Which is the best Blue Lagoon Iceland hotel for your stay?

Blue Lagoon Iceland Hotel

One of the best places to visit when in Iceland is definitely Blue Lagoon. It is located in the southwestern part of the country, close to Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport. There is no free shuttle to the resort but Destination Blue Lagon is the shuttle bus from Reykjavik and Keflavik International airport to the blue water resort.

Bathing in these waters is for most of us a must-do thing. But how about sleeping in a hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland?

First of all, I want you to know that you can access this spa by bus or by car. From Keflavik International Airport you reach the spa in about 30 minutes, while the trip from Reykjavik lasts for about an hour.

Silica Hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland
Silica Hotel Iceland Blue Lagoon vith view to lava fields

The place is incredible and is one of the very few waters from the entire world with healing properties for people suffering from skin disease, including Psoriasis.

The good news about this place is that it has two remarkable hotels, located right near the healing waters.

Where should I stay when visiting Blue Lagoon Iceland?

One of the Blue Lagoon Iceland hotel is named Silica Hotel and the other one is a highly recommended hotel, brand new, opened in 2018 and is named The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland.
I bet you would like to spend some nights in these hotels so let me tell you some things about each of them!


Set in the heart of a sensational lava landscape, Silica Hotel Iceland is simply ten minutes’ stroll from the Blue Lagoon. The resort uses its very own personal bathing water, available for resort visitors on a daily basis from 09:00 to 22:00

The Resort has actually won several layout awards. Being built in harmony with the surrounding landscape, it offers a oasis of tranquillity, relaxation, as well as healing for those who visit the place.

The hotel has 35 beautiful and also large double/twin spaces. All spaces supply personal facilities as well as an outdoor patio, with awesome views of the surrounding lava areas.

The hotel is perfect for romantic getaways and accommodates only adults, 18 years and older.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland hotel

This amazing hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland has inside the resort is just breathtaking!

The Blue Lagoon hotel spa was opened in 2018 and is one of the hotspots of the moment in matters of accommodation when visit Iceland!

The retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland hotel
The retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland Geothermal lagoon

The 62-room resort hotel is located in the lava formations and also turquoise geothermal pools of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon complex, which is situated within the UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland was awarded in the Resort Hotel category at the AHEAD Europe hospitality awards, which took place in London in November 2019.

So, you definitely have to spend at least one night here!

The insides of the Retreat Hotel Blue Lagoon spa feature colours and materials that reference the striking landscape of lava, brilliant environment-friendly moss as well as bright water that border heaven Lagoon facility.

The resort has actually been created to give visitors an experience of tranquillity and seclusion from the outside world.

The main attraction of the hotel is The Retreat spa, which offers a collection of interior and exterior baths. Therapies in this retreat lagoon use the site’s mineral-rich geothermal waters rich in minerals as well as natural materials, including silica and algae.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland hotel aims to reconnect site visitors with the environment and instil a humbling impression of nature that he feels is shed on city dwellers.

For sure this is one of the best Hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland has!

Oh! And I have almost forgotten to tell you what’s most important! You have your private host and you can do daily team yoga exercise sessions, your daily exercises in the fitness center or group walks.

A la carte morning meal is included in the price for a night’s stay, as well as a standard Icelandic coffee with baked products in the afternoon at the hotel’s lounge.

You can serve your meal at Lava restaurant or book a table at the Michelin star restaurant called Moss restaurant.

Hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland
Hotel Iceland Spa Lagoon

There is, certainly, wifi offered in addition to 24 hours room service and unlimited access to Blue Lagoon itself, yet in addition, visitors have a turndown service, concierge service as well as valet car park.

I mean, what else can you ask for when both these hotels are beautiful and offer amazing views.

Not to mention about the services and amenities!
Spending some quality time in a hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland of these two will definitely make the most of your trip!

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