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Review: Green Village Resort Danube Delta, Sfantu Gheorghe

Located where Black Sea meets the Danube in a picturesque and wild area of Romania, Green Village Resort Danube Delta is accessible only by boat or helicopter.

Being so isolated has many advantages in my opinion. Traditions and rural vibes are very well preserved in the area. We had the feeling that we travel back in time. Everything is so relaxing and nice!

Green Village Resort Danube Delta Sfantu Gheorghe review
Villas with double rooms

We saw photos of the resort and we were attracted by its architecture and surroundings.

We liked a lot that the buildings are very well integrated into the landscape and representative of the area.

You can choose from double rooms located in villas and apartments located in duplex buildings.

We chose to stay in a 2 room apartment and we like it very much.


The hotel is located in Sfantu Gheorghe (Saint George) which is one of the three main distributaries (channels) of Danube Delta.

Sfantu Gheorghe is a small village with approx 800 people isolated by the Romanian mainland.

The only way to get there is by water or by air. There are regular boats from the mainland to Saint George; you can take a boat from Tulcea or from Murighiol.

The distance is approximately the same, it depends on which part of the country you came from.

Green Village Resort Danube Delta also offers private transportation.

We opted for their private boat which leaves Murighiol twice a day (at midday and in the afternoon).

From the wharf to the resort reception are around 5 minutes walk.


There are two types of rooms: double rooms and apartments. Both are very spacious with bamboo furniture and very comfy beds.

The rooms are located in three areas: Lebada si Pelicanul, Starcul Alb and Egreta. The central and most vibrant area is Lebada si Pelicanul. The other two areas are more quiet and intimate. 

We opted for a beautiful and spacious apartment located in the Starcul Alb area with a large bedroom upstairs and on the ground floor, we had a nice big living room, a patio and a bathroom.

The rooms are very cosy and fit very well in the local atmosphere.

The only thing I did not like was the room cleaning.

The floor was not swept and there were spider webs in some places. What a shame! The room is super nice! It would be perfect if they clean the area more! 


Green Village Resort Danube Delta has an outdoor pool, a massage area, a kids club, a restaurant and a pool bar, a souvenir shop and all kinds of outdoor sports areas. 

The outdoor pool is pretty big but with few sunbeds.

The area is always full of noisy kids, so if you are looking for a relaxing and quiet atmosphere then you should search for it somewhere else.

We chose to go to the beach as it was pretty close to the resort and the sand was very soft.

We also tried the relaxing massage from the resort.

The quality of the spa is very poor.

The therapist is a very good guy but … that’s all!

We asked for a relaxing massage and we get some kind of a therapeutic massage.

Generally, the quality of the services (reception, restaurant) is very poor.

The personnel is not trained at all and most of them are seasonally employed.

To be honest, they don’t have any idea about working in hotel services!


Breakfast at Green Village Resort Danube Delta is good and pretty tasty.

They have a cooking station where you can find wafers and omelettes.

There are plenty of options for your meal at the buffet: cheese, ham, jam, tomatoes, bread, olives, butter and melted cheese.

We had dinner included in the package.

There was a thematic dinner each night; in our opinion, the best one was the Romanian night and the worst was the fishing night.

I was shocked by the fact that the fish served at the table was not fresh local fish.

Soups, chicken and papanasii were very good but the fish was a big disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong! The food overall is average but you will not starve!

You will find something to eat from the menu!

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