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Ultimate Nightlife Guide: Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco Costa Rica nightlife attracts thousands of tourists every year that like to party till late in the evening after a full day of exploring the beautiful forests and perfecting their tan on the amazing Jaco beach.

Costa Rica nightlife Jaco is considered by many to be the most vibrant and active from the western coast, a perfect place for a bachelor party or for simply having fun.

Spend the whole day in the middle of nature and prepare your party outfit as Costa Ricans like to party hard and go wild.

The cost of Costa Rica nightlife is suitable for all budgets and tastes with many activities from sitting on a beach bar and admiring the sunset while listening to good music and sipping a cocktail up to wild parties.

What I can tell you for sure is that no matter what type of bar or club you will choose to spend your night at, the prices are definitely lower than in the US and most European countries.

Costa Rica Jaco beach nightlife is the perfect opportunity to meet people from all over the world and make new friends.

Not only Americans like to party hard; you will meet lots of Canadians, Europeans, and even african people that come to see this incredible party and have fun in one of the best bars from Jaco.

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Jaco Costa Rica nightlife cocktail

Nightlife in Jaco Costa Rica cocktail

Jaco Costa Rica nightlife

There are quite a few good options for having fun and dancing till morning while in Jaco, Costa Rica.
I will drop you below the most popular and famous places where you and your friends will have fun:

1.Monkey Bar

Costa Rica Monkey Bar is a great place to go if you are looking for a great cocktail, good music, and a lot of good music.

This famous bar from Jaco can become very crowded after 11 p.m, especially during peak season so make sure you have a table with a good view to watch the crowds dancing and enjoying the music.

Special nights like ladies’ nights or free drinks on Tuesday nights and many interesting events and shows make this site a top attraction for nightlife owls.

2.Le Loft

Le Loft is one of the most representative clubs for Jaco Beach Costa Rica nightlife with its wild parties and fancy dance bars.

DJs spinning the disks all night, playing good quality music make people go wild and party hard till morning.

Jaco Costa Rica nightlife

Jaco Costa Rica nightlife

American drinks and top-rated songs combined with cool people and a vibrant atmosphere make Le Loft an iconic club not only for Costa Rica nightlife in Jaco but also for the whole country.

Because of their high-class services, great atmosphere, and good facilities, Le Loft is the first option on many people’s list so hurry up to grab a seat at the party.

VIP packages are available and come with premium services, expensive bottles of champagne, and many other facilities, so if you are open to more, this is the right place to go.

3. Man Cave

ManCave is a fancy-looking sports bar that comes alive from Thursdays to Saturdays and it is most probably the most crowded club until midnight.

There are big screens everywhere so you can watch sports matches wherever you look, brown leather furnishing, great drinks, and good services.

Add to the electric atmosphere, a wide range of cocktails and drinks as well as discounted prices every Thursday until 11 p.m and you will get the recipe for a great time.

These are the new essentials you have to pack for your trip

4. The Beer House Jaco

Beer lovers from all over the world this is the place where you should go at least once in your lifetime.

The beer selection is fantastic and there is a cozy atmosphere and a positive vibe that will make you feel comfortable from the moment you enter the place.

Jaco Costa Rica nightlife Beer House

Jaco Costa Rica nightlife Beer House

You will find here not just the world-famous beer specialties, but also locally crafted beer which I definitely recommend you to taste once you get to The Beer House Jaco.

5. Jaco Blu Beach Club

This incredible beach club fascinates you with its exotic palm trees that create a magical atmosphere and a cool vibe from daily and also night parties.

There is more than one pool in the complex so grab your bikini and prepare to party hard with a wide range of cocktails and a lot of good music.

If you don’t like people staring at you, pick a VIP tent where you can have your own private party, far from other people’s eyes.

Keep your eyes wide open as you most probably will see many of the local celebrities and international ones chilling here.

The party reaches its best on Saturday nights when people usually party till morning; if you are a reggae fan, then head up to Jaco Blue Beach Club on Wednesday, when it is Reggae night.

6. Orange Pub

You should add Orange Pub to the Jaco Costa Rica nightlife scene for a complete experience of the Costa Rican party mood.

The pub has been recently refurbished and is one of the most popular and fancy attractions from Jaco with its high ceilinged bar and cool atmosphere.

The club is completely full on Friday and Saturday nights as the best DJs from the country and from Central America come here to play their music and entertain people from all over the world.

You can dance, party and drink cocktails all night long or you can choose for a billiard game or a table football with your friends while enjoying the good music.

Ladies keep in mind that Saturday night comes with free drinks for you until midnights so put on your party outfit and head to Orange Pub to grab the best seat.

7. Los Amigos

One of the best sports bars from Jaco, Los Amigos is the best place to go if you want to watch a sports match, eat something good but also chat with your friends.

The bar is famous for its delicious food, good quality services and many screens where you can watch different matches all evening.

Jaco Nightlife in Costa Rica cocktail

Jaco Nightlife in Costa Rica cocktail

You will find here not just Costa Ricans or tourists but also expats that choose to spend part of their life in this magnificent country.

These are the best bars, pubs, and clubs that you have to visit during your stay in Jaco as these are the best!

Now let me tell you where you should head, depending on the day of the week to have fun and party till late in the night.


The best venues for each weeknight


There are not many things that happen during Monday nights but if you want to party on a Monday evening then the best thing you can do is to head to Orange Pub as it is local night.


If you like live music and craft beer the best pub open on a Tuesday evening is Green Room for the first part of the night and then head to Le Loft as by midnight the party has just started.


Wednesday means Reggae night and Ladies night at Jaco Blu so head to this fashionable club to keep up with the world.

You will dance and party the whole near the pool, drinking fancy cocktails and making new friends.


Begin your night with a few drinks at Los Amigos and Orange Pub and then, late in the evening head directly to Le Loft and Wave to continue dancing till late in the night.

Friday and Saturday

Fridays and Saturday nights are the time of the week when everything goes wild and vibrant parties last till morning.

All the clubs and discos are open till late in the night ( some of them until 6 in the morning) and it is the best time to party and make new friends.

It is up to you to choose where to go, depending on your preferences and mood as you have a wide range of options spread across Jaco’s party street.


Sundays are generally quieter and people tend to party in the afternoon, on the beach, and not go to clubs or party till morning.

Le Loft, Orange, and Wave are just some of the clubs that are open even during Sundays so head to these places if you want some good music and a great cocktail.

Accommodation close to Jaco Costa Rica nightlife

Best Western Jaco Beach Costa Rica located in the vicinity of the bars, pubs, and restaurants featuring large and clean rooms, tennis and a volleyball course as well as outdoor pools.

Croc Resort And Casino Costa Rica, a beautiful 5-star hotel featuring its own casino and 4 beautiful restaurants, 2 bars, and a huge garden, the perfect place to relax and have fun this year.

Hotel Ibiza Jaco Costa Rica is located right in the heart of the city, close to the beach and within walking minutes to the bars and restaurants.


Jaco Costa Rica nightlife is one of the best in the country and many local celebrities and tourists rush to this place to party till morning.

Put on your casual outfit and prepare for a long night of dancing, drinking, and laughing with your new friends.

You will have live music, a lot of entertainment, free drinks for ladies on certain nights, and many other reasons to experience Costa Rica Jaco beach nightlife.


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