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Blue Lagoon Iceland: The Ultimate Icelandic Adventure

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

I am sure that you have already heard that Iceland is full of thermal springs and bathing in one of those springs is one of a kind experience!And bathing at Iceland Blue Lagoon is definitely one of the most interesting and popular attractions among tourists.This place won a lot of prizes along the years and many famous magazines include it into 10 ten most beautiful spas in the world.

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Let’s take for example National Geographic which named this place among the best 25 wonders of the world!Or Conde Nest Traveller includes the spa on top 10 most beautiful spas in the world!

Yeah! You cannot visit Iceland without booking a few hours at this famous spa! Its healing waters have many benefits for your health and skin.This place is so popular in our days that you need to book it with days or even weeks in advance in order to be sure that you’ll get in.

1. The history and concept of the place

You might not believe it, but Blue Lagoon in Iceland is not a natural pool but a manmade one.Its history dates back to 1976 when it formed next to the geothermal power plant Svartsengi.An incredible fact is that the water from the pool comes from the power plant! Aham! You read it correctly! In fact, the waste-water from the power plant comes into this pool and people bath into it!

Don’t worry the water is perfectly clean and safe for bathing.There are no chemicals or substances that might harm your body, on the contrary, this water contains many natural minerals which proved to be very good for your skin.

2. How did people start to bath in the Blue Lagoon Iceland Reykjavik?

The first person who ever bathed in this pool was a local named Valur Margeirsson in 1981. He was a young man with skin problems. He had psoriasis. Sick and tired of trying all kinds of treatments and cures, he decided to bathe in this water.After he obtained permission for the authorities, he started to bathe in this pool and the results appeared very quickly. His skin condition became better from one day to another.Analysis and tests had been made over the waters from this pool and the benefits over the skin were observed quickly.By 1987, the pool was open to the public and many people with similar problems started to use Iceland Blue Lagoon as a remedy.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon Reykjavik

By that time, the facilities were very simple, just a few showers and a small beach with sand, located right near the power plant.

That place is today known as The Old Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Starting with 1999, the whole area was transformed and each year new facilities had been added until it became what it is today: one of the best spas from Iceland!During the 1999 transformation, the lagoon was moved further from the power plant and some modern facilities were built.A cafe, hotel, and restaurant appeared, and a shop from where you can buy souvenirs and local products for skincare.You can even check online their products on their online shop and order them here: our days, inside the spa, there are paths to walk around, small bridges and even some saunas.

3. Where is Blue Lagoon Iceland located?

One of the best spas from Iceland is very conveniently located right near the Keflavik International airport and close to Iceland capital, Reykjavik.In less than 15 minutes drive you can reach the spa from the airport! If you set your camp in Reykjavik then you’ll need about 30 minutes to get to the spa.The lagoon is located in the Reykjanes Peninsula in the southwestern part of the country in an area with unique natural beauty, with cone-shaped volcanoes and breathtaking sceneries.

Where is Blue Lagoon Iceland located

Where is Blue Lagoon Iceland located

Because of its location and its healing properties, Blue Spa earned very quickly the title of being one of the most popular attractions from Iceland.There are iceland tours like golden circle that can include a visit to hot water geothermal spa blue lagoon tour, but not free of charge.

4. How to get to the Iceland Blue Lagoon Spa

You can reach the spa by car or by bus.If you choose to go by car, then you should know there are just 30 minutes from Keflavik International Airport to the lagoon and 1 hour from Reykjavik.The spa is very easy to reach. You just need to follow Highway 41 Reykjanesbraut to Highway 43 Grindavikurvegur and follow the signs to the spa.

At the entrance, there is a huge parking lot where you can put your car and there is no fee for parking.If you choose to come by bus, then you should know that there is an official transporter named Destination Blue Lagoon which makes round trips to Reykjavik and Keflavik.You can book your transportation when you book your ticket, or you can book it afterwards.A round trip from Reykjavik costs around 7.000 ISK, while a single ticket costs around 3.500 ISK.

5.  Is it expensive to visit Blue Lagoon Iceland Reykjavik?

Wondering how much does it cost to get to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland?There are three packages to book if you want to go to this amazing place:

  • Comfort
  • Premium
  • Retreat Spa

Comfort Package

The price of the Comfort package is 43 USD. Here you have included:- entrance fee- use of towel- silica mud mask- one drink of your choice

Premium Package

The price of the Premium package is 64 USD and you have included what’s included in Comfort package plus:- second mask of choice- slippers- bathrobe- table reservation at Lava Restaurant- 1 glass of sparkling wine if you choose to dine at Lava Restaurant

Luxury package: Retreat Spa

This is their luxury package. The package price starts from 350 USD for 4 hours and include:- access to Retreat Lagoon- access to Retreat Spa- Private Changing room- The Blue Lagoon Ritual- Skincare amenities- a drink of your choiceSo, is Iceland Blue Lagoon worth spending so much money?I must say that it is a very interesting experience. What I don’t like about it is that it’s too touristy and crowded, but taking into consideration its location and the healing properties of the water is normal to be like that.

