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Understanding Sri Lanka’s Weather Throughout the Year

Sri Lanka weather makes this island the perfect destination all year round.

Do you like the sun? Are you passionate about ancient ruins? You like wildlife? Great! Then this island is one of the best travel destinations where you can find all these things.

And besides that, because of its location and it’s weather, this beautiful island is an all year-round destination.

Actually, a key factor in planning your trip to Sri Lanka is understanding the weather of this island.

In order to do that, you should know the two monsoon seasons and which parts of the island are affected by rains and when.

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The southwestern monsoon brings rains and wind between May and September in the south-west of Sri Lanka, while dry season in this part of the island is from December to March.

On the other part of the island, the northeastern monsoon brings rains between October to January and sunny days between May and September.

Sri Lanka weather
Sri Lanka beach weather

The humidity is very high on the island, somewhere between 60% to 90%. Usually, in the mountains and in south-west areas the humidity level is higher.

In Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, the humidity level is around 70% with periods during the rainy season when it can reach 90%.

The high level of humidity amplifies the heat you feel and make it more difficult to chill. Be prepared for this and take a bottle of water with you everywhere!

Generally, it is considered to be peak season from December to March.

Find out here when is the best time to visit Sri Lanka.

From December to March Sri Lanka weather is sunny with few rainy days, ideal for sightseeing, safari and beach.

I personally prefer to avoid visiting a country in peak season as the number of tourists are very high and so the prices. I choose to visit a place on shoulder season because is more convenient, especially from a financial perspective.

Below I will tell you some hints for each part of Sri Lanka as to maximize your stay and know better which part of the country should be included on your itinerary based on the month you will visit Sri Lanka.

East Coast (Arugam Bay, Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Passekudah, Nilaveli, Kuckchaveli)

Best time of the year to visit this part of Sri Lanka is April to September. During these months it is dry season, an ideal time for beach from Sri Lanka weather perspective.

I have to tell you there is a small inconvenience on this part of the country, at least for some of you! I am talking about the quality and the luxury level of the hotels from the area!

As it is not a very developed area, it could be pretty challenging to find luxury hotels.

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The South ( Weligama, Galle, Mirissa, Yala National Park, Tangalle)

Put this area on your travel list if you visit Sri Lanka from November to April.

These beaches are amazingly beautiful all year around but when sunny days are there, everything is perfect for few days of relaxation and rest.

Kandy and Tea Area ( Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Hatton, Haputale, Adam’s Peak)

I would say that best Sri Lanka weather to visit this region is from December to May. Located at high altitude, the area is the coldest place from Sri Lanka.

DIzzy rain and fog is pretty common there! Hmmm! I would say that there is an autumn weather all year around. 

West Coast and Colombo

Late November to April is the best time to visit Colombo and west coast.

During these months the temperatures drop above 30 degrees celsius but there might be rainy days during your holiday. Don’t be scared of rains!

They are not lasting more than a few hours! While you drink tea and eat something sweet the sun will shine again on Sri Lanka sky!

You see?! No matter when you choose to visit Sri Lanka there is always a part of the island with sunny and hot days! This is a big plus and help you optimize better your time when you visit Sri Lanka!

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