How to plan your trip based on Amsterdam weather

Yeah, I know that Amsterdam is on your travel list! But before you go, let me tell you some things about Amsterdam weather. Maybe this will help you decide about the best time to visit Amsterdam.

For me, the weather is an important factor when I decide when to go to a country. I don’t like rainy and cold days with fog or wind. These days are perfect for sleeping, reading or spa not for visiting! At least this is how I see things! There are so many places to visit in Amsterdam and is a petty to go and have a bad weather!

Being a country located on the northside of Europe, pretty close to the North Pole the weather in Netherlands is a little colder than on other parts from Earth. 

Amsterdam weather Netherlands weather
Netherlands Amsterdam
Netherlands weather

Netherlands weather has four seasons: spring (March to May), summer (June to August), autumn (September to November) and winter (December to February).

Each season has its own beauty and Amsterdam weather changes from one season to another revealing different sides of the city.

Summer days are warm with some clouds and moderate wind, being the best time to visit Netherlands and its capital Amsterdam. At least from the weather perspective! 

Winters instead are cold, windy, cloudy and very long. If you don’t have a problem with bad weather than you can visit Netherlands during winter. 

If I think better, Amsterdam weather is also great for visiting the area during late spring and early autumn.

During these two seasons, the weather is perfect for sightseeing and another big advantage is related to prices and number of tourists. Both prices and tourists are reasonable compared with summer, when the figures go up.

The average temperature in Amsterdam in summer is around 20 degrees celsius during the daytime on drops to an average of 3 degrees celsius during winter. But because of the wind, it might feel colder than it actually is.

If you consider all the aspects related to a trip like prices, number of tourists and weather, then for sure late April to June and early September to late October are the best periods to visit Netherlands.

Just imagine! A beautiful sunny day of spring and you…you are on a boat along a channel in Amsterdam! Or you are on a boat navigating along a channel in a small town with lots of windmills! Oh! It is so great! So relaxing and charming! I had such good memories from my trip to Amsterdam from May! I would like to go back! But this time I will choose to go in September! I want to see for myself how is Amsterdam weather in September!


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