6. Why is the water from the Blue Lagoon Iceland good for people with Psoriasis?

It’s not known precisely why the water is so great for the skin, however, it is believed to be the mix of the liquified minerals in the water, the turquoise algae that flourishes in the water and a sort of germs that have just been located in the lagoon.The algae are the reason for the milklike, blue colour of the water, however, when it’s in flower on warm days it offers the waters a much more green shade.Minerals in the water include chloride as well as natron (that toghether develop sea salt) and calcium. Traces of sulphur, carbonate, as well as magnesium, had been found in the water.

Blue Lagoon Iceland water good for skin

Blue Lagoon Iceland water good for skin

Starting with 1994, the spa offers skin treatments for people with Psoriasis. This treatment is very appreciated because it is really is good and also because there are very few places in the world where you can find waters with such properties.The great news is that you don’t have to go to this lagoon every day. You can continue the treatment home with products certified from the Blue Lagon in Iceland.Since 2005, a clinic has been opened inside the spa where you can access different treatments for skin problems.

7. How is a visit to the Blue Lagoon Iceland Reykjavik?

The long-awaited moment is here: You are in front of the spa and you don’t know what to expect!

Let me help you: have you parked your car in the parking lot in front of the spa? Be careful where you put your keys!I don’t think I have to tell you where the cheapest car to rent is, because I am sure you already know it, but if you haven’t rented a car yet then check here for the best price:

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So, let’s get back to the moment when you are about to enter the spa:You booked everything in advance, right? Because otherwise, you cannot enter the spa!I don’t think I need to tell you this again: “Book well in advance because the places are limited and the prices are higher if you book in the last minute!”So, you have your tickets, your swimming suit and you are ready to see what it is all about!You will certainly enter the reception where you may have to wait in the line prior to speaking to a member of staff that will hand you your electronic wristband.If you purchased a comfort, premium or luxury package, you will likewise be handed a towel, bathrobe as well as slippers here.When you have actually left the reception you will certainly require to take your shoes off as well as enter an altering space. There is one changing room for males and also an additional one for women.There you can take your clothes off as well as secure them inside a storage locker, utilizing your digital wristband. You will then need to shower naked, before putting on your swimsuit and also entering the lagoon.For some people showering nude is not something they are comfortable with, however, it’s necessary whatsoever in public swimming pools in Iceland. The water in the lagoon doesn’t have any kind of chlorine in it as well as it is, as a result, vital that individuals enter it totally tidy.There are shower curtains and also cubicles for you to shower in if you discover it uneasy to make use of the public showers. You will likely be openly called out if you attempt to sneak through without bathing.Leave your towel inside by the showers rather than taking it out to the lagoon with you (it might be raining or snowing outdoors, as well as you can swim between the indoor and also outside areas).When you have actually entered Blue Lagoon Iceland Reykjavik itself, make sure you find the bar from where you can buy drinks using your digital wristband if you wish.There is additionally a mud bar, where you can get a Silica Mud Mask for your face – included for all those who are visiting the lagoon.Added Algae Masks can likewise be bought, making use of the electronic wristband. An Algae Mask is included if you reserve the Premium package.Discover the lagoon, allow the water drum on your shoulders at the small falls by the saunas, and also clean your skin inside the 3 various saunas as well as steam rooms. If you’ve booked an in-water massage therapy, after that there’s a special location for that by the saunas.

And also if it’s dark outside, keep in mind to look at the skies for Northern Lights in Iceland!

8. Best time to visit Iceland Blue Lagoon and opening hours

I know that most of you are wondering when is the best time to go to this spa to get the most of this experience.Tourists usually don’t like to wake up early, so the first slots in the morning, from 7 a.m or 8 a.m. are least popular. You might be that lucky to find available slots even if you book for the following day!As time passes by, the lagoon becomes more and more crowded. By the end of the day, it is full of tourists and a few locals roaming around.Even if the lagoon is full, you will have enough space to move around, because there is a limited number of people who can enter the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.Something which I don’t advise you to do is to book a slot right at the closing time. You are allowed to stay 30 minutes after the closing time, but still, it is not enough time to explore and enjoy the experience.

Blue Lagoon Iceland opening hours

Iceland Blue Lagoon opening hours

Just think about it: you will waste precious time waiting in the queue at the reception, then in the changing room and at the shower. And by the time you enter the lagoon you have to get out!That is why you should go at least 3 hours before the closing time!As regarding the best time of the day to visit the Blue Lagoon Iceland, I would say it depends from one season to another.In summer: The lagoon closes at 11 p.m.What is most interesting about summer is the midnight sun! It is just crazy to be in the water and looking at the midnight sun! In order to be able to do that, you should book a slot at 8 p.m or latest at 9 p.m.During winter: The lagoon closes at 9 p.m. Evenings are very popular during winter because everybody wants to see the Northern Lights from the water! Make sure to be there at 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. to have dinner at their restaurant and then admire Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky!

