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Nightlife Extravaganza: Costa Rica’s Best Party Spots

Costa Rica nightlife is not as famous as its green and lush forest packed with a wide range of creatures, but it is something to consider when traveling to this Central American country.

After a long and interesting day exploring the volcanoes and the dense canopy of the Costa Rican rainforest, a great way to end your day is sipping a drink, chatting with your friends, and dancing till the morning.

So…are you ready for the best party Costa Rica?

This article will tell you which are the best places for Costa Rica party in each of the main cities and tourist areas in the country, where to go for the best bachelor parties, and which are the best resorts for party till morning.

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Where to party in Costa Rica

Although a small country, Costa Rica offers a wide range of options when speaking about vibrant places to party all night, and this article gathers the best places to party in Costa Rica.

From wild beach parties to vibrant clubs, romantic dinners and discos Costa Rice has them all so you have many options to choose from.

Weekends are the best days for night owls as all the clubs, bars and discos are open till late at night as Costa Ricans like to party as we do in good times.

Jaco Costa Rica nightlife cocktail
Jaco Nightlife in Costa Rica cocktail party Costa Rica

Costa Rica nightlife San Jose, clubbing in San Jose

Cuartel de la Boca Del Monte

One of San Jose’s hotspots for nightlife lovers is definitely Cuartel de la Boca Del Monte, once a modest place that became one of the hottest clubs in San Jose, extremely popular among youngsters and tourists that rush here to party all night.

If most of the places from San Jose are open till late hours on Friday or Saturday, Boca del Monte is a popular place on Mondays, when most of the clubs and bars are closed.

So, don’t forget to include this bar into your travel list of the things to do in San Jose Costa Rica at night when visiting this incredible city.

Club Vertigo- best club in San Jose

If you want to meet some of the most famous and fashionable DJs from Costa Rica, then Club Vertigo is the best place to go to feel the vibe of San Jose nightlife.

The best DJs from the country make the music play all night long and they will make you dance and party all night long.

Equipped with one of the best sound systems in the country, Club Vertigo is a popular place not just for nightlife in Costa Rica but many music concerts and events are held here.

Hip hop, techno, and house music artists from all over the country and even from the American continent come to this dance club to play on special events and to entertain people.

Actually, Club Vertigo is that popular and famous that it is known all over Central America for its wild parties and vibrant shows.

For the complete list of San Jose best bars and discos and the best places for clubbing in San Jose check our article SAN JOSE COSTA RICA NIGHTLIFE AND HOW TO PARTY TILL MORNING.

Costa Rica nightlife in Jaco

One of the best nightlife in Costa Rica is the beach town of Jaco considered to be the center of dancing Costa Rica and clubbing Costa Rican life.

Le Loft

Ranked for 12 years on the row, the best nightclub in Costa Rica, Le Loft is the country’s most famous club where thousands of people party till the morning each weekend.

Everything, from DJs, music played, staff and the owner are cool, friendly and make sure everybody is having a wonderful time.

The club is open from Thursday to Monday till 6 in the morning so put on your club outfit and dance in one of the most famous Costa Rica night clubs for the best nightlife in Costa Rica.

Beatle Bar

With a laid atmosphere and one of the most varied menus of drinks from the area, Beatle Bar is perfect for having a beer or a cocktail with your friends, dancing and chatting while a positive vibe surrounds you.

Costa Rica nightlife club beer
Costa Rica nightlife club beer

Here you will find some really great music, a wide selection of drinks, great food, and quick service, all at very convenient prices.

You will have the impression that you are in a London pub because of the tables and the screen where you can watch a game as you do in traditional sports bars.

Jaco Blu

Jaco Blu is an open-air beach bar with more of a Los Vegas vibe than a beach bar with a beautiful pool and a vibrant atmosphere, good music, and wonderful scenery.

It is one of the most popular beach bars in the country where youngsters come to have fun and dance the whole night, the best party Costa Rica bar in the area.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

Orange Pub

One of the most interesting Costa Rica pubs is Orange Pub from Jaco, a great place where you can meet a lot of tourists and locals looking to have fun and make new friends.

