included. I mean, you have everything you need for a great day!

Turda Salt Mine Tour from Cluj-Napoca

Turda Salt Mine Tour from Cluj-Napoca

Drive along the Transfagarasan, the highest Romanian road

The most spectacular road from this part of Europe, Transfagarasan is the highest alpine road from Romania. Shows like Top Gear filmed and tested their cars on this road. It is incredibly wild and beautiful!

The road is open in the summertime, from the middle of June to the beginning of September, but the dates may differ depending on weather conditions.

Explore Sighisoara, the last medieval city still inhabited

One of the last inhabited citadels of Europe, Sighisoara is one of the most picturesque and beautiful medieval cities I have ever seen. A tour across the city should be on your list of activities to do in Romania.

Sighisoara is located in the heart of Transylvania, close to other wonderful villages where traditions are still alive.

Sighisoara medieval city Romania

Sighisoara medieval city Romania

We recommend you to sleep at Double Tree Hilton Sighisora , because it is conveniently located, offer great services and tasty food. From there to the citadel is a short walk!

Oh! I have almost forgotten! When you pass near Sighisoara stop and visit one of the most impressive villages of Transylvania, a cosy village where Prince Charles use to come and spend his holidays. It is a great way to spend your day and get to know the local culture!

Discover Sibiu, the most beautiful Transylvanian city

One of the most attractive cities of Romania, Sibiu is located in the heart of Transylvania, close to Transfagarasan road and many other beautiful attractions.

It is home to one of the largest museum complex from Romania home to many unique exhibits like old houses, windmills and home accessories used by our ancestors during their life.

Fagaras Mountains Romania Sibiu

Fagaras Mountains Romania Sibiu

It is a real hidden gem and worth visiting it. I have to tell you: it is one of the most interesting activities to do in Romania. A visit there will open your mind and makes you understand how locals’ life looked like.

In the nearby area of Sibiu, there are many interesting places to discover so worth spending at least one night here. After Bucharest, this is the second visited city of Romania.

We have been here many times and always discover new things to do. We have a few favourite places to stay in Sibiu. One of them is  Republique Sibiu and the other one is Ramada Sibiu .

Both hotels are located close to the city centre, offer great services, spacious rooms and good quality amenities.

Sibiu, Cluj Napoca, Bran Castle and many other beautiful places are waiting to be discovered. The country is extremely beautiful and not very touristic yet. But things change from one year to another! So you’d better hurry and visit it when it is still untouched by the large herds of tourists!