9. What does Blue Lagoon (Iceland) offer to their guests?

Well, inside the retreat there are a man-made waterfall, saunas, steam rooms, a cave to relax, an in-water bar, an in-water massage centre, a silica mud mask centre and indoor relaxing zones from where you can admire the view.There is also a wellness centre inside the retreat, where you can choose from a large variety of massages, silica musk on different parts of your body or their signature treatment that includes a salt scrub, silica or algae wrap and a great in-water massage.Wow, It really sounds perfect, with a little downside which is the price of the treatments! Like everything else from Iceland, the prices of these sessions are pretty high ( 31.200 ISK for a signature treatment, 10.200 ISK for 30 minutes of relaxation massage).You will be amazed by the healing properties of this water!That is why I recommend you to take home a small part of this lagoon?! You should not steal anything because there is a nice shop where you can buy skin products!Go there and take something for your skin as a souvenir and a treatment!And when you are home, depressed and you miss Iceland, use what you bought from Iceland to remember you about the special moments you had at Blue Spa.

10. Lava restaurant Blue Lagoon Iceland Reykjavik

This is one of the best restaurants in Iceland, not only because It is classy, but it is also beautiful and it has a breathtaking view! This is the best place to go if you want to have a romantic dinner before or after bathing in the lagoon.There are three restaurants at the spa:

  • Moss Restaurant
  • Lava Restaurant
  • Spa Restaurant

The name of the restaurant is given by the location itself. The restaurant is built in lava rock, so behind the floor to ceiling windows is an entire cliff facing the blue waters.

Even if it is a fancy restaurant, casual clothing is allowed.

The price of the food is a little bit high! Expect to pay for a meal the same amount you pay for the entry ticket or even more, depending on what you order!But the food is absolutely delicious and the way it is served is just perfect! The menu consists of traditional Icelandic ingredients with prices starting from 2.900 ISK for a starter, 5.900 ISK for the main course and 2.500 ISK for the desert.The lunch menu is a little bit cheaper, starting with 2.500 ISK for a starter, 4.800 ISK for main dishes and 2.000 ISK for a dessert.What I like about the restaurant is that the menu changes pretty often but the chef always keeps in the menu the most ordered products.

11. The Retreat spa Blue Lagoon in Iceland

This is a very exclusive spa located beneath the surface. A four-hour visit includes access to the Retreat Spa, Retreat Lagoon, the Blue Lagoon Ritual and the classic access to the Blue Lagon. As a bonus, you will receive skincare amenities and a private changing room.The Retreat Spa includes a steam cave, a lava spring, a terrace as well as relaxation areas spread all over the retreat.This is a privileged area, accessible only to those who paid for the luxury package.You’ll have your private butler, on-call masseuse, yoga instructor and chef.

12. The Retreat Hotel

One of the most recent constructions from the Blue Lagoon Iceland Reykjavik is this amazing hotel. Retreat Lagoon Blue was opened in 2018 and is the place where you should spend at least one night when you travel to Iceland.The Retreat Hotel is a luxury hotel offering 62 private suites with access to the lagoon and to the exclusive Retreat Spa and to the Blue Lagoon ritual.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland Room lagoon view junior suite

The Retreat at Iceland Blue Lagoon Room lagoon view junior suite

For the guests of the hotel, the hosts organise daily yoga sessions and group hikes.In the ticket price is included the breakfast and an afternoon snack.Read all about The Retreat Hotel in this article: Which is the best Blue Lagoon Hotel for your stay: The Retreat vs Silica Hotel?

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13. The Silica hotel

Located just 10 minutes walk from the Lagoon, Silica Hotel is a cosy and beautiful hotel located in the middle of nature.The guests of the hotel have access to a private bathing lagoon each day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.Read all about The Silica Hotel in this article: Which is the best Blue Lagoon Hotel for your stay: The Retreat vs Silica Hotel?

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14. Interesting facts about Blue Lagoon Iceland

  • it is open all year round
  •  there is an entry fee each person over 14 years; for adults start from 7000 ISK; kids between 2 and 13 years can access the facility for free
  •  when buying your ticket you can choose between comfort level, premium and retreat spa
  • pre-booking is required
  • best time to visit the lagoon is in the evening – during summer you can watch the midnight sun and during winter the Northern Lights
  • the average temperature of the water is 39 degrees Celsius
  • the lagoon is not natural but a man-made pool
  • the water is full in minerals which do wonders for your skin
  •  the lagoon is recommended for those with psoriasis
  •  the water from the pools completely renews itself every 48 hours.

This is all you need to know about Blue Lagoon before you go! Book your visit in advance and enjoy the time spent there! It is a unique experience that should not be missed!

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