If you are looking for great company and good music, then you should consider Orange Pub where all the weekends are full of joy and positive vibe and live music.

For the complete list of bars and discos from Jaco check our article JACO COSTA RICA NIGHTLIFE: WHERE TO PARTY HARD TILL MORNING.

What to wear in Jaco Costa Rica

For me it is always a big question before heading to a club: what to wear this night?

It is normal to see people wearing beach clothes and flip-flops if you go to a bar in a coastal town, so you can wear such things when going to a bar.

But things change completely when we are talking about more sophisticated clubs or bars as you have to wear a nice dress or a shirt if you are a man.

Bear in mind that Costa Ricans are very good dancers and they love to dance, so the club will be populated not only with tourists but also lots of locals who used to go here.

You will listen to typical music in Costa Rica: salsa music and reggaeton and when the rhythm changes to bachata songs or merengue don’t be surprised if a local will asks you to dance with him/her.

So, to simply answer your question about what to wear for a nightclub, no matter if it is in Jaco or elsewhere, you should wear casual clothes, comfortable for a night of positive vibes and lot of dance.

Costa Rica nightlife in Playa Tamarindo

El Garito

One of the best places to go for those of you that like house and electronic music, El Garito is a top attraction for those of you looking to party hard in Tamarindo.

World-class DJs use to come here and mix their music while dancers from all over the world enjoy the rhythm and party till morning.

Let the drinks flowing and the party started as in El Garito you will find more than good music; you will find great services, good bartenders, and lots of cocktails to try.

Sharky’s sport bar

With a cool vibe and delicious food and lots of drinks to try, Sharky’s sports bar is one of the best places to go out in Tamarindo with many events and shows all over the weekend and even on Mondays when it is lady’s night.

Jaco Costa Rica nightlife cocktail
Jaco Costa Rica nightlife cocktail

So each Monday ladies who come to have fun in Sharky’s bar have a lot of fun and free entrance to this place.

Sharky’s bar is perfect for watching sports games with your friends, chat with locals and try delicious Costa Rican food while listening to good music.

Occasionaly, there are jungle party Tamarindo when the jungle come alive and fill up with people looking to party and have fun.

So, you’d better ask locals about these jungle parties and make sure you attend one while in the area, as they are completely different than normal parties and it is a unique feeling that you have to experience.

For the complete list of bars and discos from Tamarindo check our article HERE’S WHERE TO GO FOR BEST TAMARINDO COSTA RICA NIGHTLIFE.

Nightlife in Puerto Viejo de Limon

The Lazy Mon

Costa Rica best nightlife bar from Puerto Viejo is The Lazy Mon, an amazing beach bar where you can hang out with your friends from morning till late in the evening.

The place is located in the vicinity of the ocean so that the gentle ocean breeze cools you off and brings you the ocean smell right into your cocktail.

Many famous DJs from all over the country and even the American continent come to mix the best music for you and your friends.

Jaco Costa Rica nightlife
Jaco Costa Rica nightlife

Before heading to The Lazy Mon check the happy hour schedule so that you get free or discounted cocktails and drinks each night.

And there is something else you need to know: each Thursday from 10 to 12 in the evening all the ladies have free drinks.

Salsa Brava

Not a very interesting and animated place during the daytime, Salsa Brava becomes a vibrant scene for those of you interested in dancing and partying the whole night.

DJs spinning the discs and party people filling the dance floor is a common scene for Salsa Brava, one of the most popular clubs where to party in Costa Rica.


BPM Festival Costa Rica

In 2022, in January was held the 15th edition of BPM Festival, a weeklong event with the best techno and house music.

It features multiple day and night parties across nightclubs, beach clubs and jungle sceneries so you will party hard for the whole week.

It s the best party you can attend if you are a fan of underground music that happens in one of the most beautiful natural scenes on the whole continent.

The highlight of this festival is the famous nighttime jungle party Costa Rica that happens each night during the event.

