The Pearl of the Indian Ocean! Best time to go to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is one of the most beautiful islands we had ever seen. It has a little bit of everything: culture, wildlife and exotic beaches.

when is the best time to go to Sri Lanka

Best time to go in Sri Lanka in order to maximize your time, depends on what you are planning to do while on the island.

A very well known thing is that Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for nature fans, surfers and culture lovers.

First, think about what you want to see there and then I will tell you what is the best time to visit Sri Lanka.

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean! Best time to go to Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka best time to visit

The ocean, due to its currents, is just perfect for surfers, especially for beginners and the beaches are very beautiful. Unfortunately, swimming in that waters might be a little dangerous, especially if you are not a very good swimmer! I tried to swim in the ocean, on the south part of the island but the currents were so strong that I hardly managed to get out of water. Honestly, I did not try to enter in the ocean again during my stay on The Pearl of the Indian Ocean! I prefer to swim in the pool on our next beach destination!

No matter which time of the year you choose to visit this country, the currents are pretty strong all year around that is why Sri Lanka is a good destination for surfers! 

But Sri Lanka is not just beaches and surf! It is wildlife!… and culture!… and religion! Dambulla Caves, Polonnaruwa Ancient Ruins, Temple of Tooth and natural parks are just some spots which should be included in your trip! These places are spread all over the country, so you will have the opportunity to see how locals live and to better understand their traditions and culture!

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Pearl of the Indian Ocean climate

When speaking about the best time to go to Sri Lanka, bear in mind that the island is influenced by 2 monsoons, so all year around there is a place with great climate in Sri Lanka. In the southwest of the island from April till September is the stormy period while in the northeast side rain usually falls between November to March.

We chose to visit Sri Lanka at the end of March and the weather condition was just excellent! The days were sunny with a beareable climate!

Whichever period you pick to visit Sri Lanka, remember that in the mountains, the climate is chillier and also much more foggy than in various other parts of SriLanka. A raincoat and a jacket is constantly an excellent suggestion to have in your luggage even if you consider that period of the year as the best time to go to Sri Lanka.

We had to take all types of clothes with us as we chose a tour around the island! We wanted to see wild animals, temples but also to have some days on a beach!

An island excursion finished with few days on the beach is the best way to finish a holiday there. People are extremely kind as well as friendly; they do their best to make you feel like home. 

You should not be stressed over your safety and security when travelling around the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. All you need to do is to act suitable as well as keep away from trouble!

Because of Sri Lanka location and form, all year around is the best time to go to Sri Lanka! Adapt your trip taking in consideration the local monsoon and enjoy the beauty of the island!

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