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Chasing the Northern Lights at Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland Northern Lights experience

Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous pools in the world with healing waters, breathtaking scenery and relaxing atmosphere! And seeing Northern Lights from Blue Lagoon is indeed amazing!

This is the place where everybody wants to go during their Icelandic adventure!

Just to understand how beautiful and famous it is, I want to tell you that in 2015, Bill Gates reserved the entire complex for him and his family, to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and the benefits of the water.

The good news is that the complex is conveniently located close to Keflavik International Airport and the capital of the country, Reykjavik.

You can reach the spa by bus or by your rented car.

There is a direct bus from Reykjavik and from the airport which goes to the spa. Search for „Destination Blue Lagoon” because this is the bus which goes to Blue Lagoon.

You can book your ticket when you book your spa ticket, or anytime later.
The price of the ticket is 25 USD for a single trip and 50 USD for the round trip.

If you choose to rent a car, you can do that online or from the airport. We advise you to book it online and in advance to be sure you get what you want.

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Car is very useful especially if you plan to chase the Northern Lights. It gives you the mobility and freedom such needed when hunting Aurora Borealis.

But have you ever considered seeing Northern Lights from Blue Lagoon? I bet it is something unique and incredible!
Blue Lagoon Iceland Northern Lights experience is possible if you visit Iceland anytime from late September to early April.

The spa is there each season, but predicting when the Green Lady will dance on the sky is very difficult.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Northern Lights experience

perfect period to see northern lights of Iceland

And there is something more! You need to book your ticket in advance to be sure you get the slot you want! Oh, this is really complicated!

The best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland is around the equinox because the solar activity is more intense and this means that you have higher chances to spot Aurora Borealis.

You really need to be lucky to see the Northern Lights while bathing in Blue Lagoon!

Just imagine the whole picture! Outside is really cold, but you are dressed in a swimming suit and you bathe in a hot waters! Around you are lava and musk fields and Aurora Borealis is dancing on the sky!

Green shadows take different forms on the sky and your skin goes goosebump when seeing this magic show! Blue Lagoon Iceland Northern Lights experience is among the best of what Iceland has to offer!

A great way to maximise your chances to see Aurora Borealis from Blue Lagoon is to book a few nights at Retreat Lagoon Blue, a wonderful hotel located inside the Blue Lagoon.

You have free access to the Lagoon whenever you want during the opening hours.

Just think about it: you sit on your balcony or in your room and when you see the Northern Lights on the sky you jump into your swimming suit and enter the water!

It is a very romantic experience, one of those once in your lifetime adventure which you should not miss!

So, let’s recap! This is what you should do to maximise your chances of seeing Northern Lights from Blue Lagoon:

  • visit Iceland around the equinox
  • book your tickets for evening slots
  • book a few nights at the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

I know it might sound expensive and it is true, it is not a very cheap experience! But Blue Lagoon Iceland Northern Lights experience is something which you’ll remember the rest of your life and you’ll tell everyone about it!