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Unveiling the Secrets of Blue Lagoon Iceland Hot Springs

Blue Lagoon Iceland spa

If you are planning a trip to Iceland I am sure you read many articles about the beauty of this country and among the most beautiful places to visit you found Blue Lagoon Iceland hot springs.

This place is indeed magnificent! It is a very beautiful place with amazing scenery, nested in the middle of nowhere, between lava and musk fields.

Blue Lagoon Iceland hot springs

Iceland geothermal spa

The lagoon is located close to Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport and is one of the most popular bathing places from entire Iceland.

You can reach this place by bus or by car. There is a special bus from Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport and the price for a round trip is 50 USD per person.

If you come with a car, you find a free parking slot in front of Blue Lagoon Iceland spa with plenty of free space where to put your car.

Cars can be hired from the airport from Reykjavik offices but our advice is to book them online in advance to secure the best price and the car you want.

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If you are interested in visiting Blue Lagoon Iceland hot springs you should book your tickets way in advance because it is s a very popular place among tourists.

Nobody can guarantee you that you’ll get the day and the slot you want unless you book them with a few weeks in advance.

The ticket prices start from 43 USD for Comfort Package and can go up to 360 USD for Luxury Package.
All the tickets have included the access to the lagoon, a towel, a drink of your choice, a locker where to put your belongings and a silica mask.

But these things everybody tells you about Blue Lagoon Iceland spa. It’s time to discover together the hidden secrets of this lagoon and I am sure you didn’t even dream about them!

Blue Lagoon Iceland Hot springs hidden secrets

1. Although it is the most famous lagoon from all over the country, Iceland Blue Lagoon spa is not a natural spring. The land where the complex was built has been shaped by nature; all that lava fields and mosk from the nearby area are naturals, nothing man-made.

The shape of the pool was shaped by lava, but the water from the pool comes from the geothermal power plant from the nearby area.

2. Early hours in the morning are best to visit the pools and have the entire complex for yourself! Why? Generally, tourists hate to wake up early in the morning.

Going to these pools at 8 a.m or 9 a.m is a really great option as the place is not crowded and you can have the pools just for yourself

3. The water of Blue Lagoon Iceland spa is renewed every two days! Don’t imagine that somebody comes and empty the pool and refill it with fresh water.

Blue Lagoon Iceland spa

Blue Lagoon Iceland geothermal spa

This thing happen gradually because the water from the pool flows away and is constantly replaced with a new one! This is the easiest way to keep the temperature constant and to circulate the water!

4. The pool has a maximum of 1.7 metres deep. A reasonable dimension for most of people, but too deep for children. This is the main reason why all children have to have a guardian around when bathing in the lagoon.

5. Your hair will suffer after your Iceland Blue Lagoon spa experience. The minerals from the water might affect your hair. This is the main reason why you are advised to use a lot of conditioner before you enter the pool!

6. The Retreat at Blue Lagoon is the newest construction and the best hotel located right inside the complex. You have VIP treatment when you book a night here!

Do you know why blue Lagoon Iceland spa is so amazing?

I don’t care if it is natural or not, but its healing waters made wonders with my skin!

Blue Lagoon Iceland geothermal spa

Blue Lagoon Iceland geothermal spa

Besides being the most popular place from Iceland when speaking about geothermal pools, the waters from this place are good for all kind of skin disease including Psoriasis. Blue Lagoon Iceland hot springs really make wonders for your skin!

A day at this wonderful spa means complete relaxation, good food and positive energy! This is the place where you should go if you want to feel spoiled and treated like royalty!