It is a unique feeling and an overwhelming feeling to be part of this event, to see with your own eyes how the jungles of Costa Rica come alive when DJs and revelers from all over the world bring the music to the jungles of Costa Rica.

The jungle parties generally start at 10 in the evening and last for the whole night so if you are looking for new experiences, good music and positive vibes, this is the right place to be.

The list of the DJs and revelers changes from one year to another, but what I can tell you for sure is that the list always contains many renowned names from this industry.

Best places for Costa Rica bachelor party

No matter if we are talking about Costa Rica bachelor party or Costa rica bachelorette party, you definitely should include in your list the bars and nightclubs presented in this article.

Costa Rica is the best place to celebrate your bachelor party with long nights to party, dancing till morning, drinks on the beach, gambling, and having fun without breaking the bank.

This amazing country is just a few hours away from the US and Canada ( 2.5 hours away from Miami, 4 hours from Houston or Dallas,5 hours from LA, and just 4.5 hours from New York).

Not to mention the prices, which are considered low compared with US bars or nightclubs.

You can choose any of the locations mentioned above as all have a vibrant nightlife, beautiful sceneries, and welcoming locals who will be more than happy to learn you how to dance salsa or merengue.

bachelorette party Costa Rica
bachelorette party Costa Rica

The most accessible destination to party is San Jose, the capital city of the country as this is the place where you will land when flying from US or Canada.

But if you don’t find a problem with renting a car or hiring a car to move around, then I strongly recommend you to head to Jaco or Tamarindo, as these two towns are famous for their active nightlife and beautiful resorts with casinos and bars open till late in the night.

There are special agencies that organize bachelor or bachelorette party in Costa Rica, but you will end up paying more than if you arrange this trip on your own.

With the list of nightclubs provided above and the hotels listed below your trip is just a few clicks away.

Book your flight on your own and reserve one of the hotels from the below list (ranked as the best places where to stay in Costa Rica for a bachelor party) and prepare for the party of your life!

Best Costa Rica party resorts

San Jose

Gran Hotel Costa Rica Curio Collection By Hilton is the only hotel in Costa Rica declared by national authorities a historical and architectural monument, located right in the heart of the city surrounded by museums, plazas, and many restaurants and bars, the best place to set your camp if you want to experience the nightlife.


Croc Resort And Casino Costa Rica from Jaco is located right in front of the sea and features an outstanding casino, elegant and luxurious rooms, and a bunch of places where to chill off and relax so make sure you include it into your travel plans.

Croc s Resort and Casino pool
Croc s Resort and Casino pool


Tamarindo Diria Costa Rica is located right on the Pacific Ocean coast but close to the city center, featuring 5 restaurants, a spa, and a casino where you can gamble the whole night.

Puerto Viejo

Located close to national parks and the ocean, Villas Serenidad Costa Rica Puerto Viejo is one of the best choices for those of you interested in combining relaxing beach days with active nightlife.

Each villa offers amazing views of the ocean and is surrounded by lush gardens where you can sit and enjoy a drink listening to the jungle sounds.


Wildlife, natural parks, volcanoes, and mountains are the main attractions of this country but Costa Rica’s nightlife should be another thing which you have to consider when traveling to this country.

After a long day exploring Costa Ricas wonders, put on your club outfit and prepare to practice your skills for Costa Rican salsa dance.

Take off your flip-flops and swimming suit and dress casually as Costa Ricans like to party in sophisticated clubs and fancy discos.

If you plan to go out in San Jose or anywhere in Central Valley take with you a sweater as it might get cooler during the night.

Costa Ricans are very open and friendly people who like to party a lot so prepare to make new friends when getting to the best Costa Rican clubs and searching for the most vibrant nightlife Costa Rica.

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As far as I know, bars and restaurants reopened but the opening hours are regulated by national authorities. Things are constantly changing and new restrictions might be applied, we strongly recommend you double-check the opening hours of the bars before you leave your hotel. Have a wonderful trip and stay safe!