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Optimal Time to Visit Iceland for Viewing the Northern Lights in 2020

Aurora Borealis is one of the most incredible shows that you can see in your lifetime. My skin goes goosebumps when I remember the moment when the lights appeared on the Icelandic sky. We were extremely lucky to see the show from our bed at our accommodation because most people spend hours to catch the perfect shot.

But do you know when the best time to visit Iceland for Northern Lights 2020 is?

It is not just a matter of luck! It also needs to be fulfilled some conditions: clear sky, completely dark and increased solar activity.

The most recommended period of the year is around spring and autumn equinox, meaning the end of September to the beginning of October and the end of March to the beginning of April.

These periods are also great for visiting Iceland. The days are long enough to drive along the Ring Road or do daily trips around Reykjavik and the weather is mild, with most of the roads open all the time.

Besides that, the peak season is over, so the tourists are gone. Well, there are still a few but their numbers are reasonable. And not all of them ventures on the Ring Road trip; most of them prefer to stay close to Iceland capital and explore just the south part of the island.

More than that, the prices from the accommodation, car rental and restaurants drop. Iceland is still an expensive country, but not as expensive as it is during summer when the prices increase significantly.

The most recommended places to see Northern Lights are the one closer to the North Pole. According to these presumptions, the best places to see the Northern Lights are the ones from the north part of the island.

But on the north part of the island, you go by car or by plane. Yes! There is a plane from Reykjavik to Akureyri. In about one hour you reach this beautiful town from the north part of the island if the weather is good.

Usually, the weather at the beginning of autumn is milder than in spring, so the best time to visit Iceland for Northern Lights 2020 is late September to early October. The roads are open and the sun is still shining! Perfect conditions to explore the country without tourists!

We chose to go to Iceland at the beginning of October and it was a really smart decision. The roads were all opened and the days were long enough to explore the country.

We find really good accommodations at reasonable prices and we enjoyed the scenery without being disturbed by the crowds of tourists.

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It might sound crazy but the best time of year to see Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020 is not the winter season. Because most of the days are cloudy and even if it is dark you cannot see the Aurora Borealis because of the cloud.

Stick to your plan and visit Iceland in September to October and March to April and prepare your camera to photograph these incredible moments! This is the best time to visit Iceland for Northern Lights 2020!