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Insider Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the land of endless parties! Is the place where illegal things like marijuana and prostitution are legal!

Or at least this is what people say about Amsterdam!

Why don’t you buy some cheap flights to Amsterdam to go and see how things are in reality!

Once you will visit Netherlands you will discover that this country is not just about marijuana and endless parties!

It is also about beautiful landscapes, old windmills, nice architecture and endless channels!

I was fascinated by what Amsterdam and its surroundings has to offer! 

Cheap flights to Amsterdam
Amsterdam from air

But let’s take it slowly and start with the most important thing: buy airplane tickets to Amsterdam. I guess each of us are looking for good deals when buying a ticket.

Not every time we manage to find what we are looking for but we should do our best to optimise the costs of our choices.

Here are some tips for how to buy cheap flights to Amsterdam.

Plan your trip a few months ahead

It is well known that ticket prices increase as the number of days to departure decrease.

Book your flight at least one or two months ahead and for the money you save you can party in Amsterdam.

January, February, July and August are the best months to buy flight tickets for future months

During these four months, most of the famous airline companies have all kinds of promotions and offers.

Prices might drop by almost 30 percent compared to other periods. 

Usually, in January and February, you search for tickets for your summer holiday and in July and August for the winter months.

Keep an eye on KLM offers

KLM is a Dutch national airline company. Every few months they have good offers for flights to and from Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a very important hub which ties Europe to America, so it is not uncommon to find cheap flights to Amsterdam with KLM.

Fly during stupid hours or during weekdays

Nobody likes to fly during the night or to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the airport.

So this might be a good opportunity to find airline tickets at a good price! Or fly during weekdays!

Avoid flying when everybody does it! The prices are much higher! Remember a useful rule: don’t do what others do!

This will mean a cost increase! In other words, don’t go to Amsterdam on Friday afternoon! Go there on Friday night! 

Fly to other dutch airports

The Netherlands is a beautiful country and travelling from one city to another is very easy and comfy. From Rotterdam to Amsterdam is just 30 minutes train ride, so it really worth visiting this city if you have the opportunity.

Even if sometimes it looks hard to find cheap flights to Amsterdam it is not that complicated!

All you have to do is to be patient and flexible! Follow the steps from above and for sure you will save good money when buying airplane tickets.