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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Transylvania, Romania

Located in the heart of Romania, Transylvania is one of the most beautiful and picturesque regions of the country. Here, people are friendly and welcoming! Soon after reaching this magnificent region you will feel like home.

After few days spend in this area I want to share with you 5 main reasons to visit Transylvania. Definitely, it is a place which you should visit!

1.   Local’s hospitality

Local people are very warm and welcoming. They do their best to guide you and answer your questions if you have any. Don’t hesitate and ask for advice! They are more than glad to tell you what to see and how to organize your trip! Most of Romanians speak English, especially the young generation. Even the ones who don’t speak English do their best to help you.

A Romanian is always ready to welcome you to his house and to share with you his food.

Very quickly you will become friends and talk like you know each other for a long time.

  2. Tasty traditional food

Food is an important element when you travel and one of the reasons to visit Transylvania. Tasting traditional food is a must during your trips. Of course! If you have a sensitive stomach or something like that you should be careful about what you eat while you are abroad. But otherwise, you have no excuse! And trust me! Food in Transylvania is absolutely delicious! It is very tasty and varied! I advise you to try all local foods available, including the main dish, soups, and dessert.

5 reasons to visit Transylvania

Traditional food Transylvania

For Romanians, a traditional meal consists of 3 courses: a soup, a main dish, and dessert. So be prepared to eat a lot!

Tripe soup (“ciorba de burta”), “Sarmale”, “Papanasi” is a good example of a traditional meal. You also can try polenta with cheese, pork stew and pork chop with beans.

3. Beautiful landscapes

Other reasons to visit Transylvania are beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and untamed nature. Small villages hidden between the hills, with traditional houses lost in the lush vegetation with a small church perched on a hill could be found almost everywhere in Transylvania.

Foggy hills with wine plantations hide wildlife. Rabbits, foxes, wolfs and bears are just some of the wild creatures living in the old forest from the area.

A deep feeling of relaxation embraces your body!

A misty air covers the untamed nature! Everything is incredibly beautiful!

5 reasons to visit Transylvania

Corvin Castle Transylvania

4. Medieval castles

Transylvania is a place full of history. Archeological discoveries revealed this fact. From some of the castles remained the ruins but others have been claimed and step by step they regained their once lost beauty and fame.

Bran Castle, Jidvei Castle, Corvin Castle, Peles Castle are good reasons to visit Transylvania.

These are the most famous and well-preserved castles from Transylvania.

Some of these castles are open to the public, like Bran, Corvin and Peles and others are open during certain events like Jidvei Castle.

Bran castle is one of the most visited places because its history is linked with Dracula.

Going there you have the opportunity to discover where and how Dracula lived.

5. Fortified churches

Religion and history are linked in Romania. Churches were fortified with thick and tall walls which protect the villagers against attackers. Turkish, Hungarians and others try to conquer Transylvania region. Locals find refuge locking themselves in fortified churches.

Fortified churches played a very important role in Romanian history and are one of the

reasons to visit Transylvania. Most of these churches are in UNESCO World Heritage. I would name Prejmer, Saschiz and Calnic as one of the most representative items from the area. Harman and Cisnadie Fortified Churches are also very beautiful and well preserved.

Hospitability, beautiful landscape, medieval castles and tasty food are just some of the things which make me visit Transylvania. It was a very relaxing and amazing holiday! I would definitely go again!

Travel In Four

Tuesday 10th of September 2019

Good post! It's nice to see someone talking about Romania and it's hidden gems. It is a very underrated country.